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Messages From The Ancient Ones – Expanded Feelings Open The Way

Each step you now take sets you upon a direction of your life. Each choice you make sets you in the direction of your intent.

Yes, you know these things. Where you are right now came from the intent you set years ago. You know this, too. You also know that you can change your intent and your direction with a change in your focus and your willingness.

You also have an inkling that you are ready for something really big, do you not?

What might that be? You do not need to know exactly what that might be, but you can have an inkling or a hint of the feeling of it. Do you feel the truth of this?

So, allow yourself to imagine the best possible outcome for yourself as much as you might be able to imagine at this time. The best possible outcome may be too big for you to imagine just yet - yet you can imagine the feeling of it. Take the feeling that you can imagine and notice it. Do you feel safe? Do you feel active and energized? Do you feel peaceful and calm? Do you feel fulfilled and blessed? Do you feel gracious and generous? Do you even know what those feelings feel like?

We ask these questions to get you out of thinking and into expanded awareness. Thinking often tells you how to feel - sad, afraid, lonely, overwhelmed. Your expanded awareness can comprehend the bliss that awaits you where you mind/feelings cannot grasp this.

When the expanded awareness grasps the expanded feelings, The Universe (God, Higher Power, All That Is, The Trinity - as you may refer to this Divine Light of Love) responds and sets up opportunities for this to come to you in ways you cannot imagine!

Life tells you to be afraid, yet your spirit tells you to be courageous. Circumstances tell you to be overwhelmed, yet your inner being knows The Way. The Way reveals itself to you within the expanded feelings.

Do you just conjure them up like magic? Well, perhaps. Allow yourself to remember a kindness and this builds the energetic construct of kindness in your energy field and kindness finds its way to you! Is this magic? Perhaps. Allow yourself to remember when a moment of fulfillment. (Fulfillment only lasts a moment, so a moment is all that can be remembered. The inner being constantly raises the bar and searches for what's next. This is wonderful as it keeps one engaged in life and open to new wondrous possibilities! Until the feeling of being overwhelmed steps in and crushes that spirit of fulfillment.) Revitalize the feeling of fulfillment with a memory of this energy and Divine Source provides opportunities for The Way to fulfillment to open up to you.

So... what we are saying is this. An energetic construct of your feelings surrounds you and supports your journey while Divine Light provides The Way into more of that feeling. It is your choice what feelings are constructed in your behalf.

You might wish to remind yourself of this great inner power with a few simple words. I Am. I Am Ready. I Am One with Divine Light of Love.

We walk with you in this.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Wavelength of Love

Your life-force energy requires food, water, clothing - all aspects of nurturance, sustenance, and support. Your energy-life-force requires nothing from you. It is eternal.

With that said, one can build or grow one's energy-life-force. By recognizing the light energy within and around the body, the energy-life-force (light) is strengthened. By honoring one's self and one's journey this inner light is also strengthened. By honoring another's path while maintaining safe boundaries so as not to disrupt one's own path or another's path also strengthens the inner light.

The greatest thing you can do to strengthen your own inner light the energy-life-force that allows you to live, thrive and flourish is this...

Tune in to Spirit - Divine Source - All That Is - God - The Holy Trinity - whatever term serves your understanding.

How does one tune in to Spirit? Find the wavelength of love. Begin by remembering how love has manifested itself in your life - A kind word spoken by a friend; a gentle touch from a loved one; a birds sweet song just when you needed to hear it; the fall colors; the summer breeze; the smell of coffee (if you like that beverage); the smell of soup cooking or a cake baking - anything that brings to you a sense of delight or a sense of joy. This is the wavelength of love.

Once tapped into this wavelength, to further expand the light being/inner light is to share this wavelength with another. Be the one who says the kind word. Be the one to offer a gentle touch to someone suffering. (This touch can me energetic or emotional rather than physical - though we all know the power of a gentle touch.) Be the one who shares the coffee or the soup. Be the one who says thank you. Be the one who encourages another on their chosen path. This caring/sharing amplifies the wavelength of Divine Love. In so doing, your inner light grows. Not just grows brighter for the moment of service, but grows in substance and depth. It roots itself in this loving wavelength and becomes stronger.

The strength grown in this way does not dissipate with outside circumstances. Whatever happens in the world does not dissolve this growth. The wavelength of love is ever present, ever flowing, and ever strengthening so being tapped into this offers continuous energetic nourishment.

Like a tree that sends its roots deep to find an underground river grows strong and tall. The winds of change cause it no disruption. The seasons offer it the opportunity to change, release, then regrow and flourish once again. Unlike the tree, who just does what it does, you can now change, release, regrow and flourish as you will. It is your choice. Your outside circumstances may offer opportunity for you as well, but the choice is yours.

Where ever you are now, what are your circumstances suggesting for you now? You can choose to flourish even when the circumstances feel barren - because you are tapped in! You can choose to release even if circumstances suggest holding on because you are tapped in! The choice is yours.

Our sincere hope for you is that you tap in to Divine Love and grow your energy-life-force light so that you may flourish and also be of service. May your light shine hope and abundance for yourself and upon all you encounter. Your light blesses many.

We walk with you in this.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Bright Heart

Your journey thus far has taken you through difficult places and through moments of delight.  It is our sincere hope for you that your difficult moments are brightened by your expanded awareness that grants you those moments of delight.  Where ever your journey takes you from here, we also hope that those moments of delight filter all your experiences. 

It is certainly easy to fix one's attention upon the things that are not working well or that are troublesome.  Actually, it is human nature.  However, one's spiritual nature focuses itself easily upon that which is delight-filled.  The key is finding balance between the spiritual nature and the physical nature.  Ignoring the challenges is foolish.  Ignoring the bliss is also foolish.  Noticing them both in balance grants one wisdom.  This wisdom creates it's own sense of peace and harmony even in difficult circumstances.

Your natural directive to take care of the physical form asks you to be vigilant and aware of any difficulty or danger.  In and of itself, this is good and holds it's own wisdom.  However, over-vigilance in this area deprives the soul of it's breath of life.  Parents would not sacrifice their time and attention to care for their children if self preservation was all that mattered.  Art and creativity would disappear.  Joy and prosperity would vanish.  Life would hold little value beyond existence.

Yet, your heart desires opportunity to flourish.  Your soul desires opportunity to be of service.  Your spirit desires opportunity to soar.  These experiences happen when one sets aside the fear that accompanies over-vigilance.  Flourishing, serving and soaring happen when one steps into the harmonic that accompanies joy, creativity, and compassion. 

When you find yourself struggling with fear, notice this.  Rather than berating yourself in this, honor this.  Thank Divine Source for your survival thus far and breathe in a fresh breath of air.  As you exhale feel yourself re-center out of fear and back into your rightful state of joy, creativity, and compassion.  With your next breath notice the beauty that may be around you and notice your gratitude for the capacity to notice this.  Notice that you can still respond to your environment if needed - perhaps more so as you are not shut down by fear.  (Fear - the very thing you had counted on to assist you in survival is the very thing that blocks you from trying new things and discovering new truths to ensure not only your survival, but your ability to thrive in changing circumstances.) 

With this new perspective of expansive awareness, new insights flow easily to you.  Your rigidity releases and your willingness to try new things expands.  Your world opens up.  Not only your world, but the world around you.  As your energy unclenches its teeth and expands, others around you sense this and also relax into the moment.  Whether you feel their energy respond or not, this response happens.  We see the difference one person can make.  We see the changes one bright heart brings to a planet torn with fear.  

We honor you in this.  We walk beside you ready to assist you in this.  We whisper to your awareness of your bright heart.  Our hearts sing when you hear and respond.  We bless you and your bright heart.    

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Bridges

You may feel or be experiencing a gap between where you are and where you want to be. You may feel or be experiencing a gap between what you would prefer from others and what you are experiencing. You may feel or be experiencing a gap between your heart and Divine Source. You may feel or be experiencing a gap between your feeling/mind self and your heart-of-hearts.

Is this gap real? Yes, and no. Yes, the experience of it is real because you are experiencing it. Yes, you have goals and ideals that are as yet unmet. Yes, people can let you down. Yes, your heart is not as pure as Divine Source. And yes, your feeling/mind self cannot comprehend the same things that the heart-of-hearts can comprehend. However, this is a gap in perception rather than a gap in capacity.

The truth is, a sacred and divine bridge connects you with your goals, hopes and dreams. This bridge allows you to dream and dream big! You may not yet have arrived, yet the capacity is there and there exists a bridge to assist you in getting there. A sacred and divine bridge connects you with others. This bridge puts its trust in love and not in another person's behavior or lack there of. You probably already have a sense of the sacred and divine bridge between your awareness and Divine Source. You can utilize this very same bridge to connect to your own heart-of-hearts.

The gap you feel or experience structures itself upon expectations. The bridge you notice and utilize bases itself upon love, appreciation, and gratitude. Do you have a sense of this?

Take a moment to just breathe and be here. In this you will notice all the bridges fall into place for you.

Have a life goal that just seems out of reach? Love builds a bridge. This bridge guides you to the next step toward your goal (or something even better).

Have a relationship that is struggling? Love builds a bridge. If that relationship no longer serves, love (love for one's self and the truth, honor, and respect) builds a bridge in another direction so you can move on. Notice this. Which bridge will you choose?

Love bridges the gap between your heart and Divine Source. This two-way bridge allows your to perceive Divine Love pouring through your own insecurities while allowing your prayers to be heard. What will you pray for now?

And the bridge of love opens your awareness to receive and perceive energies and insights of great significance.

 Do you have a sense of the bridge of love? We are on the bridge awaiting the arrival of your awareness.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Sacred Gift in Time

One cannot move forward if they are continually looking back. Your past has much to teach you should you choose to notice and understand.

Reliving the past does not teach. Rather, reliving the past anchors one's energy / attention / strength / life force in the past. Learning from the past allows one's energy to flow into the future with new understanding.

So, how does one view the past to obtain the valuable information without reliving the past? Allow your noticing the past to move into the space of Sacred Observer. This requires noticing without judgment. This requires seeing without experiencing. If the pain is too much, step back. Step out of the experience. Create for yourself a safe viewing space.

A safe viewing space is a space of sacredness. A space of knowing your value, your worth, your talents and abilities, your blessings and your gifts. When in this space of value, other's actions, opinions and judgments hold no ground in your awareness. The exist, but without damage to you. From this safe viewing space, even old painful trauma's can be viewed without pain or renewing the trauma.

If you are unable to find your space of sacredness where you feel your own sacred value, you may not yet be ready to observe old wounds.

Give that old experience a sacred gift and leave it there in that time and space. That sacred gift could be the idea of a flower to signify you care. That sacred gift could be the symbol of a crystal to signify your willingness to see clearly.

Whatever sacred gift you select, place it in your awareness next to that memory. Maybe that looks like leaving a flower on a table that was present in this experience. Maybe that feels like just a mental marker on that memory.

By leaving this marker/sacred gift, you allow yourself to bring more of yourself present time. You can utilize this energy for anything that you choose to do now - in this moment. You free up a lot of stuck energy with this process.

Once you are ready to observe that old trauma with the Sacred Observer that does not re-experience the pain, you may see something in this that you may have missed before. You may notice that the trauma really had nothing to do with your worth. Rather, it was an expression of someone else's previous traumas. This allows you to reclaim your sense of sacred value.

Whether you utilize the Sacred Observer or you utilize the sacred gift, allow yourself to free up your energy for the here and now.

You have much to do here and now. Not just accomplishing duties, but instilling love in your world. You shine brightly as you bestow this love through your actions and your words. Your kindness changes the world. 

We honor you in this.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – HeartCenter Activation

Your hearts are troubled, Dear Ones. For us this appears as a shroud over your hearts and a dimming of your light.

It is easy to understand this. The shroud is doubt. Doubt clouds your light as well as clouding your minds. You doubt your ability to rise to whatever circumstances may occur. You doubt that Divine Source will guide you. You doubt that circumstances will move in your favor. You doubt that your world will ever be okay again.

Indeed these are troubling thoughts. The fact that these thoughts inhabit your heart as well as your head is concerning.

Truth is, your heart has its own wisdom. This wisdom depends not upon life occurrences or life changes. This wisdom relies upon the energy of truth. The truth of energy. The heart perceives the energy of what is and what exists beyond what is seen with one's eyes. The heart perceives the truth of the flow of energy.

This truth speaks volumes of the human capacity for adaptation and the human capacity for - well, humanity - the humanitarian act of compassion. The doubt cannot perceive these things.

The heart knows that whatever comes next, it will do its best.

The heart knows that what others may choose to do only creates opportunity for kindness.

The heart searches the ethereal realms for the truth of awakening and awareness and then searches for ways to use the heart awakening and the expanded awareness for good.

Doubt creeps in and shrouds the heart so it cannot search as it normally does.

Release this shroud of doubt, Dear Ones! Choose one kind thing to do for one's self or for another human being or for a living creature or a plant or even rocks and stones. This kindness can look like an act of good will or an appreciation. This in turn re-activates the heart in its open search for truth that resonates and amplifies the truth of who you really are.

This search is a natural occurrence. This search is not a frightened and frantic hunt, but rather an opening - an expansion - a welcoming. Can you feel this difference?

Do you feel the frantic hunting ease up as you expand and open your heartspace to the truth of who you are and the truth of love's capacity to change the world? You will see others who are stepping up and stepping out in faith and your faith will be strengthened. You will see other acting in kindness and your compassion will reactivate. You will experience the beauty of a dawn or sunset and your capacity for appreciation will grow.

You are already feeling this, are you not? Indeed. What a blessing you are!

Even if the shroud of doubt fills you again from time to time, you can readjust yourself back into heartcenteredness with just a bit of expanded awareness into your true heart-of-hearts. So much grace is available for you here.

Welcome home. - The Ancient Ones

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Journey Begins

Blessings Dear Ones.

We thank those who joined us upon the Ascension Path Study group and experienced joy, connection, and spiritual expansion. Now the journey truly begins.

We bless those who are just discovering their Ascension Path. Now the journey truly begins!

With each step you take along your own Ascension Path, you discover more about yourself. Long hidden sorrows heal and release. Current frustrations and irritations come into a new light and are released. Worry and concerns for tomorrow are bathed in the light of trust and hope and are released.

Your true and rightful expression of life is joy, peace, and compassion. Whatever else you experience that takes your attention from these qualities has little true worth within your Ascension Journey. Certainly there are tasks to be done, yet they can be done with joy. Certainly sorrow arrives and yet compassion can flow through that sorrow and allow you a measure of peace. This same joy, peace and compassion can be shared generously with others.

Life holds great tragedy and great success. The full spectrum of life offers a lot of both to each living being. Yet you are neither tragedy nor success.

You, indeed, are a bright light of hope for your world. Do you have a sense of this?

Certainly, it is easy to get caught up in the daily tragedies and successes. We hope you take time to break free from these and allow yourself time to really shine. We hope you allow the light of joy to shine from your eyes. We hope the light of peace shines from your heart. We hope the light of compassion shines from all that you choose to do.

We see this light and recognize it as The Light from Divine Source. We honor you in this shining of The Light.

We walk with you as you seek The Light on your Ascension Journey. And we walk with you as you shine The Light in joy, peace, and compassion. - The Ancient Ones

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Manifesting in Brilliance

Your heart and your mind link with your soul/spirit to create . . . to create!! What your heart desires and your mind can conceive, your soul/spirit accesses Divine Energy to create.

This creation is miraculous.

Within this creation energy holds a higher awareness that guides you not only to creating your heart's desires, but to much more and much better than your mind can imagine!

Within this creation awareness resides the power of Divine Source who knows what serves you better and best.

Any unfulfilled wishes may be a result of lack of true heart's desire, a lack of imagination, or a lack of spiritual insight to fulfill your goal.

Divine Source will not thwart any heart's desire that is worthy. Even things that are not ideal may be manifested because there is learning within the process.

We ask that you listen to your intuition and your insights as these nudges from Divine Source guide you toward your goals, hopes and dreams. Hold your goals, hopes and dreams lightly in your expanded awareness. This grants you the opportunity to learn, grow, revise, and revisit as necessary.

You may find your goals, hopes and dreams change and adapt with this form of expanded awareness because of the guidance and insight you are receiving.

Within the journey of fulfilling your goals, hopes and dreams, you will find your destiny - your purpose - your mission as a loving manifestation of Divine Source.

We are in awe of your power, your light, and your brilliance in fulfilling this manifestation of Divine Love.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Essence of Being

You are on your way. Your journey unfolds before you.

You may, perhaps, see the same old thing. the same old work, and the same old world. Yet within this same-ness, a new-ness unfolds.

Each day you perfect your essence of being. Each day you become closer to really liking yourself - even for a few brief moments here and there.

In this noticing one's self with the eyes of awareness, you see truly for the first time. Each time you utilize the eyes of awareness directed at yourself, you perfect your understanding of who you really are.

Your perceptions become clearer and your choices become more spirit driven rather than ego (self-centered-ness) driven. 

You have always been this divine person, yet only with the eyes of awareness can you perceive yourself in this way.

This is the 'perfecting' of your being we refer to. Not the drive to be perfect, but the drive to notice from a clear awareness which leads to seeing one's self as perfected. Perfected by grace and by love. Perfected meaning without shame or regret. Rather, with humble willingness to grow.

The noticing is with perfection - there is no judgment in this awareness. Merely knowing and seeing.

From this clear place of seeing one's self as filled with grace and love, one can move forward with courage and joy. Your projects, hopes, and dreams unfold before you. Wisdom guides your words and your deeds.

For a moment, just notice yourself right now. Not the physical form. Not the deeds done or not done. Not the feelings whether they be pleasant or unpleasant. . . notice YOU.

It may feel a bit tricky - who is noticing and what am I noticing? Just be with the noticing for a moment longer.

Within this noticing there is peace. Those external conflicts and challenges your physical, mental, and emotional beings experience can be viewed from a neutral perspective. Within this neutral perspective rests your spirit.

Your spirit connects directly to Divine Spirit/Source/Creator.

Notice this connection. Notice the power under the surface that awaits your command. Notice the joy within the power that sits in readiness for your awareness. Notice the love that flows through all of it.

Herein resides your essence of being.

Beautiful, isn't it?!

We are here with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Getting Ready for Change

Each day, you shift and transform. Yet, each day you remain you. Your body ages, but your spirit remains young. Your awareness expands but you remain on this physical plane of existence. Even the cells in your body change, yet here you are.

Change is an immutable law of existence here. Things can and will change. Maybe the changes are powerful and immediately felt. Maybe the changes take lifetimes.

We are here to help you through life's changes. The world around you is changing. You are changing and you may not even know how, to what extent, nor what the end result will be. You may feel the need to resist or fight the changes. It is certainly natural to hang on to what is familiar. We encourage you however, to notice the opportunity for change as it arrives and allow yourself to step into the flow as best you can. The changes that we see for you spiritually are monumental.

This means your old habituated patterns are being challenged. Do you really need to continue to do that any more? What might things look like if you did something different? This grants you the opportunity to tap into innovation and unlimited possibilities.

Often, we hear you crying out because you feel stuck! Yet, you resist change when it finally appears!

Your previous limitations prohibit you from seeing beyond what currently exists for you. Now is the time to discover greater aspects within your grasp. New ideas unfold for you when you step into the flow of innovation and change.

Yes, there will be fear, but not fear as a deterrent. Any new adventure triggers an aspect of high alert. Do not mistake this sharp edge of awareness within this high alert as a bad thing. This feeling is different than the high alert you feel when you are moving into danger or something unpleasant. You will intuitively know an unpleasant thing and will step out of harms way. This is not what we are discussing here. We are discussing with you this opportunity for optimistic growth for greater happiness and peace.

You desire happiness and peace. If you are not happy now and peaceful now, or at least not as happy or peaceful as you'd like to be, then open to the opportunity for change that is coming. Can you have a sense of this change?

Welcome it when you see it.

How to welcome it? Notice it with your full attention. Notice your sense of high alert and pay attention to that. This watchfulness is without distress, Dear One. It's like being a child and thinking you might have heard the ice cream truck! Is this for me?! Shall I get excited?! Shall I go get some "change" and decide what I might select this time? I could have this or that or the other thing. What delights me now?

This is the energy we bring to you. Be alert and get your "change" ready for a new delight!