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Are You an Empath?

By Janice Lynch

Prior to my spiritual awakening, I was busy, busy, busy. Never really felt much of anything, just hurried and harried through stress-filled days. Once I began to take stock of my life, began to cherish each moment, and find a deeper more meaningful connection with Spirit I began to feel overloaded. I would walk into a restaurant and as I passed each table or booth I would feel what each and every person was feeling. Angry, sad, hungry, full, lonely, frustrated, aching back, sore shoulder, headache, and on and on. Dizzying to say the least!

I came to realize that I was an empath. An empath takes on or feels the hurts and suffering of another. We are really good at taking the pain on, but did you know we are meant to release it? Without knowing how to release that energetic information we can carry it for days, weeks, months or even years.

Empaths often cannot watch movies or TV shows or read books that portray betrayal, or criticism, or man's inhumanity to man. We just take it all in – we're just like an energetic paper towel - the quicker picker up-er! The paper towel sucks up the water because the dry part draws the wet into itself. It is its destiny. It is the destiny of an empath is to draw negative or painful energy in order to create balance. We desire the sad to be happy or at least neutral. We desire the negativity to be clear. We desire the suffering to be soothed. We draw anything out of balance into ourselves!

An empath is ENERGETICALLY PROGRAMMED to take pain and suffering from others. It’s what we do. We can try to shield, but the shields take more energy than they are worth because they never work effectively or sufficiently for an empath.

"But why me, God?! I don't want to be this way! I have other things that I want to do with my life. I want to let other people have their own stuff. Why do I take it on? Why?" Because you can. Not everyone can. You can - you do. Just like you can have blue eyes or curly hair or a green thumb or an ear for music. Trying to stop being an empath only confounds the issue. Being the best of who and what we are will allow us to move through the energetic process more easily.

This doesn't mean that you have to spend every waking minute processing the suffering of others. It does mean that you get to learn to identify and discharge energy more effectively.

"Can a person who is not an empath become one?" Perhaps. I believe with intent we can become more compassionate and caring – traits of an empath. However, if you are not an empath, there are easier way to do healings than taking pain physically into your being. So if you are NOT an empath, be thankful and find other ways to be of service.

Being an empath is not the easiest way to go, though it can be the most profound way of healing. For, by really feeling what another person feels or what another person is experiencing that allows us to be more compassionate and emotionally involved with the healing process.

First step for an empath is to identify the pain. Is this pain mine or someone else’s pain? If I didn’t have a headache two minutes ago and now I do, I may have picked up a headache from someone nearby. If my left knee started hurting, I might ask the person next to me if their knee is hurting. (Sometimes we get mirror images, so left or right may not be important.)

The person that is hurting may not intentionally be sending pain to an empath. Remember, we are programmed to pick it up. If that other person acknowledges the headache or knee pain, the connection is made and the healing can begin. Once the person with the pain acknowledges the pain, they give themselves permission to let go of the suffering. As they allow you to suffer with them and for them. This opens a connection, a doorway to surrender and release. The letting go process creates a pathway to healing.

"So, how do we release this energetic information (pain) once I pick it up?" It is important to note that many empaths have a great deal of difficulty releasing this acquired pain. Here’s why. An empath wants the energy to be neutral. Just discharging pain won’t work for an empath. The inner being will just not release dark, negative, painful energy out into the world. Cannot do it!

An empath requires transformation of the energy before it can be released. It is vital for an empath to learn a technique to transform the energy from pain (or any kind of suffering) into neutral or positive energy. Once transformed, the energy can easily be released.

Here is one technique:

*Transmute Color & Clear

The compassionate heart of the empath will slurp up any negative, hurtful, or harmful energy into the body. The empathy is programmed to do so. The key is to release it, let it go.

Notice pain or negative energy and see where it is located in your body. See if it came from anyone near you or in your awareness. (Pain may travel long distances as energy is not restricted by time or space.)

See this pain or negative energy as a color. If the energy seems dark or gray or smoky or shadowy or dim, transform the energy into a brighter, clearer color.

Muddy tan transmutes to bright yellow easily. Grey or smoky color can more easily transform into green. Black or sickly green shifts into purple effortlessly. Trust what color you sense is best for you or for this situation.

Transmute the energy by imagining it changing or by asking for assistance from Divine Source, your guides and angels. An empath will gladly release a happy yellow rather than a muddy tan. The happy yellow is light and moves easily in response to the will – your intent. The muddy, or cloudy color feels sticky and resistant because an empath does not want to dispense anything that is not a clear energy.

Once you visualize the clearer color, breathe it out on a strong exhale or sweep it off of yourself. Easy!

In Review:

  1. Envision any energy that you may have picked up along the way.

  2. See where it might be residing in your physical form.

  3. See what color it is.

  4. Visualize this energy as a different color or ask Spirit, the angels or your guides to change its color into something lighter and brighter or higher vibration.

  5. Once the color has brightened, brush it out of your body or breathe it out of your energy field, or sweep it away from you, or ground it out into the Earth.

It’s just energy and cannot stick to anyone in its transmuted form. The energy can then be usable energy. It can assist plants in growing and children in playing and be useful in any number of ways. It’s a blessing to release it. Try it!

*Another powerful tool for release - "Lay it at Jesus Feet"

Whether on a conscious level or not, some empaths feel that God / Spirit / Source / The Universe doesn't deserve that pain so unknowingly attempt to protect Spirit from that pain and continue to hang on to the energetic block. It's what we do - absorb pain! The Christian faith can be really helpful in this instance. The Christian belief system holds that Jesus suffered and died once for all beings and in those moments of suffering he carried the suffering of everyone for all time. Hence the thought-form, "By his stripes (suffering) we are healed." This allows the empath the opportunity to take any and all pain and suffering to lay it at Jesus' feet.

Here’s the process:

  1. In the imagination, view and transmute the energy as described above.

  2. Allow yourself to see the risen Christ. See the kindness in his eyes. Feel the compassion.

  3. Lay this energy at his feet with a deep exhale. Know that you are doing the right thing. This is His destiny. This is what He came to do. He is the Ultimate Empath.

  4. Express gratitude and return to your day-to-day activities with a clear sense of being.

Final Note: Here is a big "Ooooops up side the head" - another person's suffering may be because Spirit feels it is time for YOU to be healed. Your paths have crossed at just this right time so YOU can be free of some pain. What a blessing! We deal with our own betrayal when we can take on and release someone else's betrayal. One’s own chronic headaches can be relieved by clearing someone else’s headache. Give a healing - get a healing.

There is sooooooo much more I could share on this subject, yet I feel this is enough (maybe more than enough) to digest at this point in time. It is my sincere hope that this information helps your journey as an empath.

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