Readers – Healing Light Expo


I am Oma and I was gifted with the Faeries' Oracle over a decade ago.  That gift lead me to hone my intuition and my connection to my personal Cosmic Dream Team, a group of angels, archangels, ascended masters and dearly departed who assist and protect my readings.  We use traditional tarot and oracle decks for expansive understandings. Their motto is : All Is Well!

The message from my Cosmic Dream Team for the 2019 Healing Light Expo is: "Everything Is Here To Serve You!" To better understand how events, people, and challenges in your life serve you and the greater good, let the oraculum speak to you!  Sign up for a reading at our Cosmic Cartomancy booth or phone 541-708-1962, to schedule a reading in advance.  

I am also excited to bring you Doorways of the Wee Folk! Faeries, gnomes, hobbits, brownies, and sprites have allowed me to recreate their doorways accessing the magical threshold of what is and what is to be.  Come see, and maybe take home, a portal to the mystical!

 Animal Communicator

Shirley Scott

Shirley is an internationally known animal communicator and clairvoyant. She will be doing animal and human readings. Come find out what your pet wants, needs or thinks about you. She can also offer insights on how to manifest a more peaceful, joyful life with a reading for you.

She has two new books out which will be available at the her booth.

She will also be giving a talk on Sunday about her new book and "Finding yourself after domestic violence".

Earlene Prickett

Faith & Truth

Earlene Prickett: Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual medium, Reiki Master/Teacher. She offers insights by contacting her Universal guides which can provide clarity to situations.

Earlene Prickett, who has been gifted since childhood, brings spiritual help through many modalities.

She does Tarot card readings, which provide uncanny accuracy for insight into past and present issues with help for a positive future outcome.

As a spiritual medium she connects with the spiritual realm to help the healing process for your body and mind. Her Reiki training allows her to feel energy around you and the ability to help stabilize unbalanced energy. She has the ability to contact your guides and angels to give you their names, what they are here to help you with and any message they might have for you. She is a Certified Spiritual Healer, Certified to give Oneness Blessings which quiet the mind, a Spiritual Medium and a Reiki Master/Teacher.

The Seers Mask

Shannon Mobley

Shannon Mobley, Intuitive, Seer, Healer, Helping people with a variety of insights. Specializing in Teaching Children with the beginnings of the sight to learn how to control it. Shannon works with a variety of Tools to help give insights on the everyday. Specializing in Palmistry, Mediumship and the ever Traditional Tarot, to encourage well-being in everyone. 

Outside the Expo besides doing readings Shannon helps Parents with Children that are sensitives. Help them understand their abilities and make growing up a little easier for them. Once being in the same position herself.

Charles Lightwalker

Charles Lightwalker, Minister, Channeler,Medical Intuitive, Author, And Regional Chief of The Free Cherokees Nation, I empower people.

I help people find answers to their deepest questions & healing for their body, mind and soul.

Love, Light and Happiness, Charles

Harvey Caine

Treatment as if your whole body was connected, which it is! Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic and Nutritional Approaches all Combined by Harvey Caine.

(Private sessions 1/2- 1 hr. also available during the expo. Calling ahead is recommended to reserve an appointment, but not required.)


Certified Counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Nutritional Consultant, Clairvoyant and Energy Worker.

One Sage's View

Sarrah West

Sarrah West, Astrologer and Master Chaldean Numerologist of One Sage's View: offering detailed insight available from knowing one's self through their birth information and name given at birth that reflects their unfolding life patterns, times of opportunity for growth and expansion, and times of challenge that will unfold their own personal wisdom and life purpose. One Sage's View is located at and via Facebook at

Sandie McNaughton

Intuitive Tarot  Reader.

Carol Flohr

Tarot Readings and handwoven scarves.

Terri Clement and Sheri Harshberger

Tarot Reading and stone casting

Aura Reading

Valerie Schmitt

Experience and Aura Reading with Valerie. 

Your aura can tell you so much, and with the Aura Imaging System, Valerie offers an in depth reading of what your aura is telling you. You regarding: health, energy levels, chakras, and where you are with your mind, body and spirit. 

With an Aura Imaging Reading you will walk away with tools and suggestions that can help you to rebalance your mind, body, spirit and have more peace and greater vitality.​

Valerie is also a Reiki Master, Medium, and Channel

Sacred Visage Mandalas

A Reading with a Visual

Using intuition and art to create unique mandalas of your own personal energy. A portrait of your soul that can be read back to you, revealing some of the most important aspects of your being.