About Us

The Healing Light


The Law of Impermanence tells us everything can and will change. Often that change happens unexpectedly. Sometimes those changes happen rapidly. The Law of Impermanence certainly smacked the Healing Light Expo rapidly and unexpectedly!

Just 6 weeks before our 2024 Expo weekend, the Red Lion Hotel notified us of a broken water pipe that caused significant damage in the Expo area. That left them insufficient time to facilitate repairs to be ready for our Expo. We immediately searched either for new dates that would work or for a new venue to host Expo. Alas, those options vanished.

“So what, now what?” we asked ourselves. Let’s do something different! What might that be? Mini events began to take form. A Crystal Conference! A mini vendor fair! A Drumming Healing Labyrinth Walk! (The Divine Fellowship created a permanent Labyrinth in their parking lot many years ago. Time to utilize it more!) A Voices from Beyond! (Visiting with the Other Side) A drum making workshop! Intuitive Seminars and workshops!

Rather than an Expo, we shifted gears. Exit: Expo. Enter: The Healing Light – Events and Workshops to Illuminate Your Spiritual Path. We even have a new look.

Maybe our shift came just at the right time for your shift! 

Keep checking back to this website or our Facebook Page to see the latest events and workshops!