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Personal Development

Misc. Vendors

By Floor Plan

Section A

A-1 Timeless Talismans

A-2 Indigo Knight (Sam Schmitt) - Sacred Mandala readings

A-3 Essential Therapeutic Massage

A-4 Earthlight Rock and Gems

A-5 Wind Dancer Flutes

A-6 Intuitive Readings by Sandy

A-7 Natural Harmony Wellness

A-8 Metaphysical Retail Clothing

A-9 Recaptured Glass Art

A-10 Harvey Caine - Intuitive Healing 

A-11 Tao of Astrology

A-12 Crystal Willingham - Emotional Clearing

A-13 Soul Seekers

Section C 

C-1&2 Brazillian Crystals

C-3 Oils for Your Soul 

C-4 & 5 Matraya World Teacher

C-6 Living Well Coaching 


C-8 Life Coach

C-9 Soy Magick Candles

C-10 One Sage's View

C-11 Whassan's Whimzies

C-12 O'Cathasaigh Handmade Soap & More

Section B - Main Floor​

B-1 The Divine Fellowship - Show Sponsors

B-2 Natures Pendulums

B-3 Touch of Tranquility

B-4 Atina's Healing Touch

B-5 Readings by Aurora

B-6 Linda Christine Studios

B-7 Eye Movement

B-8 Faith and Truth - Earlene Picket

B-9 Heaven of Sound

B-10 Awaken to Wellness

B-11 Mary Morris Jewelry

B-12 Seer's Mask

B-13 Art by Greg , Ed David, Dave Poynter

B-14 Lotus Design

B-15 Readings by Carol Ann

B-16 Advo Care

B-17 Aura Imaging

B-18 Yoga Community

B-19 The Divine Fellowship Readers & Healers

B-20 Animal Reading and Communication 

B-21 Natural Essence

B-22 Scentsy

B-23 Revitalize

B-24 Readings by Sherri, and Fairie Whisperer

B-25 Family of Light -  Charles Lightwalker

B-26 The Divine Fellowship Readers & Healers

B-27 & 28 Shannon's Jewel Designs

B-29 It Works!

B-30 & 31 Living Light Alchemy Design

B-32 RX to Change 

B-33 & 34  Shannon's Jewel Designs