Vendors – Healing Light Expo


Here are some of the Expo Vendors that are open for online business.

Stone Fairy Design

Orgonite, stone and epoxy crafts and more! Free shipping.  For more information go to Stone Fairy Design

Mary Morris Jewelry

Homemade Jewelry in a Rainbow of colors.  For more information go to Mary Morris Jewelry

Healing Light and Crystal Source

A large selection of crystals and a limited time discount of 10% off all purchases!  If a enough people order they will special deliver to The Divine Fellowship. Contact Mark at for more information and to order!

The Yoga Community

The Yoga Community is offering online yoga, Tai Chi Chih, Qi Gong, and meditation classes - some free and some paid. Check out  The Yoga Community

Earthlite Gems

Rocks, Minerals, Crystals, Fossils, Supplies, Beads, Jewelry and much more. For more information go to Earthlite Gems

Below is a list of 2020 Healing Light Expo Vendors.  This will be updated as we get closer to the 2021 Expo, so please check in again.

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A1 - African Trade Beads. African trade beads, American trade beads and ancient beads with regular inexpensive beads and collectible beads.

A2 - Timeless Talisman. Metaphysical amulets, talisman's earrings, bracelets, prayer shawls, and tools.

A3 - Energy Healing Flow, Energy Mending, Atina's Healing Touch.

A4, A5 - Earthlight Rocks & Gems. Rocks, crystals, fossils and minerals of all kinds from all over the world.

A6 - Sandie McNaughton's Intuitive Readings.

A7, A8 - Creature Comforts. Eclectic Ethnic clothing & accessories, singing bowls, bells, Tibetan sacred thanyka and artifacts, paintings, fairy dresses, bronze door handles.

A9 - VH Products LLC. Hand made body care products, CBD (no THC), pain oil with essential oils, potpourri.

A10 - Foundation for Health & Healing. Harvey Cain Intuitive Healer. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Energetic and Nutritional approaches all combined in one place.

A12 - TAO of Astrology.  Jason Doud Astrological tarot readings.

A14 - Miss Lips by Melissa Allred. SeneGenco skin care and makeup, including flagship product LipSense, long lasting lip color.


B1, B19, B26 - The Divine Fellowship Readers and Healers.

B3 - Henna by Alex. Henna Body Art.

B4, B5 - Heaven of Sound. Tarot reading and spiritual medium.

B6 - BEMER Distributor. Explaining and demonstrating BEMER with free BEMER sessions.

B7 - Wind-Dancer-Flutes. Custom hand made native American style flutes.

B8 - Faith & Truth Tarot Readings. Tarot reading and spiritual medium.

B9 - Float Euphoria. Massage, hypnotherapy, floatation/R.E.S.T./Sensory deprivation. 

B10 - Awaken to Wellness. 

B11 - Aura Song, LLC. Aura Song, Sacred gifts for spiritual living, jewelry and sacred gifts.

B12 - Seers Mask / Elemental State of Mind. Palmistry, Tarot Reading, Healings. Pendulums, shells, resin, incense, charcoal, incense burners, mortars & pestles, tarot, tarot bags.

B13 - LaPoynte Art.  Art and Paintings Ed David, Dave Poynter and Heidi Elkington

B14 - Personalized Crystal Grids. Crystal and tarot reading used to  create a personalized crystal grid that you can take home with you.

B15 - Cosmic Cartomancy. All things "Faery"!! Doors, Houses, Furniture, Dresses, Trinkets and more. Faery Lore and Tarot readings.

B16 - Shungite Honey. Shungite Honey & Shungite mineral products (pendants, stickers, magnets, sphere's and more).

B17 - Desert Rose Holistic Healing. Aura Imagine and Intuitive Readings

B18 - Yoga Community.

B20 - Rocky Mountain Animal Communication. Animal Communicator and Human Readings - Crossing the veil to talk to departed loved ones and animals. 

B21 - HELM Animal Shelter.

B22 - The Seimei Foundation. Free demonstrations of the Japanese art of Seimei and Natural Healing. 

B23 - Healing Breeze Massage. 5-10-15 minute massages. CBD topicals Toasted Glacier Balm, CBD lip blam, CBD massage oil.

B24 - The Indigo Knight. Using Virtual Reality, Samuel creates a person's energy using a 3D curve in a process he calls Living Energy. See this Indigo create a 3 D picture of your consciousness and then tell you what he sees in it.

B25 - Charles Lightwalker.  Shamatic services, readings, medical intuition.

B27, B28, B33, B34 - Shannon's Jewell Designs. Handmade jewelry, pendulums, crystal points, and healing stones. Chakra items.

B29 - Hypnosis Service.

B30, B31 - Living Light Alchemy Design. Energy Discs.

B32 - Touch of Tranquility. Doterra Essential Oil Therapies, Acupressure Facials, Tarot readings and Shaman Stone Readings.


C1- The Apothecary.  

C2, C3 - Crystal Source. Large selection of crystals.

C4, C5 - SHARE International. Free information about Maitreyan who we consider to be the world teacher for the Age of Aquarius.

C6 - Living Well Coaching and Qi Gong

C7 - Jamunamoon, LLC.  Hawaiian Healing: Bone washing,Ka La Touch (touch of healing light), Reiki, Aura Clearing soaps and salts.

C8 - Sandy Lange Life Coach.  15 minute sit-down to explore what is blocking you from the life you desire in joy and self-compassion. 

C9 - Oils 4 Your Soul. Offering Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils to support your mind, body, soul and balance. Handcrafted Earthstone jewelry.

C10 - One Sage's View.  Astrological readings.

C11- Stone Fairy Design. Orgonite products: pyramids, towers, rings, necklaces, etc.

C12 - No Worries Earth Angel. Orgone devices, energy healing tools.