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Messages From The Ancient Ones – A New You

A new day is dawning for you.

Not just a new physical day with the sun rising in the sky, but a new dawning of awareness with your insight expanding in the sky of your mind.

You are evolving. Even the cells in your body do not remain the same and your energetic self evolves as well. With each new level of awareness, a new energy is deposited down into your DNA - transforming you. Your responses to life will not be the same. Your feelings will harmonize with abundance and joy. Your strengths will strengthen and your weaknesses will fade.

You already have invested the effort, now allow this change to take place. Grudges, past hurts, and old sorrows coupled with regrets lock you into your previous self. Your suffering self.

You are ready to move beyond suffering. Challenges in life will happen - that is the way of living. Yet, you will not suffer as a result. There will be an uplifting and a cherishing that will bless you and carry you through any discomfort.

This allows you to rise above the old and shift into the new. The new you is expansive. The new you is loving with clear, safe boundaries. The new you is blessed and is a blessing. The new you is here.

Welcome the new you now. The new you holds an amazing future before you.

We await you there.


So, I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. I’m beginning another book, Dream Quest Field Guide. I hope to have it completed by the time I present the next Dream Quest, an intensive set for June 21-23. Looks like there will be about 7 or 8 chapters at this point in the journey. I’m midway through chapter 3. Lots to go.

As this writing unfolds, I’m remembering where and when each of the energetic modalities was gifted to me through visions or insights or just stumbling blindly into experiencing. It’s been a long journey. A blessed journey for sure. Yet, a long one. Lots of struggles that yielded beautiful results. Wouldn’t miss it for the world, but wouldn’t want to do it again!

I guess that’s why I’m so driven to share what I know and have experienced in a way that people can get it and use it effortlessly. I learned the hard way. You shouldn’t have to! As I write about clearing, I remember being totally overwhelmed and Phil and I figuring out how to do it differently. As I write about using energy, I remember being blocked and finding ways to break through and break free.

If you find yourself in a space where you feel overwhelmed or blocked, know this . . . you are not alone. There are others who can help you. AND . . . you may be experiencing what you are experiencing so that you and Divine Source together find a way through. That may be something YOU get to share with another.

I remember not being able to say no to people who would drain my energy or take advantage of my kindness. As I discovered that I could pray and say, “I’m uncomfortable with that” people would back away. Maybe it was Divine Intervention because I prayed with my whole heart about it first. Either way, I wrote a list of responses that didn’t include “no” and posted them next to my phone (this was before cell phones – a LOOOOONG time ago.) I got better at it.

Now, as I share those experiences, others are blessed by them. Do I want to relive those? Oh, no way! I don’t ever want to go back to that overwhelmed helpless feeling.

Do I ever feel overwhelmed anymore? Certainly! Yet, now I have a tool box full of tools that assist me. Each tool is wrapped in prayer.

Are you remembering to pray? Did you forget how? Do you resist because the God that was preached at you doesn’t fit the identity of the God of Love? Might want to pray for Divine Intervention to reveal God – the True God - to you.

I’ve also been there done that! Talk about scary! I dethroned the false god of fear from my heart-throne. He was furious! Stormed out in a rage! (It’s pretty scary to think you pissed off God!) Then my heart-throne began to glow and a loving energy came and sat on my heart-throne and beckoned me to join Him there. Now, my Sacred Self and Divine Source share the throne of my heart. Holy wow! He doesn’t tell me what to do, but rather guides me in the decisions I make. I much better scenario than living in fear of blame and retribution.

You and God/Divine Source have a destiny together. Reconnect in a new way. In a good way. In a blessed way.

Then, from that place of loving support, share what you know. You are and will be a great blessing.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Journey Unfolds

Your journey unfolds before you.

Do you see it?

Or do you notice the struggle and strife that is life? Life happens while you are on your journey - it is not the journey itself. The journey unfolds as you awaken.

Bringing yourself into the here and now opens the door to this awakened journey. You will still be doing life all the while you are awakening and experiencing your awakened journey. Yet life will feel different. Life will be blessed.

Moving into the here and now with an awareness of the expanse of eternity opens you to the "More" that is available now. This awareness grants you serenity - that peace and calm that comes from knowing. You may not know the outcome of your actions, but you will know which actions bless your self and others. Do those things.

In the act of doing, you also become aware of being. Being whole. Being free. Being blessed. Being open. Being connected. Being love and loved.

From this place, give thanks to all who enter your life as a blessing and a lesson. Sometimes the blessing/lesson feels painful. Sometimes, it feels supportive and loving. Either way, the people you encounter contribute to your spiritual growth. Bless them and move along on your journey.

In the same way, you may be a blessing/lesson to another. They may not enjoy an encounter with you! Bless them and move along on your journey. Cause no harm, yet stand sacred ground in all things.

Sow the seeds of love and light and great abundance shall be gifted to you.

Silence On The Rocks

So, Phil and I went out of town for a week. First vacation longer than 4 days we’ve had in over 10 years. 10 years!!! Whew! That’s a long time. Because he and I love what we do, and we take time for socializing, we don’t require much downtime. (Good thing! Lol)

This trip took us to Joshua Tree National Park among other adventures. It was quite cold and the wind was whipping around at 35 + mph, so that part wasn’t fun. What was fun was seeing the rock formations and the amazing Joshua trees.

I’m a goof. I just love rocks. Rocks talk to me. Well, at least I sense that I hear them.

When we pulled into the park, I was expecting to see high desert with lots of Joshua trees. (Joshua trees are actually a kind of Yucca plant – who knew?) Well, there certainly were a ton of Joshua trees. There was also an abundance of incredible rock formations! It looked like a child had been playing with blocks and stacked some up here and there.

These rocks had a lot of energy! And like each unique rock or crystal, these structures had their own brand of energy. These structures were strong, yet playful. Ancient, yet childlike.

I attempted to balance one rock on another, but the wind made it difficult. Even with frigid fingers, I succeeded anyway, however! (Rock balancing is an addiction I’m happy to teach you!) As I wandered through the rocks and wove my way around the trails, I lost sight of Phil and my brother, Joe. They were doing their own exploring.

In those silent moments alone with the rocks, I felt safe. I asked them what I needed to know. I felt this deep rumble through my body. It was a strengthening happening. It came from really deep within the earth and resonated deeply within my being. I was being shaken but not distressed. My old fears, angers, doubts, and unforgiving self, fractured with this rumbling. I was vented. The wind whipped through me and swept me clean.

I could tell I had more conscious work to do to release the rest of it, but the old hidden distress was broken and released. Wow! What a feeling! Several of the books I’m currently reading just happened to be about releasing old trauma. I’m sure that was just and accident I happened to pick those up just before the trip.

Just know that where ever you are right now, it’s right where you can receive a blessing and a healing. Ask for it. Trust that it will happen. Be ready to receive it. It might be subtle or it might be profound.

What will you ask for? Healing of past hurts? Freedom from physical ailment? Self-forgiveness for being human? Releasing of someone else’s anger dumped on you? Cleansing from the shame and blame foisted upon you by someone who supposedly cared about you? What’s your biggest thing?

You ask for it – you got it! May you be richly blessed in this!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Surrender into Great Joy

There is great joy in the world. Also, great sadness. Which do you feel? One level of your perceptions allows you to notice the great suffering so that you may be a piece of the healing puzzle. Another level of your perceptions allows you to notice the great joy so that you may heal yourself.

Both perceptions have value, yet getting lost in the perception of pain weakens your spirit. It is only from the place of great joy that one can venture into the great sadness and not be diminished by it.

Surrender into the great joy. This allows you to fall into the Divine arms of Love for support and sustenance. Awaken to the great joy and this allows you to hear your inner calling. Listen to the great joy and this allows you to sense your spiritual connections to all things. Dance in this great joy and you find your true family.

From this place of great joy and receiving support and sustenance, hearing your inner calling, sensing your spiritual connections and your true family you shall find fulfillment. This fulfillment abides within you in all circumstances.

If you feel shaken in your sense of this joy, the fast access track for reconnecting into this great joy abides in prayers of gratitude. Really allow yourself to feel the gratitude for something significant. Heat in the cold weather is significant! Offer a prayer of gratitude for that! Medicine when feeling ill is significant! Offer a prayer of gratitude for that! Not needing medication because you are well is significant! Offer prayers of gratitude for that instead!

Gratitude seems hard or duty-bound until you really consider the blessing behind the gratitude. Once you reclaim those blessings - even the small ones hold great significance! - then you easily flow into the energy of great joy.

We wait for you there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Spirit of Awakening

As you awaken more and more each day, this Spirit ignites a new level of love and insights within you. There is no need to distress yourself over the ones who have not yet awakened. They seem angry, discontent, and frustrated. These are signs of pending awakening, so rejoice for them.

With this knowledge, please also know that it is not your task to awaken them. It is our task.

You can let go of the need to convince or coerce them into being happy or relaxed. They cannot do this yet. Let us do our work for them and with them.

Remember when you felt angry, discontent, and frustrated? Did any amount of criticism from outside forces help you shift? Did any amount of soothing from outside forces help you shift? No. It was circumstances brought to you that allowed you to awaken. Sometimes those circumstances were miraculous in nature! Their undeniable Divine Intervention opened your eyes and your heart. Sometimes those circumstances were difficult and sorrowful. These circumstances yielded their perfect result of you stopping and attempting something new and different.

Just as we cheered for you as you shifted, our cheers await those others who are nearly there.

Just as angels sang as you shifted, so, too, the angels await their shifting. And so, you also shall wait for the others to awaken.

In the meantime, keep on being the love that you are! Keep resonating in those higher frequencies of love and compassion, courage and appreciation. This adds energy to the physical plane which assists those others in taking the step out of darkness and into illumination.

Your own shadow side expects everyone to think and act like yourself. Allow your essence of Light to hold sacred ground in this - without judgment or criticism or impatience.

There are two kinds of suffering attached to this. One suffering from being around those that still feel the need to embrace anger, discontent. and frustration and the other suffering comes from judging them about it.

Use wisdom to create safe boundaries for yourself. You need not experience either form of suffering.

There is no set time or deadline for awakening. Each grasps awakening when they become able to do so. The more you are able to embrace your own awakening - and with it love, compassion, courage, and appreciation - the less you will be drawn down by those who express an un-awakened nature and the sooner they might grasp new insights and perspectives.

This requires the practical application of being at peace with what is. That is no small task! Let us help you with that! Ask for help and it will be granted to you! Ask us to bring the Spirit of

Awakening to someone and we will amplify our efforts. The process is still free will, so we cannot make anyone awaken. However, we can draw near to you as you hold sacred ground and we can draw near to them in hopes of their shifting.

Remember, it is all as it needs to be. It is all unfolding in perfect time and harmony - even if personally it doesn't feel like it. Each stress situation becomes another opportunity for you to go deeper into your own awakening into peace.

We await you there.


I’ve been working on some Facebook ads for our upcoming Healing Light Expo (April 13th and 14th at the Red Lion in Kennewick). I have a bunch of graphics I’m reviewing to see if they will work for us. Then I’m finding text that fits the graphics and fits what our Expo is about. And the text can only be a few words per ad. “Feel the Energy!” “What Will You Learn?” are a few of the phrases I’m using.

Graphics speak to our hearts directly. You’ve heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” The words then speak to our awareness. Words cut through illusion and directly to the heart of a matter. Together, graphics and words inspire or instill a desire to move forward.

Do you have a picture or a graphic that really speaks to you? A sunset? An innocent child? Puppies or kitties playing? You might want to find a picture that really speaks to your heart. Then ask it what it’s saying to you!

Is the sunset calling you to rest? Or is that sunset calling you to notice the beauty around you? Only you will know its true message for you. It speaks to YOUR heart. Listen!

What about the innocent child? What does that picture tell you? View the world with child-like wonder, or trust yourself, or rest easy in the arms of love . . .

What about playing critters? Are they asking you to play? Or are they asking you to set aside your busy-busy life for a bit to recharge.

What picture did you choose? How is Divine Source using that image to communicate to your heart? What is that sacred message?

As you go through your day and you happen to catch a visual that grabs your heart, just be with it for a moment. In that moment, that sacred moment, Divine Source speaks to your heart. It’s wise to listen. It’s a blessing to listen.

I’m including a graphic with this blog. What is Divine Source saying to your heart within this visual? Perhaps you cannot find the words right away. That’s okay, let the image sit within your heart for a bit. When the message comes, you will hear it. You will know it. You will experience it.

Take the time to be blessed by this process. You might want to try this every day to see what your guidance might be!

Creating Clear Boundaries

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she expressed reluctance to bother me or intrude in my life with a question. I replied that she could trust me to tell her if I was too busy to answer her at that moment. She said she felt relief in that expression of trust. Safe, clear boundaries do that! They help us feel safe and they help the people in our lives feel safe.

She went on to say that she knows co-workers that defer even if they don’t want to because they feel obligated. It’s uncomfortable for everyone. She wonders, “do you really have a moment for instruction or are you just saying so because I’m the lead and you feel you can’t say no?”

Energetically, unclear boundaries feel unsafe and therefore everyone feels on edge a bit.

So what are safe boundaries and how do I get there when I can’t say no?

I totally get this! I remember years ago I could NOT say the “no” word. Just couldn’t do it. I would do things I didn’t want to do or bail out at the last minute. I would have a neighbor take my car for the whole day when I only got the car one day a week to do errands. At great hassle to myself, I gave in – every time!

I knew I had to set a boundary but I just didn’t know how.

So, I did what I always do when I’m stuck. I prayed about it. Now, personally, I think prayer is magic because here’s what happened. That neighbor called again knowing that I had the car. I had a ton of errands to do and needed it for my own stuff. As the phone was ringing, I still didn’t have an answer and I was still praying!

I picked up the phone and heard her request. What came out of my mouth was nothing short of a miracle. I said, “I’m uncomfortable with that.” I didn’t know what else to say, so I kept silent. I knew that whatever excuse I came up with she would have a better reason. It felt like I”d dropped a bomb. After a really long moment the neighbor said, “Oh, ok. I’ll just get Sue to loan me her car. Thanks anyway.”

That statement “I’m uncomfortable with that” was TRUTH. Pure truth. No guilt, no shame, no blame, no excuse . . . just truth. That truth set me free! Holy Wow!!

That one experience gave me courage to speak my truth in other situations. The trick is finding the truth amidst the muck of obligation, fear of judgment or criticism, and the verbal/emotional manipulation from others. I didn’t want them to feel badly because that meant I would feel their pain as well as mine. (Untrained Empaths feel everything!) When I gave in, at least I only felt my own suffering.

It gets to a point when you just have had enough of that inflicted suffering and just want to be free of it. The truth does that. It frees you. It frees you from manipulation and it frees you from fear, obligation, and suffering needlessly.

But I don’t want others to not like me or be mad at me. They might not be mad at you. The might, but the pain of being mad at yourself is worse, isn’t it? It certainly gets to be after a while.

So, I wrote out some TRUTH statements and taped them next to my phone so I’d be ready. That really helped in the days when I was learning to speak my truth.

You see, we can comply – do what others want. Rebel – defy a request out of hand; don’t do what others want when you said you would, or wiggle out of an agreement. Or Walk a Sacred Path – doing what is in your heart to do. Guess which one grants you powerful energy to move forward? On a sacred path, we may choose to do something that someone asks of us – not out of obligation or fear but out of our free will and our loving heart. Or we will decline their request – not out of anger and frustration but out of our free will and our loving heart.

Whatever you are doing, notice if you have an energy of being pulled back, held up, or restricted . . . you are not walking in your truth on your sacred path. (To be clear, we all do things we don’t like to do. Cleaning toilets isn’t fun, yet that may be part of my sacred path.)

So, if someone is expecting me to do something, I get to choose which space I’m in. Comply? Rebel? Or Walk a Sacred Path. Finding my truth leads me directly onto my sacred path. Even though to someone else it might look like complying or rebelling. You heart knows the truth of it.

The truth is neutral. The truth does not carry a negative charge – even if it’s not what the other person wants to hear! If a person chooses to get upset, you get to stay neutral. How cool/powerful is that!?! Even an Empath can walk the Sacred Path of Truth without suffering.

Here are some Clear Boundary statements that speak the truth:

-I’m uncomfortable with that.

-I know I did that for you before, but not today. (Remember -don’t give them a REASON or an EXCUSE – they will pick it to pieces and overpower you. Just speak your truth and be silent!)

-Perhaps another time. I have other commitments for now. (If they push for a when, just repeat yourself . . . “I have other commitments for now.” If they push for what’s more important than them, just repeat yourself . . . “I have other commitments for now.”)

-Hmm. That sounds like a tough situation. If anyone can figure it out, you can. (Silence – let them figure it out! What a gift you are giving them!)

-I’m not sure how to respond to that. Let me get back to you. (give yourself time and space to think! You have a right to that!)

-I have to think about that.

-I don’t have an answer right now.

-If my help wasn’t an option, what else might you do?

You get the idea! Have fun with creating your own list based on your own circumstances.

Remember: Speak the TRUTH and then be SILENT. If you are asked a question like “Who do you think you are?” they are not seeking information, they are seeking to belittle you, steal your power, and get their own way. Don’t bite that hook! It’s manipulation and you are breaking free from that!

Keep finding new ways to say no without using the no word. It can be fun! This empowers you while helping others feel safe in your world. Your life is your world. Own it.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Dance Through Challenges

You may find your outside circumstances challenging. Those challenges are not here to punish you nor to harm you. Rather, those challenges are just life as it occurs around you.

Allow yourself to move effortlessly with these challenges. Like a dance of energy - a dance with energy. Push against the challenges and you'll go nowhere. Move with the challenges and you will swirl and float in ecstasy.

Your inner being hears this music. It longs to move and shift within its tones. Ask for guidance to know which way to move in this flow. You will be guided.

This is not to say you won't be inconvenienced . . . yet within any inconvenience you will find treasure by releasing the distress and moving with the flow. Even an inconvenience holds great treasure for you should you be willing to look!

You might find a new spiritual resource within you that you didn't realize had been gifted to you. You might find a strength or level of peace granted to you. You might even connect more deeply with your guides and angels, if you allow yourself that opportunity.

Feeling irritated by life's challenges? Ask to be shown the beauty (power/message/wisdom) of the moment. Allow yourself to receive this information. The irritation fades as the message appears.

Your awareness opens the door to this dance.

We dance with you.

Something New

So, Phil just installed a new keyboard for me – well for us. I primarily use this computer, so I’m claiming it. We’ve had this new keyboard for over a year. Actually, we’ve had two new ones just laying around. Phil’s work, hobbies, and ½ acre of property keep him really busy! This keyboard is wireless. I’m not sure I’m going to be putting it on my lap to type, but should I ever want to, I could do that!

Why didn’t I replace they keyboard myself? Good question. Actually, I was way-okay with the old one. My fingers knew just where to go. As a matter of fact, I had written two books (and a lot of re-writing – lol) and numerous classes using that keyboard. It was so well worn that the letters on the keys are no longer visible. Nothin’ but black. The numbers were still clear and a few letters like “Q” were still visible, but most of the rest of them were worn off. Which is no problem when you are typing along lickety-split and letting ideas flow onto the page. However, once a correction becomes necessary, you kinda need to see the letters!

So it is with life.

We get on auto pilot and we just let our lives flow as we go. Until we discover we need to make a correction. Perhaps we require more rest and auto pilot drives us to late nights. Without seeing what we are doing, change becomes impossible.

Seeing – rather perceiving – what we are doing leads us into awareness. That awareness is like my new keyboard. Bright and clear.

Certainly, my fingers aren’t flying over the keys as fast as they were on the old one. There is a slight difference in the placement of the keys. They are both ergonomic, yet this one has bends where the other had straights. This one has lows where the other one had highs. I’m having to do a lot of backspacing to have a correct text. It would have been hilarious for you to see the mess I started with! At the same time, I can already feel this keyboard is even better for my wrists and fingers. (I feel another book coming on!!! – actually two more.)

So even when our awareness leads us into change and it feels uncomfortable, we also experience the subtle shifts that allow us to be even better – feel even better – perform even better – live even better.

If you feel like a change is due, you might need a bit of help to get started. Find someone to assist, like Phil. Then allow yourself to get acquainted with the new process. Allow imperfection to happen as you step into a new pattern. In time, it will just be natural – like the old way was. Only now you’ll be more comfortable in your own skin – in your own life.

A small change makes a big difference.

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