Misc. – Healing Light Expo

Creature Comforts

Jeri Hanson​

Eclectic Ethnic clothing & accessories, singing bowls, bells, Tibetan sacred thanyka and artifacts, paintings, fairy dresses, bronze door handles

Earthlight Rock & Gems

We have Rocks, Gems, Fossils, Minerals, Crystals, Books, tumblers, grit, polish, Jewelry of all kinds. We even have jewelers that can custom make jewelry to your specifications.

Heaven of Sound

“The sound of healing – the healing of sound”

Heaven of Sound, located in northern Idaho near beautiful Sandpoint, specializes in holistic sound healing and ancient sound healing instruments.

Dr. Rainer Michaelis is a certified sound therapist, Luthier and music therapist educated in Switzerland. Rainer brings to the USA a revolutionary new sound healing system that was developed in Switzerland.

Heaven of Sound imports unique planetary Tibetan singing bowls and Burmese temple gongs from areas in the Himalaya where they are still hand hammered in the ancient tradition.

Dr. Michaelis also builds custom sound healing instruments, like for example Monochords, KoTaMo, Sound Bed and Tubular Bells of superior quality.

Heaven of Sound’s Academy for Sound Healing offers introductory and advanced personal certification classes in sound healing with these special harmonics as well as education programs for professional certification as sound meditation coach, sound healing practitioner and sound healing therapist.

Living Light Alchemy Design

Todd Rohlsson -  Energy Discs

LLAD Energy Discs

Each of the geometries are directly channeled from his own Higher Self. They project 24/7 energy from more unified levels of consciousness. Making Todd's work alchemical, rare on the physical plane and absolutely magical for the individual Soul. 

​Simply put they alter space and time through creation of pure light.

Wind Dancer Flutes

Custom, Hand made, Native American style flutes

These Native American style flutes are made to fit the spirit of your music. Each flute embodies the delicate and careful work that can only be achieved by a Master Flute Maker. Wind Dancer Cedar Flutes are becoming well known for their artistic expression and concert quality tuning.

Touch of Tranquility

Lynn Spicer

Lynn has been using essential oils for 6 years. During that time she has become a Certified Aromatouch technician and a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She chose essential oils out of a desire to find natural solutions to issues affecting our body systems and emotions.

Join her during her seminar. She will be doing a Make and Take Class. You will make your own blend from a choice of Stress, sleep, or pain.


Dawn Fitch

Our Family of Companies’ mission is to become the world’s premier provider of phytocannabinoids.

Whether we are delivering our products through our direct sales programs, or our online marketplace, our purpose remains the same: help people live better, healthier lives. And create a more sustainable world while doing it.

Natural Essences

Selena Benavidez

A very unique line of body care products using locally sourced herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils. We have everything from bath bombs to beard oils, lip balms to foot scrubs. New products coming soon are shaving cream, after shave and Varicose vein reducing cream!

O'Cathasaigh Handmade Soap & More

Matthew Wilson

Handmade soap and body products including lip balm, body balm, beard oils and more.

Oils 4 Your Soul

Offering Young Living essential oils that enhance your mind, body and spirit. These therapeutic grade oils support your body’s natural ability to heal itself.
I will also have my earthstone jewelry creations that may call out to you.


Health Spa & Organic Store

Learn the importance of biofeedback and how it can improve your health.

Our bodies are creations of amazing complexity. Each cell is programmed to send, receive and interpret subtle information as electromagnetic signals. This information exchange is vital ensuring that all necessary life functions do indeed take place.

The L.I.F.E. System uses computerized biofeedback to measure these subtle signals as reactive processes indicating areas of stress, which may result from a large number of factors including:

• Allergies
• Toxicities & Heavy Metals
• Nutritional Deficiencies
• Emotional Issues
• Mental Patterns

• Pathogens
• Genetic Predisposition
• Prescription Drugs
• Injuries & Trauma


​Deborah Cooper

Decorative warmers, scented wax, diffuser & Oils, car fresheners, body products, travel tins, laundry product and buddies scent packs.​

Wasson's Whimziez

One of a Kind Hair Jewelry

Hand beaded with natural stones, hair stix, head bands and copper braided hair pins. 

These can even be custom made while you are at the Expo!

Candle Magick

Our candles are handcrafted in small patches in a family setting to provide the highest level of magick into each one. They are all 100% soy candles enhance with all natural oils for that extra level of quality.

Our candles are one of a kind, because there is a 6 part element; aromatherapy, chakra hue, totem, gem/stone, spell/poem and most importantly the meditation of the dancing flame to awaken your mind, body, and soul depending on what you are in the mood for.

This particular candle is made to unlock your creativity. Let's take a moment to break down the candle.

Lotus Design

Consciously-constructed design with a purpose.

Lotus Design is committed to making beautiful, purposeful, spiritual and affordable furniture, decor, and design easily accessible. Inspired by our core values of honesty, integrity, service, responsibility, and innovation, Lotus Design gives back to the community through active community service and socially and environmentally responsible initiatives.

Soul Seeker

Rebecca Gibbs

Mystical and meditative products. Incense books, statuary, ritual items, beautiful pendants, Oracle / Tarot cards and many fun finds to stir a Mystical Soul.

Wind Dancer Flutes

Roger McGee​

Custom Hand made Wooden Native American style flutes, Native Flute Music CD's... decorated one of a kind skulls

Touch of Tranquility

Lynn Spicer

Doterra Essential Oil Therapies, Acupressure, Facials, Tarot reading and Shaman Stone Readings.

Natures Pendulums

When you hold a pendulum in your hands, you honor your ancient ancestors. Like a loving parent, the pendulum made of stones is here to comfort and support you. Embrace your higher self and the Divine Guidance you receive through your pendulum.

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