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The Little Tree

We had some pretty stiff winds a while ago.

I got a call from Phil mid-morning asking me to go check on our new little tree. The tree is a tiny little thing. It is sprangly with branches at the top and a long narrow stem. It’s the same tree as the other huge Dawn Redwood that stands on the other side of our back yard. The older tree is huge and a lovely green that turns a beautiful rust color in the fall and loses its leaves/needles in the winter. My momma planted that tree. It’s really crowded between a blue spruce and the tulip tree. We bought a second tree and gave it plenty of room to grow.

This poor little sprout snapped in the wind. I nearly cried. I’m so glad Phil had the nudge to call me when he did! It appeared to have just happened and the stem and leaves were still green.

Well, I propped the little thing up; taped its broken stem, and gave it a good watering and a healing. It withstood the rest of the windstorm.

Now, it’s turning that rust color. That means to me that the little thing isn’t getting sufficient sap to the top. I’m still hoping that the stem will grow around the wound and heal sufficiently to get the sap going.

Fortunately, we’ve had mild weather and some rain, so this little guy isn’t stressed too badly. High heat would be the death of it, I’m sure.

There is a tiny bit of a green branch growing from the bottom of the stem. If the top doesn’t make it, the bottom has a great chance of making it. I’m still in high hopes of the main stem healing and creating a big beautiful tree.

Time will tell.

So it is with a lot of things, isn’t it? Time will tell.

We do our best to heal our own wounds and we still aren’t sure we will ever be okay. We do our best to heal wounded relationships and we still aren’t sure those will ever be okay.

We do our best.

We mend and make amends. We pray for the right conditions for things to heal and get better. Then we wait. We watch and wait. I’ve visited that little tree just about every day. I walk up the hill to the back end of the property with mixed feelings of hope and dread. I walk down the hill will gratitude that it’s still here another day, accepting that uncertainty is a part of the process.

Whatever you are waiting on – your own healing or the healing of a friendship or a situation, we wait and we watch. We do our part and allow ourselves a measure of gratitude and a heaping helping of uncertainty.

We check in and step back. The hardest part is allowing things to be as they are. I knew I could have staked that little thing earlier. But, alas, it is what it is. And I can only do what I can only do in this moment.

We do what we can and we allow space for Divine Source to do the real work. We engender hope and trust and keep the faith.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Words Create Opportunity

Gateways, doorways, bridges, stepping stones, highways, trails, paths, stairways - all describe an aspect or detail of a journey.

In some journeys, only stepping stones can get you from one trail to another over a stream. Sometimes, one opens the door and steps through the doorway into a whole new adventure.

These verbal descriptors grant you mental access to what lies ahead.

Where are you right now?

Where would you like to go or what would you prefer to be doing?

What seems to be blocking you?

Do you feel blocked by lack of knowledge or a limited understanding of where you'd like to be? Stepping stones take you from one new idea to the next which will lead you to your destination or to the trail head of the next phase of the journey.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Creating a bridge over the overload will assist you. Build that bridge out of connections with others who can and will assist. Anchor that bridge with clarity of knowing what is your part, and what part(s) belong to others. Waters of obligation often are the basis of feeling overwhelmed. Are you really obligated or do you feel the need to control or over think, over share, and over give?

Do you feel shut out? Create a doorway of opportunity for yourself by creating connections that really matter. Other's opinions or other's judgments may feel important, yet they hold relatively little value in authentic living. Once you create the doorway, you can choose to walk through it or not.

Use your words creatively. They hold great power over the mind and your reality.

As you form your stepping stones, bridges and doorways, remember - we walk with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – From Irritation To Bliss

When you find the world bringing irritation into your awareness, give this your full attention.

This is not to say give in to the temptation to become irritated or irritable or angry. Rather, use this moment as an insight for your greater understanding and spiritual growth into peace and harmony.

By noticing an irritation, you move beyond the annoyance and into a state of mind of open curiosity. This open curiosity has much to teach you, once you become willing to listen.

What your open curiosity wants you to hear and know is this ... something is amiss. Someone cut you off in traffic? That person has lost a sense of boundaries - physically and emotionally. Perhaps their boss has expectations beyond the actual job requirements. Perhaps a family member restricts their thinking by using judgments and emotional blackmail. Rather than resorting to annoyance, find gratitude for the solace of your own family and the worthy work in which you do. If your family and your work also diminishes your boundaries, yet you do not act out behind the wheel, then honor yourself. This blesses without diminishing self or another.

Whatever your irritation, notice self. This self-awareness allows you to move into a sacred state of being that transcends life's irritations.

From our perspective, life's irritations signifies life itself. Humans are not quite ready for full-time bliss! Their hearts are filled with doubt and mistrust which blocks bliss. Moving into a higher state of awareness allows bliss to filter into even the most irritating of circumstances. Once bliss establishes a foothold, it strengthens and blesses deeply.

From this foothold of bliss, creativity and joy emerge.

Not finding time for creative activities or joy-filled moments? Double check the irritations. Use this attentiveness to open the possibility for bliss to awaken within. It's already there. It is your rightful state of being!

As you notice the irritations from the space of Sacred Observer, you open your heart space to healing old wounds and trusting new experiences. Bliss reveals itself.

We take great delight in seeing this shift within you!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Renewal

Even now as we speak, your cells are renewing themselves. This is beyond your direct control. This happens without your direct attention.

In this renewing process, your intent and your will do create a response within this renewing process. Fill your body with poor nutrition along with hate and judgment and your body's own renewal process is slowed. Conversely, feed your body with nutritious foods and bless your awareness with kindness and compassionate thoughts and your body heals faster and renews itself better.

Yet, those negative thoughts pester your every waking moment, do they not?

It blesses you to return your awareness to kindness and compassion each time it wanders after the negativity. It's as if it is a siren's song calling you off your path. The end leads to destruction, yet the negative call beckons relentlessly.

Arm yourself, Dear One! Find a key phrase that you can install in your awareness that brings you out of that negativity quickly. Yes, you may find yourself there more often than not, yet you need not stay there unarmed and helpless. Here is the truth, Dear One . . . often negativity calls deeply to the soul because the soul has a destiny to right the wrong or heal the wound in one's self or others. Listen to hear if you are being called to action. If not, flee the trap immediately!

Being called to action yields positive action within a negative space. Light banishes darkness. Shine forth and do good.

Listen carefully. Is the negativity that beckons you calling you to abandon hope and joy to wallow in the suffering? Or is the negativity calling you to make changes within yourself and within your environment?

Trust your heart-of-hearts to provide you with the truth of it. Within this Truth, Divine Source assists the renewal of your body, mind, and spirit.

We assist you in this process.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A New Energy

Your preconceived perceptions create a box wherein you store your judgments and your fears. Within this box of limitations, you also hold old pain and sorrows. Having this box is a good thing. This allows you to seal up this box and send it away from you. It is ready to ship!

Unfortunately, the return address is your own.

And once this box returns to your awareness you open it up and review its contents and feel the suffering once again.

However, you could instead, unpack this box and mindfully heal that which still causes pain. This mindful healing does not require examination and re-wounding one's self. Instead, it merely asks for noticing what hurts and becoming willing to see it from a new perspective.

To see old pain from the perspective of Light reveals a deeper Truth ready to be seen. That one that hurt you was in great pain and you no longer need to carry that pain for them and you can release it willingly and effortlessly. This begs the Universe, God, Higher Power, Loving Spirit of Light, to assist this release and to pour clear, healing energy into the place where pain once held sacred ground.

You get to choose, at this point whether to carry this clear, healing energy or to carry the pain to send back to yourself again and again.

Should you choose to carry the clear, healing energy, you will find ways in which to amplify this energy and ways in which to share it.

This energy is ready to ship! You may send it where ever your set your intent. To the planet? To a friend? To yourself? To a stranger?

It fits. It ships. And you are free.

We rejoice in your choice for freedom!

A New View to Courage

So, I accidentally clicked a couple of buttons thinking I was going to capitalize something . . . Instead, all the print got really BIG! If I could remember what I did, I could reverse it. But, alas, I was on auto-pilot, so I have not idea. Now I have to look it up and figure it out, but what a pain! At least once I do that I will have learned something and hopefully can repeat the process when I choose to have bigger print. I’m ageing up, that could become important to me.

Isn’t that how our lives work?

We accidentally do something we hadn’t intended and then have to fix it. I think sometimes those accidents aren’t accidents. Sometimes I think those things are blessings in disguise! I would never have considered enlarging the view. I would have squinted.


Because we don’t know what we don’t know.

When life throws something at us, we are being shown something new or different. Without this new view, we would keep on doing what we are doing exactly the same way we always have. There may be 10 different ways to do something better, but, for us, we choose to do what we know because learning is so hard.

Is it? Is learning hard?

Sometimes, yes! Sometimes, no. Learning is hardest when we are stuck in our old ways. True? When we are looking for a better way and something presents itself, its really easy to try, because we are open and ready for that which is new!

When we are accustomed to how it is, we don’t look for a better way. It’s our way or the hi-way, right? Yup. We humans would rather struggle along that try something new. Because we might fail. We might not do it “right” or perfectly the first time.

And yet, failure is the beauty of learning. We can let that attempt go because it didn’t work for us. Instead, we get discouraged and forget to try something else. It takes great courage to step out of same-ol’ same-ol’.

So how does one access courage? Often courage is thrown at us when the option of giving up isn’t available. My computer screen view was HUGE. Two words and the page would shift! Totally unworkable! My options were struggle or find a better way.

With the fear of failure far less in energy than the HUGE WORDS IN MY FACE, courage happened. Even if I screwed something up, that’s better than what I was experiencing!

Was that courage or was that desperation? Sometimes courage is both! Courage isn’t the lack of fear, it’s the willingness to move beyond fear to a different outcome.

I bet you are facing something or some things right now that you don’t want to face. Yet, you will. You will find the courage and you will find the better way, the clearer path.

Courage is already there. Courage awaits your awareness.

Sometimes things have to get HUGE IN OUR FACE before we can see it’s time to take a new look. With that new look comes a new path. You can and will walk it with courage. It’s already there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Moving into Your Next Step

As you ponder your next step, we wait with you.

Perhaps fear of failure holds you back from stepping forward. Perhaps a desire to have all the assurances lined up before you precludes you from moving forward. This, too, is fear of failure.

Your feeling unsure is part of the growing process. You are learning as you move forward. You are acquiring new truths to guide you as you remain open.

We cannot keep you from falling nor from failing, Dear One. For falling and failing are parts of the unfolding of the wondrous destiny that awaits you.

Take courage, Dear One. Your true self is pure and a great beacon of light. This part of you cannot fail. It will shine no matter what your circumstances - no matter what the outcome - whether you judge it to be a success or a failure.

Your concern for the outcome - the positive abundance flowing towards you - moves beyond concern and abides in fear. If something is not working, you can and will adjust and shift and make a new choice. You are not locked into what lies ahead. The future is malleable - changeable - fluid. Multiple possible futures exist for you. What you choose adjusts this flow. Don't like the flow? Choose again?

But you fear you will stop before the miracle happens or that you won't finish to attain the prize. The Divine Destiny that awaits you has nothing to do with this part of your outcome. You cannot miss your gift nor your calling. You cannot, by way of choice - or by way of external force - miss the inner blessing which leads to the external manifestation of blessings.

Fear tries to keep you safe.

Fear blocks your next step. Every new step takes you away from the comfort of what was into the joy of what is becoming.

Walk tall and proud and full of assurance as you move forward in your life. Your path unfolds before you in Divine Timing. Walk this path from your spiritual core - from your sense of respect and self-esteem as well as your knowing Peace.

We walk with you as you take your next step.


I found myself caught in a flashback experience from many years ago. I had accomplished something I really had stretched to do. I delivered my “performance” to the best of my abilities and I knocked it out of the ball park.

Here’s what’s got me stumped. I don’t have any regrets. I don’t have any hurt feelings. I have no negative experiences about it. However, the experience haunts me. There must be a message for me here or it would not have come up- come to the surface- come to my attention.

What happened was this. A couple of people were doing a song for a big church dinner. They needed a soprano for just a few lines. We sang the song, “The Rose” by Bette Midler. It was beautiful. The song crescendos to the part . . . “When the night has been too lonely and the road has been too long, and you think that love is only for the lucky and the strong.”

I sang those lines – well, belted them out actually – an octive higher than the others were singing – on key I might add. There was thunderous applause. Afterwards, people were congratulating the other two on that song in particular. Especially that soprano part. The other two didn’t say anything and I merely said, I sang the soprano. The response was, “Oh.”

Now, I didn’t get my feelings hurt. It’s not about that. Had I been someone who needed positive feedback, it would have crushed me. If I had been someone who enjoyed praise, I would have felt less than. I had no negative feelings what so ever. It is like a space here. A void. Like an emptiness – nothing negative and nothing positive. No one did any harm. Yet no one did any good either. Empty space of neutrality.

This neutral energy brings to my attention how important encouragement of others resonates with me. Even to the point where I feel withholding a kindness is akin to cruelty.

If you have a kind word to say, say it. Even if it’s dismissed, the empty space of neutrality has been filled.

What lies within this neutral emptiness is opportunity for self-doubt, self-criticism, shame, blame – all of that stuff. One kind word could mean the world to someone else. And kindness fills a void that otherwise might be filled with negativity.

To be honest, I think the empty that was handed to me was meant to be a slight or a rejection. I’m so grateful that that particular person’s opinion didn’t matter. The fact that not even one other person mentioned to me personally that they liked this performance shows how pervasive the attitude of dismissal ran through that church. No wonder I have Post Traumatic Church Syndrome! (If you haven’t read that book, you might want to!)

I see this in stark contrast to the people and the Divine Fellowship who encourage one another without fail! How wonderful to walk past a conversation and hear people encouraging one another!

You’ve heard, “If you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” (Bambi’s mother said that.) I say, find something of encouragement to say! Like:

If anyone can figure it out, you can.

I know you’ll do fine.

I’m sure you’ll find a way.

Whatever you choose will be a blessing, I’m sure.

I know you can listen to your heart and choose wisely.

You are an expression of Divine Light.

Ask for words of encouragement to be gifted to you from Divine Source. Words will come!

Here’s the real kicker! What do you say to yourself in those moments of neutral-emptiness? Do you fill the emptiness with self-derision or criticism? Do you grieve because someone else couldn’t tell you what you needed to hear? Speak words of encouragement to yourself! Pour the Light of Love through your awareness into your own heart-space! Speak the loving truth to yourself. Watch yourself grow and shine!

Nice words from others are just that . . . nice. Powerful words of encouragement to ourselves evokes change, growth, and inspiration!

Speak encouragement to yourself today and see how your world changes. And let’s speak encouragement to others and watch them grow.

The Art of Saying No

I’ve been out in our yard a lot lately. Pulling weeds. Picking up bark mulch that flew out of the flower beds and into the gravel. Pulling more weeds. Sitting and staring out into the yard trying not to drool.

All this time in nature has been wonderful for my soul. Being around rooted things brings me back into balance. Computer stuff, writing, document formatting, answering e-mails activates the thinking brain. Nature activates the body and when viewed with appreciation and gratitude, activates the soul – which in turn clears the brain and helps it process data more clearly.

While all this balancing happens, I’m reading some self-help books. One particular book focuses on clearing and staying in the moment. Several exercises directed by the book involved looking inside to see where certain aspects of my past might be holding me captive and locked down. One focus activity didn’t really feel like much of anything. The next, maybe a little. The next one, wow! Knocked me flat. Oh, ouch! I found a sore spot I didn’t even know was there.

Fortunately, the book is about clearing, so I’ve been repeating the exercise/activity to get clearer. I’m still not totally clear, but I’m getting there. (Tapping Solutions – any of their books offer great processes!)

As I’m looking at these past situations and clearing them, I realized how many times I didn’t say no when I really wanted to. I felt forced or driven to say or do something that was not in alignment to who I am or at least who I wanted to be.

It feels like being a child where I was not allowed to say no to my parents set me up to not say no to anyone. I certainly don’t like to see children arguing with their folks and being bratty. At the same time, it would really be great if we could teach our children to say no, thank you.

When my son was little, he would say, “No-danks!” when offered something he didn’t want. Usually, his “No-danks!” was honored when I could grant him that liberty. If it was “No-danks!” - I don’t want a bath or bedtime, then our response may have been a bit different. I would let him decide if he would rather play with his cars first or read a book first, but the bath or bedtime was not optional. (He loved baths, btw.)

I was not granted those liberties. It was how my parents said and that was it.

So, when friends wanted me to do something marginal, I went along with it. I betrayed myself and I had been still carrying that regret. Suppressed regret sucks a lot of energy! It’s like holding a helium balloon down. Not a lot of weight to it, but it wants to lift up and fly away. Over time, holding that down takes a lot of effort! Looking at past regret seems scary or, like in my case, I didn’t even know it was there! I had to be prompted into conscious awareness of its presence. Once I discovered its existence, I wanted it gone!!! I’ve taken off a few layers and as more lifts up into my awareness, I can release that, too.

So, learning to say “No” appropriately would have really helped me.

It’s never too late to learn!

I’ve shared this with you before – maybe you remember the story of the neighbor who repeatedly borrowed my car the only day I could get it. She would keep it all day and I’d have to RUN to get my errands and groceries done before I had to pick up my husband at work.

One day, I absolutely didn’t want to do that again. I couldn’t say “No” but what was I to do!?! I prayed about it. When she called, I prayed again. When she asked to borrow the car, out of my mouth came the response, “I’m uncomfortable with that.”

Lo and behold! She just said, “Okay. I’ll see if I can borrow Suzie’s car.”

Knock me over with a feather! I was 25 years old and it was the first time I’d ever said any form of “NO”. It was easier than I thought!

Here are some other creative ways to say the “No” word . . .

· I’ve done that for you in the past, but it doesn’t fit for me now.

· No, Danks! (lol)

· What other options do you have?

· Hmm. That’s not going to work for me.

· Maybe another time, but not this time.

· Can I get back to you on that?

Remember: Giving an excuse can and will be used against you. I can’t because . . . sets you up for all kinds of manipulation about whether your excuse is valid or worthy enough to turn them down. Don’t go there! Stick with a clear (as clear as you can get) “No-danks!”

Part of my clearing process led me to recognize that I’m holding on to regret to keep myself from making the same mistakes. What?!? The clearing process helped me also realize that I’m not the same person I was 30 or 40 years ago. I have a few more tools

in my personal toolbox and my spiritual toolbox. People pleasing or going along to not make waves isn’t a tool I use anymore. I have power tools that support and guide my path. Regret doesn’t keep me safe at all . . . it just keeps me locked down and exhausted!

Time to toss regret out the window and into the ethereal recycling center. I shed a few tears. Acknowledged some fears. Shed a few more tears, then tossed regret out. I did the best that I could with the tools I’d been taught. I can live with that knowledge and grow and be free.

I feel as if I’ve healed a really sad and lonely part of me. Perhaps more will bubble up down the road. For now, I’m free.

Take a few moments to see what regrets may be lurking. Things you could have done, but didn’t. Kindnesses withheld. Things you didn’t like doing or didn’t like the results. That was then. This is now. Breathe and let go of regret. You are learning a much more powerful way of being that blesses you and those around you.

Test drive a few new “No-danks!” comments and find your favorite. Let me know if you come up with any new ones that I could use, too!

It’s okay to say, “No” when your heart and soul are not in harmony with something being asked of you. People will find their own way. That’s what God is for. Let them ask Spirit for help and assistance. Doors open that you could not do for them. Trust In Divine Source (God/Spirit) to do what is necessary. Trust gives you energy while regret steals it. Trust and be free. We can learn this together!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Breaking Free

Your past still influences your today unless you discovery a healing for your wounds. Your wounds are not who you are, yet they speak to your soul words of fear and strife that occurred when you suffered. These wounds call to you from long ago for healing.

You hear this call and recite the old wound rather than find healing. You suffer rather than break free.

This is actually normal. Normal but not optimal.

It's time to break free, Dear One! It is time to release yourself from those old wounds your received and the wounds you created within yourself when you felt you fell short.

Even the reacting negatively to a situation out of your control leaves a scar. This is the scar of regret. You feel as if you could have or should have acted differently.

Perhaps. Or perhaps you did the best you could with where you were in your journey. Perhaps you hang on to regret to assure yourself that you won't fail in that same way again. This holding on consumes mass amounts of energy! You are ready to release the pain of an old wound and the pain of any wrong-doing.

We bless you on this path of discovery that leads you to your true self. We walk with you and guide you on this journey to releasing.

Walk free, Dear One! We walk with you!