About Us – Healing Light Expo

Growing Every Year

The Divine Fellowship decided to create an expo 14 years ago. It was truly hokey with fewer than 20 vendors in an empty office space near the church's meeting space. People LOVED it!

The following year, the Expo moved to a hotel's downstairs meeting place.

Each year, the Expo grew. It then moved into the Fairgrounds taking their smallest building for a one-day show, then two of the larger buildings for a two-day show. It then moved to The Red Lion for several years. After two years at The Convention Center, we've returned to the Red Lion Hotel in Kennewick next to Columbia Center Mall.

Through the years, the name changed from the Metaphysical Expo, to the Spiritual Expo, then the Psychic Expo, to the Holistic Expo to The Healing Spirit Expo and has now become the Healing Light Expo. The name changes are our attempts to clearly express what we were about - Healing and Spirituality; Higher Consciousness and Awareness; Enlightenment and Joy.

The Divine Fellowship has aspired to reach out into our community and let people know that there is more to know and more to experience and that it is safe and loving to do so. Our annual expo is an outreach program aimed at opening doors and hearts to a higher consciousness, greater awareness, and the joy associating with like-minded people.

Whether you find intuitive abilities interesting or you are in search of insights, the Healing Spirit Expo is here for you. If you would like to check out our vendors who promote health products or if you'd like to receive assistance in your healing process, our Healing Spirit Expo is here for you.

Stop by The Divine Fellowship booth and introduce yourself. Tell us about YOUR journey.

Love, Light, and Laughter,

The Divine Fellowship

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