Healing Light Expo - 2023 Vendors

Thank you to all the 2023 Healing Light Expo Vendors and Visitors!

2023 Healing Light Expo had over 40 vendors offering a wide variety of services and products.  Scroll through the page to explore the various offerings or use the Quick Navigation Panel to find out more about a specific vendor.

Interested in becoming a 2024 Healing Light Expo Vendor? Contact Valerie Schmitt for information at

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SECTION A (Booths A1-A14)

A1. African Trade Beads

African, American and Ancient Trade Beads along with a variety of inexpensive and collectable beads.

A2. Healthy LIFE Center & Creations Crystals 

The biggest selection of crystals and minerals in the area! The  Creations Crystals & Healthy LIFE Center store is at 222 W. Kennewick Ave. in Downtown Kennewick for all your needs.  We offer a variety of services including Quantum Biofeedback, past life/DNA scans, crystal scans, scans to see what is causing your stress, chakra balance scans, inner guidance/wisdom/intuition and more! We can help on all levels: physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.  We offer Reiki, Massage, Tarot, Drum Healing Ceremonies, Healing Movement Classes and others. Stop by and see what we can do to help you on your journey!  

A3. Regeneration-Healthy Choices, Atina’s Healing Touch and EnergyMending

Experience the natural healing alternatives of Regeneration-Healthy Choices, (Bobbi); Atina’s Healing Touch- Craniosacral Therapy (Atina) and EnergyMending (Kirsten and Bobbi). These therapies, combined, provide healing frequencies to your body's energy field to enable the healing capabilities of the physical body. Drop by, learn more about these therapies, and discover your way to a healthier future.

A4. Unity Stone Health

Assortment of crystals, extract supplements and Bio-Well energy reports.

A5. Titanium Health 

Short healing sessions by a Certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner. Emotion Code is a healing modality designed to help find and release trapped emotions which we believe cause negative reactions in the body and in relationships.

A6. Intuitive Readings with Sandie McNaughton

Intuitive Readings and Life Coaching with Certified Life Coach Sandie McNaughton. 

A8. Aura Imaging

Aura imaging and Intuitive Readings

A9. VH Products - Body Care

Hand made body care products, CBD (no THC), pain oil with essential oils, potpourri.

A11. New Being Hypnosis

A12. TAO of Astrology

Astrological tarot readings.

A13. Solfa Scents

Offering aromatherapy blends tuned to the frequency of sound, along with solfeggio tuning fork chakra balancing and AuraFit aura scans at no charge.

A14. Rise Crystal Jewelry Design

Wire wrapped and handmade crystal and gemstone and other similar items: necklaces, earrings, wrapped selenite wands, smoke wands, hair clips and tea infusers.

SECTION B (Booths B1-B16)

"Outer" Booths

B1. Yoga Community

Yoga and meditation classes. Vedic Astrology and Life Purpose Coaching with Heather Anastos.

B2. Wind Dancer Flutes

B3. Henna by Alex

Henna Body Art. 

B4. B5. Heaven of Sound - Sound Healing Instruments and Sessions

Offering certified planetary Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and bells for sound therapy work and for personal health and well-being. Short healing sessions on our famous Sound Vibrational Monochord Bed; A one-of-a-kind deep healing experience you have never felt before.

B6. Bemer Distributor

Explaining and demonstrating BEMER with free BEMER sessions.

B7. A Brush of Art by May

Oiginal paintings and prints by May in Oil, Acrylic and watercolors.

B8. Mind and Spirit Healing

Tarot Readings by spiritual medium Earlene Prickett. Earlene is a Certified Master Life and Business Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, and is certified in Spiritual and Emotional Healing. Drop by her booth for a Tarot Reading and if requested to contact your guides and angels. Facebook page -

B9. Float Euphoria

Full service wellness spa with Floatation Therapy, Massage, Acupuncture, Esthetics and Infrared Sauna.

B10. The Divine Fellowship Silent Auction

Drop by the Silent Auction tables and place a bid on new and gently used items.  A Healing Light Expo favorite! 

B11. Touch of Tranquility

Doterra Essential Oil Therapies, Acupressure Facials, Tarot readings and Shaman Stone Readings

B12. Seers Mask/Elemental State of Mind

Palmistry, Tarot Reading, healings, etc. Pendulums, shells, resin, incense, charcoal, incense burners, mortars & pestles, tarot, tarot bags.

B13. Eckankar

Spinning the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel may may give you spiritual insight to encourage openhearted conversation and spiritual insight to a question or situation.

B14. Personalized Crystal Grids 

Create your own personalized crystal grid! Offering sessions to assist you in intuitively selecting the crystals and meanings that will be just right for you. Use your grid to manifest greater well-being … mind, body and spirit.

B15. Cosmic Cartomancy

There's a bit of magic and mirth awaiting adventurers stepping through the Portal of the Fae!  You will discover Faery Flats (fully furnished), Doors of Faeries young and old, Faeries at Work, Build Your Own Faery Door Kits, and trinkets galore!  The Faery realm exists right beside us, a dimension within our world, and all that is needed to connect with them is a gentle nudge (a visit to our booth) and spiritual eyes! Returning attendees may remember Sacred Sign Card Readings in our back corner. Yes, readings will be available again as scheduling allows. We are very excited to see YOU for a spring fling!

B16. Shugite Honey

Shungite Honey & Shungite mineral products, such as Shungite pendants, Shungite stickers, Shungite magnets, Shungite sphere's and more! All made of Shungite a healing/spiritual mineral from Russia.



Buy your Expo tickets here! Drop by to get information about Expo, to purchase tickets for the raffle, and to sign-up for a short healing or reading by Divine Fellowship volunteers. 

B10. B17. B19. B20. B25. B26. Divine Fellowship Healers, Readers and More!

Silent Auction

Drop by the Silent Auction tables (Booth B10) and place a bid on new and gently used items.  A Healing Light Expo favorite! 


Experience a reading from one of our highly intuitive Divine Fellowship readers. These volunteers offer you insights for your situation so you can make clear choices for yourself, find encouragement, and be blessed.


The Divine Fellowship healers are trained in many various types of energetic healing modalities. Experience a session to feel more balanced and energized.  

A Website of Treasures!

Come watch a slideshow tour of the Divine Fellowship's website of treasures. See how the website provides a personal Divine Message using your choices. Divine message with keepsake certificate for only $5.00!

Prayer Booth

Leave a written prayer request and / or take a moment to pray.

SECTION B (Booths B21-B33)

"Inside" Booths

B21. Apex Planty Plants

Tropical house plants and plant themed items and accessories.

B22. The Seimei Foundation

Free demonstrations of the Japanese art of Seimei, Natural Healing. Seimei is the unseen vital life force in everything, our most valuable untapped resource! The Practice of Seimei, a non-touch technique, works to change stagnation in a person's vital life force to motion, thereby achieving a wide range of results in both the recipient and practitioner.

B23. Healing Breeze Massage 

5-10-15 minute massages. Sharing knowledge of CBD topicals, presenting CBD topicals Toasted Glacier Balm, CBD lip balm, CBD massage oil.

B24. Renewal By Anderson

Start to finish division of Andersen Windows. We offer information only and a free entry to a $10,000 window makeover and complementary consults.

B27. B34. Mary Morris Jewelry

Handmade jewelry, wire wrapped gemstone pendants, Kumihimo braided jewelry, crystal jewelry, assortment of earrings ad a limited number of gemstones.

B28. Brain, Body, Connect

Neurological Integration with Russell Tagg.

B29. Izzy Space Shop

Earrings, necklaces, spell jars, candles, bracelets, rings, stickers, hair bows, sculptures and key chains.

B30. B31. Living Light Alchemy Design 

Energy Discs

B32.  Six to Eight Skin

Luxury, organic, limited-ingredient skincare products for even the most compromised skin.

B33.  Hashtagsamesies

Freeze dried candy

SECTION C (Booths C1-C12)

C1.  S&B Botanicals

Lotions and Scrubs

C2. C3. Crystal House Rocks, LLC

A wide selection of crystals.

C4. C5. Maitreya:  The World Teacher (Share International)

Free information about Maitreya who is considered to be the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius. 

C6. Living Well Trauma Relief Coaching and Chinese Qigong Training

Offering a description of the RIM coaching process, especially useful for relief from trauma and other emotional upheavals. Also, demonstrating Qigong exercises for physical and emotional wellbeing and a Qigong relaxation process.

C7. Jamunamoon, LLC.  

Hawaiian Healing: Bone washing, Ka La Touch (touch of healing light), Reiki, Aura Clearing soaps and salts.

C8 Sandy Lange Life Coach  

Provide a 15 minute sit-down to explore what is blocking you from the life you desire in joy and self-compassion. Will inform you how to support and assistance can break through the blocks and re-discover your innate divinity.

C9. Oils 4 Your Soul

Offering Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to support your mind, body, soul and balance. Handcrafted Earthstone jewelry.

C10. Astrology Readings

Sarrah Christensen, a Master Evolutionary Astrologer practicing since 2013 is offering 30- minute astrology readings. An opportunity to win a 60-minute astrology reading for the year ahead. website: and Facebook/Instagram/YouTube @onesagesview

C11. Stone Fairy Design

Orgonite products: pyramids, towers, rings, necklaces, etc.

C12. No Worries Earth Angel

Orgone devices, energy healing tools.