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Ghost Stories

Ok, so I’m a bit weird.  Well, maybe more than just a bit.  I don’t see things like other people do and, I see things that other people don’t – like auras, spirit guides, symbolic insights, and dead people.

Did you know there are two kinds of dead people?

There are those that have crossed over and are in the Light and there are those that are stuck in the grey place – we call those guys ghosts.  The ones that have crossed over are loving and supportive of us as they are sustained by Divine Light and Love.  We can communicate with them and receive encouragement and an abiding connection of love.  You might even notice their presence as a soft glow of light out of the corner of your eye. Or a song coming to mind that reminds you of them.  They are not stuck here.  They dwell in the heavenly realms and visit now and then.

Ghosts, those spirits that haven’t crossed over, tend to feed on emotions.  Good news/bad news with this.  If a ghost is looking for the light, we can help them find it. It’s like bugs drawn to a porch light in the summer.  A lost spirit will see the light in a person and be drawn to it.  Once drawn to us, they can observe and learn more about life and how to best live it.  When they figure things out, they effortlessly cross over – we may not have even known they were there.

Then, there are those that were so stuck in life that they may be drawn to our light, but only to extinguish it.  These guys can be a real nuisance.  They relish it when we get angry.  They feed on that anger and amplify it back to us.  They feed on fear and sadness as well.  The more energy they absorb the more likely they are to move objects and cause disturbances.

Of all the years (over 40 years) I’ve seen and worked with the spirit world, these dark things are very rare.  They stick in places where intense emotions have repeatedly been experienced – like abandoned hospitals or prisons.  I’ve only seen a few existing with living people.  Usually, those people have been going through some really difficult things and are stuck in a dark place themselves.  As a person reclaims their own joy, the dark things go away.  Once in a while, a clearing ceremony is necessary.

I’ve known of a couple of families who boast about having a ghost.  I’m not so sure about that.  They are not pets.  Those spirits are feeding on something.  I sure wouldn’t want it to be my energy or my emotions. 

So, what to do if you have a ghost or think you do?

Did you just bring in an antique piece of furniture?  Often, spirits will cling to past belongings.  If this happens, first thing, try not to freak out.  Remember, they feed on fear, anger, sadness, etc.  With a calm state of being, you can speak to the piece of furniture and tell it that you will care for it and honor it and it’s okay for its owner to go to the light.  Then visualize in your mind’s eye a doorway of light and tell the previous owner that it’s okay to go. 

Let’s face it, if a doorway opened to your dream vacation with all expenses paid, wouldn’t you go?  Whatever unfinished business or stuck energy that spirit might have can be overcome with this method.  Just be encouraging and bless them on their journey.  Most spirits are just waiting for permission or encouragement to go.

Did you come into a residence that has weird stuff happening? 

This might be a bit more challenging.  Remember to start with your own positive state of being.  Do whatever you need to do to get in that state of mind.  Meditate, pray, listen to uplifting music – whatever.  Open a door or window at one end of the house, then start at the other end of the residence and bless every room and every corner of every room.  I like to use a candle or do some drumming with a Native American drum.  I often burn sage and let the smoke clear the way.  (Watch out for smoke alarms!!)  Say a prayer as you go, like:  Loving Spirit of Light, please remove any sorrow, fear or loss and fill this space with the Living Light of Love.  Ghosts just float on out the open door or window.  When you are done, close that window or door, and tell the ghost:  This is MY home.  You may not return.  Go to the light.  You will find peace there.

I strongly encourage you to continue to bring yourself into an uplifted, positive state of being.  Read motivational writings, pray, meditate, listen to uplifting music.  Watch your negative thinking and counteract that with gratitude.  You don’t want to give any other spirit a foothold in your world.

Certainly, I’ve experienced more difficult situations than what I’ve written here.  In the past, I would “cast them out” with a loud voice and 3 sharp claps of the hands.  And then, I experienced something that really changed my perspective. . . I was working long distance and asking Jesus to help me transfer a horrible spirit into a crystal to keep it away from the homeowner’s family.  I saw the spirit move into the crystal as if it were being thrown into prison, but this time, Jesus went in with it.  It raged and howled and threw itself against the bars and Jesus just stayed there. Compassion and kindness rolled off the image of Jesus I was seeing.  I got the feeling that I needed to just let things be as they were, so I put the crystal next to another huge crystal and walked away. 

Days later, I picked up the crystal and tuned in again.  This time, Jesus was sitting next to a broken figure of a man.  Tattered clothes, scars on his body, and his head in his hands.  I could hear him wailing.  Jesus just sat there with him, gently waiting.  I replaced the crystal and went on about my business.  Several weeks later, I picked up the crystal again.  This time I saw the man leaning on Jesus and crying softly.  My next visit with the crystal revealed the bars of the prison were gone.  The man was standing tall, smiling, and wearing a suit.  Jesus was leading him toward the open portal of light.

It was the most beautiful transformation I had ever experienced.  Love wins.

Hope I didn’t take all the scary fun out of Halloween for you.  Just know that if you have a ghostly encounter, your first response might be to be terrified.  Rightly so!  If you can find your own way to peace and compassion, you can help lead the lost one to the light.  Oh, sure, there is probably some religious stuff that you could do, but just know this . . . love wins. 

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Visioning

Your Ascension Journey has taken you far. Your willingness to awaken into your own life has been a powerful process. You’re allowing your expanded awareness to guide you and support you has blessed you greatly.

We've shared with you many techniques to assist you on your Ascension Journey. Practiced, these techniques will continue to bless you through your life of discovery.

Our vision for you is you visioning for yourself. You have the tools and the techniques to allow yourself to "see" and perceive guidance directly. You are strong enough to know when to open to Spirit contact and when to wait. You know that even in moments of duress, you can open to Spirit with a pure heart and an open mind. You also know that it is best to wait when overcome with judgment and fear-based thinking. The over-thinking mind or the over-whelmed emotions block your expanded awareness. Do you feel the truth of this?

Distress in and of itself does not block Spiritual Connection. One's attitude or state of being about the distress does block Spiritual Connection.

If you feel you are stuck in judgment of a situation being bad, certainly pray about this! God hears this and responds! However, avoid tools of divination or "visioning" while preoccupied with this state of mind as it will distort your reading. The same holds true with fear-based overwhelmed emotions (which includes rage and hate - both based in fear.)

So visioning is a high vibrational tool. You are ready for this tool with only minor setbacks into the over-thinking mind or fear-based feelings of overwhelmed emotions. Knowing that these setbacks are part of your human journey allows you to experience them and move on beyond them.

Moving beyond them allows you the opportunity to "see" that which you seek. Moving beyond them allows you to "know" that which you ask.

Moving beyond these allows you to find your answers and know the truth that will guide you.

We will see you in "The Visioning. . . "

Messages From The Ancient Ones – This Now Moment

The moment of Awakening is now. The time of expanded awareness is now. The day of healing is now. In this now time, you transcend time. Time has value for you as you flow from one event to another. Yet, for your spiritual progress, time slips into eternity - feeling as if time is suspended and feeling as if time is flying past - all at the same time.

Time restricts you not. You may feel pressured to accomplish this or that before the day comes to a close. Yet, you can expand time effortlessly with your intent. Stress and fear contract time in your perception. Please notice that as you focus upon the task at hand, time can and will expand if you let it. Constantly slipping out of focus to worry about what comes next, shuts down the expansion of time - time slips away from your grasp and you feel even more behind.

Grant yourself ease within your time constraints by applying your attention to what is at hand and releasing other tasks and duties. Tasks and duties rob you of delight and joy. Time expansion is fueled by delight and joy.

Because you have seen the hands of a clock's second hand tick quickly by, you perceive that this is the only flow of time. Moments expand as you fully engage in your activity with a joyful and delighted heart.

Next time you feel rushed or pressured by perceived time constraints, try this... select one thing to do that you would like to have completed (or have at least a good start) by the end of the day. All other things, bless and set aside in your awareness. Then your full energy field is engaged in the task you have chosen - rather than fragmented with holding on to those other things consuming your energy. Once your full energy field is engaged in the task, delight in it! You are getting to do what you chose to do! If you were enslaved, you would have no such choice. This choice is your freedom! This choice is the product of your intent! Relish this choice. Your energy field will find things to delight in along the way! Let this surprise you and delight you even further!

How does one bless and set aside?

Notice each task you are choosing, for now - for this now moment, to set aside. As you notice this task, notice that it has importance to your soul otherwise it would not even be under consideration. Thank your own soul for noticing this importance. Value your willingness to be of service or to accomplish this task. Yes, you say to yourself. This is important. Just not for this now moment. This blesses that task with your awareness. To set this task aside, tell this task, I will remember you. You may wish to make a note of this task. Set the note and the task and the awareness of the task aside by shifting your awareness away from it and onto the chosen task instead.

Know this. If some set aside task becomes urgent, it will arise in your awareness and you can effortlessly shift gears to take that on with your full intent. If it does not arise in your awareness, you have chosen wisely to bless and set aside for this moment of now.

As you do these things, time expands for you. You will find you accomplish more than you thought possible. You will also find delight and joy in the moment of now that you abide within.

We abide with you in this now moment.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Energy Breeze

A gentle breeze is blowing. Not a physical breeze, yet a flow or movement of energy breezing by. This energy comes to refresh your soul. Allow it to carry away from you any distress or mistrust. It can gently lift up and sweep away this unwanted energy.

It only requires your permission. By granting permission, you activate your awareness and you engage your intent. These two actions integrate this gentle flow of energy into the clearing process it has come here to do. This, too is new energy to your planet. In times past, your negative energy would need to be grounded out or physically swept away. With this new energy, your awareness and your intent are all that is required.

Allow yourself to sense this energy flow. Its gentle nature is of a higher vibration than you are used to, so take a moment to notice it. Once you do, it is like a gentle sigh of release washing past you. Take your time to notice this. Again, it is higher energy than you are used to and may take a moment to recognize.

Once you notice this energy breeze, begin to notice the stress and tension within your being - physical and ethereal being. This tension stems from distress - things not going the way you prefer or from mistrust - feeling unsafe within your self or regarding others. Notice these two types of stress and tension.

Grant them permission to leave you by saying either, "You may leave me." or "Thank you, but no thank you, be gone." (Thanking this energy is very powerful! It is here to protect you by bringing a disharmony to your attention! No need to hate it or be angry about it or resent it, just honor it and give it permission to be gone.) Or find your own words that can assist you in granting permission to go.

Once permission is granted, the energy breeze can do its work. It sweeps over you and through you to clear this released energy. It may take a moment or two to clear depending upon how long you've experienced the distress and mistrust. Just notice and allow it to clear for you.

Once this energy breeze has done what it came to do, it will slowly soften and dissipate. You can call this energy breeze back to you at any time - rather, it is always here, yet only active when your awareness touches it. Reactivate this energy breeze with your awareness with intent to clear.  The result will be clearer focus, clearer body experiences and clearer emotions. We hop you will utilize this new energy breeze often as it is needed at this point in your world.

As you clear your own self, the energy breeze can begin to clear inanimate objects that hold energy in your world. An angry exchange between people can leave a residue of distress and mistrust on walls, chairs, floors, etc. It is time for your whole world to clear, is this not so?

May this energy breeze blow sweetness into your whole life.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Golden Light

Golden moments await your attention. These golden moments are not unique in and of themselves . . . more of the same day to day that you always experience. However, these golden moments are moments of Divine Connection granted to you by your own awareness.

Each time you notice something in your life with gratitude, you experience a golden moment. Each time you notice another person with compassion, you experience a golden moment. Each time you center yourself in your own awareness, you experience a golden moment.

Within these golden moments greater energies arise. Greater power exists. Profound connection happens. Awareness expands. Insights flow.

Perhaps you have already experienced these insights and expanded awareness. Shift your focus just a bit and notice the golden light that surrounds and fills these moments. This golden light holds great healing power for you along with great insights. This golden light beams straight from the heavenly realms. This golden light exists all around you at all times, yet with your awareness, the flow of light from the heavenly realms happens and your connection with Divine Source amplifies.

Why do we care? Why do we bring this to your attention? Because you are now ready for this infusion of golden light. It may appear to you as a beam of light or it may appear to you as sparkles of light around you. You may not even see this light, but it is living and active in your behalf.

Notice. Awaken. Connect. Bring gratitude into your awareness. What ever difficulty may exist in your life will be bathed in this golden light and you will become empowered to make a change, change your heart, change your mind or change your circumstances as much as it is possible for you to do so. At the same time this golden light dances through this issue and breaks loose opportunities and heals old wounds.

Healing and change become powered by this golden light.

This new energy is gifted to you now because you are now ready for it. Take it on. Use it with grace.

We cherish you as you receive this light. Dance in this light, Beloved Ones. Let this light dance within you and within your circumstances.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Flow and Glow

Your weary heart draws near to Divine Source for comfort. How very wise of you!

Your distressed eyes seek the Light of Love and the blessings it carries. How very brave of you.

Your saddened heart yearns for peace. How very awakened of you.

Your burdened mind searches for answers to very difficult questions. How very open of you.

It would be so much easier to shut down, close off, and hide away from life. But, instead, you are on your awakening path, your ascension path, your sacred path. Those tactics no longer work for you, do they? Oh, perhaps for a short time, yet, then, your awakened soul cannot bear it and must break free to seek, yearn, search, and draw near to Love.

The results are immediate, are they not? Do you not instantly feel better? Do you not instantly experience hope and joy? Do you not immediately find ways to be of service and to change your world as best you can?

We honor you in this. We honor your choice of awakening over shutting down.

What you may not realize is this. . . when you choose awakening, you bring more light into this world. You open the gates of heaven and love streams - literally pours - down into this physical realm. Because of your choice.

The choice to be on your sacred path and to acknowledge the sacredness in this moment opens the gates of heaven. It is not as if the gates of heaven are closed, but rather, those gates await permission to open. Love cannot be forced. Light shines even in darkness - Light obliterates darkness! Yet, the flow of Love awaits permission to flow. Love is there. Love is present. Love is available. Love awaits. It's like turning on a light switch. With an active choice to switch on the light, one can actively choose to turn on the Light of Love within your world.

Your experience of Love, your experience of Light flows and glows brightly when you choose it. Choosing to notice one thing with gratitude enhances the flow and the glow. Choosing to do one kind thing enhances the flow and the glow. Choosing to hold sacred ground for another enhances the flow and the glow. Choosing to seek a new answer enhances the flow and the glow.

You can see this flow and glow when you look with your heart-of-hearts. Your feelings may tell you to be distressed while your heart-of-hearts tells you to sing. Which will you choose?

 We await your decision. We await within the flow and the glow and behold you with great honor.                        

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Truly Resting

As a butterfly emerges from the chrysalis it must wait to fly until after it's wings unfold and dry. How does it know to wait? Emerging takes energy. It has need of rest. While it rests, its wings unfold and dry. Once rested, the butterfly is ready for it's first flight. It intuitively knows how even though it has never flown previously. So, too, you may find yourself in need of rest as you emerge from your previous state of being. Honor this rest as it is vital for the rest of your journey.

Yes, you say. But there is so much that needs to be done. We understand this conundrum you humans face. Yet, you do not realize that you can rest within the emerging and still fulfill other tasks. Let us say this a different way - there is a part of you that can rest while another part of you participates in life.

There are 2 keys to this rest and participation. The first key is knowing which part of you is truly resting . . . and what truly resting truly is!! The second key is knowing what and how much to participate in life.

Key #1: Truly resting. This may be difficult for you to comprehend at first, yet it is truly simple. Truly resting supports itself in trust. When you know you are ok, you will rest even when you participate in activities. So, how does one truly trust and thereby truly rest? Trust relies upon a deep sense of knowing: Knowing you have done all you can at this moment; knowing you are loved by Divine Source; knowing you can and will face whatever comes with courage; knowing that whatever comes is flavored in your best interest; knowing that you have the power of choice and power in choice; knowing you are blessed with many things of which you are grateful. Each of these knowings allows the soul to rest.

When the soul is at rest, the body and mind can be active, alert, and productive. This true rest is not sleep nor shutting down. This true rest bestows peace upon the life force energy present within the being.

Notice your own life force energy now. It is there whether you are active or actively participating in life or just sitting quietly. Notice how your own life force energy feels. Does it feel tired, or agitated, or filled with unrest? Just notice.

Now, engage the knowings we described above. Really KNOW that you are loved by Divine Source. Know it. Feel it. Ahh. There. This is truly resting as we described earlier.

Again, really KNOW that you have done all you can do for this moment in time. For THIS MOMENT. Know it. Feel it. Yes, truly resting. Did you feel yourself breathe a little easier? We hope you did. You might want to take a deep breath and allow yourself to experience this truly resting energy.

Do you also not KNOW that everything that comes to you is flavored for your benefit? Do you also not KNOW that you, in fact, have had tremendous courage to face your life to this moment and your courage has even grown further than that! So, any new event will be faced with even more courage! Do you not KNOW the power of your own choices? Great power rests in what you choose in this moment of truly resting! Do you also not KNOW the power of your own gratitude? Yes, you do!

And as you notice these things that we bring to your attention, your moment of truly resting amplifies. Does it not? Indeed, it does. And from this place of truly resting, you can now choose what activities to engage in and which activities steal your peace. You are now more capable of wise choosing from a place of truly resting.

You have just amplified your power many times over by just reading this. Practice this and your power amplifies even more and does so quickly. What do we mean by power? We will discuss POWER at another time! For now, rest easy, Dear One. Allow yourself this moment of truly resting within Divine Power and within your own sense of peace and power.

There is so much more here for you. We have much more to share with you soon. Rest easy within the truly resting moment, Dear One.

Our love exists within this moment with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Light-Walk

You are walking in the Light, Dear One.

Your journey may feel dark because there, indeed, is darkness in your world. Just because you can see/experience the darkness does not mean that darkness has taken hold nor does it mean that darkness rules. It merely means that you can perceive it.

Let this perception register and then release it. You are not tied to the darkness. It cannot overwhelm you. Your fear can - if you let it. Yet, that is a choice. Choose to notice the Light and more Light becomes visible to your awareness. Choose to see darkness and your fear will show you even more of that.

What is your choice? Choose now. Choose to see/experience Light and more is gifted to you. This is what you desire, yet old habits of fear call to you and pull at you to return to sensing darkness.

Fear is a mechanism that was created to help you keep yourself safe from harm. Yet, unchecked, fear creates a different kind of harm that steals your joy and your physical well being.

Choose joy. Choose the Light. Choose Peace. Choose the Light. Choose Courage. Choose the Light. Choose kindness. Choose the Light.

All the things you desire are in the Light, Dear One. Create a habit of choosing the Light and the qualities of the Light. As fear pulls at you, choose again. Thank the fear for notifying you of your surroundings and choose to walk in the Light.

Your Light-Walk is a precious thing. Value it greatly. Your Light-Walk blesses you and gives you everything you desire and more. Your Light-Walk is a moment to moment adventure. You live in the now and the Light is now. Your walk is now. Your path is illuminated by Light that shines through your willingness to notice the now and the Light.

The extra blessing here is that as you walk your Light-Walk, Light shines through you and illuminates the path for others. Their path may not be the same as yours, but as you walk your Light-Walk, this opens an opportunity for others to see the Light on their path. It creates an opportunity for choice for them that they may have been oblivious to without you walking your Light-Walk.

When you walk your Light-Walk, we see you as brightly shining beings of Light and Love. As you brightly shine, your energy uplifts the energy around you. Even the floors and walls where you live and work begin to glow and flow with Light. This resonance of Light lingers long after you have moved on. What a gift that you give! This Light-Resonance uplifts others in ways you cannot know.

If you could only see yourself as we see you . . . a bright light being on a path of light, lighting the way for others. Do you have a sense of this?

Next time you find yourself faced with the choice of fear or Light, notice how much brighter the room becomes when you choose Light.  Feel the energy flow even now, through your body and out into the room where you are reading this. Even when you walk out in nature, your Light-Walk blesses the earth, the wildlife, and the plants around you. You feel their energy as it blesses you. Now notice how your Light blesses them as well.

We walk with you in your Light-Walk adventures. Shine on, Dear One. Shine on!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Awakened Peace

Your sacred path leads you - not away from your challenges - but through them. You may feel as if you walk your path alone, yet this is untrue. Your guides, angels, Divine Source walks with you. We also walk with you.

We see the challenges you face. We support you as your journey unfolds. Moments of distress may befall you. This is not failure! It is merely part of the human experience. You return to your awareness more quickly now, do you not?

Yet, sometimes once the path has been diverted it feels difficult to return. There are chemicals in the blood that your body sends to assist you in dealing with stress. It takes time for these to process through . . . even when you have already mentally shifted, it takes the body a bit of time to catch up. It is in this catch up time that you feel as if you are failing. Just breathe through this. Your body and your emotional body along with your mind and your sub-conscious will follow your spiritual choice to be calm. It just takes them a bit longer than your sacred awareness.

Within your sacred awareness, shifts happen instantaneously. Allow the rest of your being to catch up. The stress and high alert signals sent to the body take time to dissipate or deconstruct. They are constructed to protect you, yet they can hinder your journey if you pay heed to them while they are dissipating. Just notice them and allow them their due process. Honor them for their role in keeping you safe. Just know that they are signals that are being dismissed.

It is as if a fire alarm goes off internally when smoke has been detected. Only after the danger has passed can the firemen leave and the alarm be shut down and the workers return to their posts. So, too, your internal alarm system stays active for a bit until the authorities tell you the coast is clear.

Problem is, no one is on duty to call all clear but you. No one else can tell you it's all okay, but you. And when all spun up, the all clear cannot be issued as it doesn't feel all clear.

What can you do?

We have shared with you before the thumb and ring finger tapping together and saying "all clear." This notifies all aspects of your body that, indeed, it is all clear and normal function may resume.

You may have been stuck in high alert for so long, that "All Clear" may not assist you fully. If this is the case, sweep your arms in a swaying fashion around you and speak the words, "Be At Peace". This sends a larger message to the entire being and can assist the shut down of the high alert process more quickly.

As you sway and "Be At Peace" all of your supporting spiritual beings come in close and sweep your energy fields along with your movement. They balance your chemical fields as well. Your stress level will drop quickly.

Do you know what normal feels like? Have you been on high alert so long that "Be At Peace" seem strange? You might wish to do the "Be At Peace" often for a bit. Notice yourself relax into an awakened normal. This awakened normal allows you to notice and be aware without the stress of high alert. This awakened normal allows you to function very effectively without activating the stress chemicals in the body. You will sleep better, eat better, think better and live better.

Be At Peace. We are with you on your journey into awakened peace.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Buoyancy Hope

Your ascension path leads you into Hope. Hope is the positive anticipation of fulfillment of dreams, longings, and desires. Hope is more than this.

Hope resonates at a powerful frequency that grants you strength and energy. Have you ever felt really down and something changed and you had new found hope? This Hope has a buoyancy effect! Your spirits are uplifted, your awareness is activated, and your energy moves in forward motion.

Notice where your energy is right now. If you are feeling down or stuck, your hope factor is low. Unfortunately, humans place their hopes in the wrong places. Other people, circumstances, finances, luck . . . none of these offer the Buoyancy Hope we are referring to.

How does one acquire the Buoyancy Hope?

Notice where your hope currently sits. Hoping someone else will change? Hoping for some lucky event? Once you notice this, disengage from it by letting it go. By letting it go, we mean reclaim your energy from that. Call it back to yourself. "I see I am placing my hope on that other person's changing behavior. I hereby recall my hope back to my own energy field." You will probably feel lighter the moment you disengage/release!

Once that energy is released, place that hope energy into your energy field about a hands width away from your HeartSpace. Perhaps view this hope as a candle or a lantern or a ball of light.

Now ASK Divine Source to guide you into sacred hopefulness. You will see/sense a thread of light forming between your hope and Divine Source. It may begin at your HeartSpace hope or it may begin from Divine Source. Just notice and sit with this until the hope-link has connected.

Once connected, Divine Source downloads the Buoyancy Hope into your symbolized HeartSpace hope! This Buoyancy Hope knows it is being heard. It knows Divine Source already is acting in its behalf. This Buoyancy Hope knows the flow from Divine uplifts its user. This Buoyancy Hope filters out all distractions and suffering.

Then a thread of light connects this Buoyancy Hope with the Heart-of-Hearts (the HeartSpace within the body). A profound shift happens at this point. The uplifting happens! This uplifting brings great joy, insight, and peace as well as power to move forward. Your resiliency will be restored as well.

We exist within this Buoyancy Hope and marvel at its beauty and grace. We hope you connect with this energy and are richly blessed by it!

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