Healing Light Expo - Spring 2023

The 2023 Vendor list is being prepared. Please check in again soon! 

Note: The information below is in the process of being updated. 

You can use this page to view the names and services of the 2023 Healing Light Expo Vendors. Scroll down the page to browse through the list of all the vendors or use the Quick Navigation Panel to click on a specific section or vendor for more information. 

SECTION A (Booths A1-A14)

A1. African Trade Beads

African, American and Ancient Trade Beads along with a variety of inexpensive and collectable beads.

A2. Healthy LIFE Center

A3. Energy Healing Flow, Energy Mending, Atina's Healing Touch


A5.  Emotion Code with Maria Weiss

The Emotion Code is an energy healing technique designed to help users identify and release trapped emotions, which we believe are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. To schedule an appointment or to talk to Maria, call 509-948-4792.

A6. Intuitive Readings with Sandie McNaughton

A7. Oracle Soul Communicator


A9. VH Products - Body Care

A10. Foundation for Health & Healing


A12. TAO of Astrology


A14. Miss Lips by Melissa Allred

SECTION B (Booths B1-B18)

B1. The Divine Fellowship Healers


B3. Henna by Alex

B4. B5. Heaven of Sound

B6. Bemer Distributor

B7. A Brush of Art by May

B8. Faith and Truth Tarot

B9. Float Euphoria

B10. Awaken to Wellness

B11. The Indigo Knight

Using Virtual Reality, Samuel creates a person's energy using a 3D curve in a process he calls Living Energy. See this Indigo create a 3 D picture of your consciousness and then tell you what he sees in it.

B12. Seers Mask/Elemental State of Mind

B13. Eckankar

B14. Crystal Grid Readings with Beth Clark

Crystal and tarot reading used to  create a personalized crystal grid that you can take home with you. Beth Clark.

B15. Cosmic Cartomancy

B16. Shugite Honey

B17. Desert Rose Holistic Healing and Aura Imaging 

Aura Imagine and Intuitive Readings

B18. Yoga Community

SECTION B (Booths B19-B33)

B19. B26. Divine Fellowship Readers


B21. HELM Animal Shelter

B22. The Seimei Foundation

Free demonstrations of the Japanese art of Seimei and Natural Healing. 

B23. Healing Breeze Massage 

5-10-15 minute massages. CBD topicals Toasted Glacier Balm, CBD lip blam, CBD massage oil.



B27. B34. Mary Morris Jewelry

B29. Hypnosis Service

B30. B31. Living Light Alchemy Design. Energy Discs

B32. Touch of Tranquility

Doterra Essential Oil Therapies, Acupressure Facials, Tarot readings and Shaman Stone Readings.

SECTION C (Booths C1-C12)


C2. Crystal House Rocks, LLC


C4. C5. SHARE International

Free information about Maitreyan who we consider to be the world teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

C6. Living Well Coaching and Qi Gong

C7. Jamunamoon, LLC.  

Hawaiian Healing: Bone washing,Ka La Touch (touch of healing light), Reiki, Aura Clearing soaps and salts.

C8 - Sandy Lange Life Coach.  

15 minute sit-down to explore what is blocking you from the life you desire in joy and self-compassion. 

C9 - Oils 4 Your Soul. 

Offering Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to support your mind, body, soul and balance. Handcrafted Earthstone jewelry.

C10 - One Sage's View.  

Astrological readings.

C11- Stone Fairy Design. 

Orgonite products: pyramids, towers, rings, necklaces, etc.

C12 - No Worries Earth Angel. 

Orgone devices, energy healing tools.