Healing Light Expo - Spring 2023

Below is a list of 2020 Healing Light Expo Vendors.  This list will be updated as we get closer to the 2023 Expo, so please check in again.

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A1 - African Trade Beads. African trade beads, American trade beads and ancient beads with regular inexpensive beads and collectible beads.

A2 - Timeless Talisman. Metaphysical amulets, talisman's earrings, bracelets, prayer shawls, and tools.

A3 - Energy Healing Flow, Energy Mending, Atina's Healing Touch.

A4, A5 - Earthlight Rocks & Gems. Rocks, crystals, fossils and minerals of all kinds from all over the world.

A6 - Sandie McNaughton's Intuitive Readings.

A7, A8 - Creature Comforts. Eclectic Ethnic clothing & accessories, singing bowls, bells, Tibetan sacred thanyka and artifacts, paintings, fairy dresses, bronze door handles.

A9 - VH Products LLC. Hand made body care products, CBD (no THC), pain oil with essential oils, potpourri.

A10 - Foundation for Health & Healing. Harvey Cain Intuitive Healer. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic and Nutritional approaches all combined in one place.

A12 - TAO of Astrology.  Jason Doud Astrological tarot readings.

A14 - Miss Lips by Melissa Allred. SeneGenco skin care and makeup, including flagship product LipSense, long lasting lip color.


B1, B19, B26 - The Divine Fellowship Readers and Healers.

B3 - Henna by Alex. Henna Body Art.

B4, B5 - Heaven of Sound. Tarot reading and spiritual medium.

B6 - BEMER Distributor. Explaining and demonstrating BEMER with free BEMER sessions.

B7 - Wind-Dancer-Flutes. Custom hand made native American style flutes.

B8 - Faith & Truth Tarot Readings. Tarot reading and spiritual medium.

B9 - Float Euphoria. Massage, hypnotherapy, floatation/R.E.S.T./Sensory deprivation. 

B10 - Awaken to Wellness. 

B11 - Aura Song, LLC. Aura Song, Sacred gifts for spiritual living, jewelry and sacred gifts.

B12 - Seers Mask / Elemental State of Mind. Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Healings. Pendulums, shells, resin, incense, charcoal, incense burners, mortars & pestles, tarot, tarot bags.

B13 - LaPoynte Art.  Art and Paintings Ed David, Dave Poynter and Heidi Elkington

B14 - Personalized Crystal Grids. Crystal and tarot reading used to  create a personalized crystal grid that you can take home with you.

B15 - Cosmic Cartomancy. All things "Faery"!! Doors, Houses, Furniture, Dresses, Trinkets and more. Faery Lore and Tarot readings. Contact Oma at

B16 - Shungite Honey. Shungite Honey & Shungite mineral products (pendants, stickers, magnets, sphere's and more).

B17 - Desert Rose Holistic Healing. Aura Imagine and Intuitive Readings

B18 - Yoga Community.

B20 - Rocky Mountain Animal Communication. Animal Communicator and Human Readings - Crossing the veil to talk to departed loved ones and animals. 

B21 - HELM Animal Shelter.

B22 - The Seimei Foundation. Free demonstrations of the Japanese art of Seimei and Natural Healing. 

B23 - Healing Breeze Massage. 5-10-15 minute massages. CBD topicals Toasted Glacier Balm, CBD lip blam, CBD massage oil.

B24 - The Indigo Knight. Using Virtual Reality, Samuel creates a person's energy using a 3D curve in a process he calls Living Energy. See this Indigo create a 3 D picture of your consciousness and then tell you what he sees in it.

B25 - Charles Lightwalker.  Shamatic services, readings, medical intuition.

B27, B28, B33, B34 - Shannon's Jewell Designs. Handmade jewelry, pendulums, crystal points, and healing stones. Chakra items.

B29 - Hypnosis Service.

B30, B31 - Living Light Alchemy Design. Energy Discs.

B32 - Touch of Tranquility. Doterra Essential Oil Therapies, Acupressure Facials, Tarot readings and Shaman Stone Readings.


C1- The Apothecary.  

C2, C3 - Crystal Source. Large selection of crystals.

C4, C5 - SHARE International. Free information about Maitreyan who we consider to be the world teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

C6 - Living Well Coaching and Qi Gong

C7 - Jamunamoon, LLC.  Hawaiian Healing: Bone washing,Ka La Touch (touch of healing light), Reiki, Aura Clearing soaps and salts.

C8 - Sandy Lange Life Coach.  15 minute sit-down to explore what is blocking you from the life you desire in joy and self-compassion. 

C9 - Oils 4 Your Soul. Offering Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to support your mind, body, soul and balance. Handcrafted Earthstone jewelry.

C10 - One Sage's View.  Astrological readings.

C11- Stone Fairy Design. Orgonite products: pyramids, towers, rings, necklaces, etc.

C12 - No Worries Earth Angel. Orgone devices, energy healing tools.