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The Blessing of Connection

I was resting outside in my lawn chair a few minutes ago. I ran through a few tapping rounds utilizing the 5 Waterfalls of Light info. I tapped the heal of my hand and said, “I hereby move into the Waterfalls of Light.” I tapped over of the tapping points saying, “I step into Active Peace wherein I enjoy relaxed intensity.” I then tapped through the other tapping points saying, “I access Vitality by releasing efforting/anguishing about things I cannot change nor things I do not understand.” Then I did a round of tapping saying, “I notice Courage building as I get clearer and stronger.” Then, “I open myself to Expansive Awareness that allows me to be guided and become aware of that guidance.” Then, “I sense a renewed depth of Compassion for myself and for others as a result.” Then I just continued to rest in the lawn chair with my eyes closed expecting to fall asleep.

For some unknown reason, I opened my eyes.

Soaring right above me was a RED-TAILED HAWK!

The Red-Tailed Hawk is a spirit animal totem for me. I told Phil and he saw it too (so it was for real!)

I cannot tell you the gratitude that flowed from my heart at that moment! It was profound! I have not seen a hawk over our property since the construction started over 4 years ago. I occasionally will hear a hawk’s piercing cry as it hunts in the nearby fields for mice, but this is the first sighting in years.

Why did I open my eyes?

Why at that very moment did I see that hawk?

Was it because I had finished tapping the 5 Waterfalls of Light, I was feeling Peace, Vitality, Courage, Expanded Awareness and Compassion? I was, certainly, at that very moment, guided to open my eyes to receive the blessing of sighting my spirit animal.

The Red-Tailed Hawk symbolizes one who is aware of the interconnectedness of all things and holds a reverence for all life. It bestows the gift of vision and inspiration for guidance for others in their awakening. (adapted from Ted Andrews, Animal Speak)

I must admit, I had been feeling kinda low and feeling as if I wasn’t very connected. Apparently that connection was renewed BIG TIME!!!

We all could use renewal now and then. I’m so grateful I felt led to do some tapping. I’m so very grateful I responded to the sense to open my eyes. I’m so very grateful my connection was renewed in a big way!

How might you renew your own connection? There is no wrong way to reconnect. Tapping is just one way. Prayer is another (though I think the tapping that I was doing WAS a prayer!) Taking time to notice the bright things in one’s life. Even when we are down or feeling low, Spirit can and will bring to our attention bright things to brighten our day.

We often feel guilty for feeling down or low. That’s a part of that efforting/anguishing that we get to let go of. We can let go of shame and blame about our life’s journey and step up into a greater awareness of who we really are and how truly connected we can be. May your connection be blessed!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Finding your Sacred Self

We wish to convey to you how powerful you are.

We wish to convey to you how magnificent you are.

We wish to convey to you how precious you are.

We wish to convey to you how sacred you are.

As much as we might want to give you this information, it is your journey to discover these truths.

Do you not feel sacred? Precious? Magnificent? Powerful? Perhaps not - or at least not all the time. Then your journey of discovery is unfolding. There is much yet for you to learn and assimilate.

This is not to elevate you beyond another, for you each are sacred, precious, magnificent and powerful in your own way. Were you all the same there would be no need of self-descovery.

You can, however, see these elements in another and it will give you a glimpse of them in your own life. Take a quiet moment to look at one you admire. See these qualities? Notice how you also have these qualities in a different way. Without attempting to be someone you are not, you can allow your own energy to shine forth as a beacon of light.

This light is not merely for the beauty of it, but also for the power it yields to change the world ... change your world ... change how the world appears for you ... change how you appear in your world.

You are achieving much. Hold on to this hope and know that this achievement is happening because of the sacred, precious, magnificent power you hold within your awareness.

Do you have a sense of this? Keep looking. We see who you truly are and long for you to see this, too.

Peace in the Unfolding

My phone is wasting away. Its poor little battery gets hot when I go online. Its little screen is cracked. Alas, I must replace it.

NOOOOOOooooo!!! Not the new phone syndrome! Everything will change! I won’t be able to find anything at first.

Okay, so my phone is really old. It’s pretty pitiful. I knew this day would come. So, I have insurance on the phone and I get to have it replaced with a newer version for a deductible fee – a whole lot less than the $700 for a new phone. I’m good with that!

So, after sending several sets of documents in to the insurance company and babying the old phone, I’ll be ready for the new one. It took the agony of dealing with recharging the phone several times a day and turning off the mobile data for me to become willing to accept and even welcome change.

I think change is hard on all of us. We hold on to what we know even if it no longer serves us. (At least I don’t think I’m the only one who resists change!) Sometimes the Universe asks us to move forward into something new and wonderful and we resist because the act of changing feels difficult. The Universe then asks more loudly for us to shift and move into something beautiful and new. Do we jump into the new effortlessly?

NOPE! Not me, anyway. I like the familiarity of the old. My auto pilot functions just fine here. Gotta love that auto-pilot. . . no thinking, just automatically cruising along. Not really enjoying life, but not getting into difficulty either. Just hovering and getting the little tasks done that deem themselves necessary in our lives.

Eerk! Gotta pull myself up short on that one! Just cruising is fine if you are on a cruise ship. Just cruising mindlessly through life robs me of all the possible joy available in each moment.

Certainly, I don’t need to concentrate on every tooth while I’m brushing my teeth, auto-pilot can assist with that and free my brain to consider other things. Yet, without attentiveness, I may push too hard on the brush and do damage. Or, I may miss a spot that could lead to decay. Hmmm. Best be a bit mindful even of teeth brushing. So, how is brushing one’s teeth joyful? I have teeth! I get to keep them clean so they bless my smile! I get to . . . brush my teeth!

When I allow myself to move with the directives brought by the Universe, I move into a state of “get to.” I get to do whatever is in my heart to do, and I get to do that with joyful intent. I get to learn to utilize a new phone! I certainly hope only a limited number of swear words are necessary before I become an accomplished user of my new phone. If not swear words, at least I hope I’m saved from moments of exasperation and frustration. I get to be patient with myself as I learn to navigate the new system. I get to be intrigued by any new formatting.

Now, we wait for the new phone to arrive. I get to nurse the old phone just a little while longer and hope it stays alive long enough to transfer data over. I get to be okay with that, too.

I’ve created a new definition of patience – it is peace in the unfolding. I get to be at peace while this situation unfolds. I cannot rush it by becoming impatient. I cannot delay it by being stuck in the old pattern. I get to be in a holding pattern but without struggle or difficulty. At least in this moment. I may make a new choice in the next five minutes and become exasperated. Or, I may choose to be with this as it unfolds – neither dreading nor fretting.

We shall see . . . let’s hope I choose peace in the unfolding!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Filling the Heart

You've heard the call to follow your heart. However, before you follow your heart, it requires filling. An empty heart leads you no-where.

How does one fill one's heart?

Recognize the value, grace, and beauty in all things. Yes, even in difficulty, there is a secret beauty. Look for this! And in every simple task and every simple moment look for the beauty that resides there. Seek for the grace of the moment in each activity. Assign value to every aspect of your life.

Your judgment locks you into perceiving things as unfair, bad, or unworthy. Your judgment doesn't come from the heart. Notice this judgment and allow it to be without struggle. Then move your awareness into your willingness to perceive value, grace, and beauty.

With the willingness, these elements are more easily perceived. They abide whether you see them or not. Your perceptions tune in to access their presence.

So, too, you tune your perceptions to tune in to perceiving spiritual things - spiritual truths, spiritual beings, and spiritual steps in the journey. This tuning process begins with seeking and noticing value, grace, and beauty.

We define value as that which is helpful. Do you have thoughts that aren't helpful? Notice them and choose a different thought that does contain value. A thought like, "I can't do this," can be observed without accepting it as truth or the final word. Allowing a thought of value to sit beside this other thought disconnects the first thought from harming you, or blocking you, or stopping you. Like, "I don't know how, yet." and "I wonder who can assist me?" and "I wonder, is this mine to do?"

We define grace in two ways. Ease of movement - like a grace-filled dances who moves effortlessly across the dance floor. That effortless movement came with great effort! Training, practice require effort, but when accomplished, they beget grace-ful movements. Our other definition of grace holds the receiving of spiritual assistance. Unearned, and even can be unexpected perhaps, just that extra measure of help, right when you need it. Often the two definitions come together. When you release effort the grace comes and you move forward with ease.

Our definition of beauty holds the treasuring and appreciating life as it unfolds. You see the beauty of a flower easily. It is no less beautiful as a bud than in full bloom. It's possible to perceive each moment, each situation as it unfolds as beautiful. We realize it's much more difficult to perceive one's self unfolding as beautiful. Yet, by shifting into spiritual awareness and not through physical eyes, beauty is easily perceived. Even one's own beauty.

Fill you heart with these things, Dear One. This is how we see you.

The Source Of Change

A change is due.

Oh, no. Not again!

Change happens. Shift happens.

But, things are comfortable the way they are!

The winds of change are blowing.

Lumps of dough on a cookie sheet become cookies with just a little heat and a little time. Wet clothes become dry with just a push of a dryer button or with a clothesline, a little sunshine, and a gentle breeze. Day slips into night without any effort. Seasons flow effortlessly through their appointed rounds. Change happens effortlessly.

Jesus turned water into wine with the power of intent and through His Divine Authority. Are you not divine in spirit?

The struggle comes from lack of clarity of intent. Before there was cookie dough, there was intent to create cookies; the gathering and mixing of ingredients; the spooning of dough onto the cookie sheet; setting the oven; setting the timer and waiting. These steps require action, yet the amount of effort depends upon the amount of resistance or dread. Making cookies out of duty or obligation adds a heaping measure of resistance and effort! Making cookies out of willingness and joyful anticipation of sharing the result with loved ones creates delight, fun, and creativity.

The key then rests upon noticing the intent of any action taken. Am I responding to unexpressed expectations? (My own or someone else’s) Am I in auto pilot where I’ve cut off my spirit, my willingness, my intent, and my divine nature?

Am I pulling weeds because I hate weeds or because I love the sight of weed-free flowers blooming in the yard? Ok, so there may be a measure of satisfaction when a weed lets go with just the right amount of pulling on my part. Even so, what is the intent? Hate? Or satisfaction and joy? Which most easily gets me off the sofa and into the garden? Which offers sustainable energy to keep me motivated to finish?

What might you really prefer in your life? What intent underlies your life right now? Does resistance ever stop change from happening? Do expectations fill the soul? Right now, there is an underlying intent running in your life. Your life is the result of this

intent. Do you like what you are experiencing? Wonderful! Keep supporting that intent and flowing with that energy.

If life seems difficult right now, a change is due. If struggles bite at your heels, you know you are ready for a change.

Focus upon selecting a clear intent for this change. Create an “I Am” statement to support the journey. “I Am peaceful.” “I Am living abundantly.” “I Am supported and blessed.” “I Am blessed and am a blessing.” Be very clear with this broad intent.

The Universe then supports change in your behalf by bringing you insights and awareness for your next step for your journey as it unfolds effortlessly.

The winds of change are blowing. You are the source of change in your own life and for changes in the world.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Heart’s Song

We honor you on your journey thus far. You walk with Light in your heart and in your awareness. Only a few moments throughout the day do you allow fear, darkness, judgment and distress to enter. You are taking less time to move back out of those energies than you used to. We applaud you in this progress!

We draw your attention to your heart's desire or desires. You do not wish to be afraid, yet your fears diminish your willingness to look at your heart's desires. You do not wish to be distressed, yet your distress diminishes your ability to look at your heart's desires. You do not wish to be in judgment, yet your condemnation of others who are different than you, blocks your heart's desires from coming into your awareness.

Your desire to be awakened and wise becomes crowded out by the impulse to fall back into those old mental and emotional habits.

You've come so far! Let's take another step in the direction of power and joy. To do this, we ask that you take a moment . . . just a moment is all it takes . . . take a moment to consider what peace feels like.

Bring into your mind's eye the visual of a tiny bird within an outcropping of rock. See with your mind a storm raging beyond this cove of safety. It may not yet be time for this little bird to sing, yet, it weathers out the storm in peace.

Your awareness is this little bird. The rock outcrop is your faith - your understanding that there is more to this life than its struggles and that you have Divine Assistance, Divine Connection, and gentle, loving Divine Attention focused upon you right now.

In an instant, your awareness clicks back online and you operate from a different perspective. A perspective of purpose, joy, and abundance.

From this perspective, your heart's desires stand within reach. Step into their presence and their energy and they will materialize for you. Step back into fear and its ilk, and your heart's desire moves away from you.

This seems really hard, and yet it is as simple as the little bird sitting within its safe haven. Allow your mind to find peace - then your journey, its next level, and your heart's desire will be revealed.

Consider this . . . your heart's desire is the same as your soul's song. Moving into the safe haven of your faith, your song will awaken for you to sing. With this singing, your heart's desire shall fulfill itself.

We love to hear this song played out in your life

The Little Tree

We had some pretty stiff winds a while ago.

I got a call from Phil mid-morning asking me to go check on our new little tree. The tree is a tiny little thing. It is sprangly with branches at the top and a long narrow stem. It’s the same tree as the other huge Dawn Redwood that stands on the other side of our back yard. The older tree is huge and a lovely green that turns a beautiful rust color in the fall and loses its leaves/needles in the winter. My momma planted that tree. It’s really crowded between a blue spruce and the tulip tree. We bought a second tree and gave it plenty of room to grow.

This poor little sprout snapped in the wind. I nearly cried. I’m so glad Phil had the nudge to call me when he did! It appeared to have just happened and the stem and leaves were still green.

Well, I propped the little thing up; taped its broken stem, and gave it a good watering and a healing. It withstood the rest of the windstorm.

Now, it’s turning that rust color. That means to me that the little thing isn’t getting sufficient sap to the top. I’m still hoping that the stem will grow around the wound and heal sufficiently to get the sap going.

Fortunately, we’ve had mild weather and some rain, so this little guy isn’t stressed too badly. High heat would be the death of it, I’m sure.

There is a tiny bit of a green branch growing from the bottom of the stem. If the top doesn’t make it, the bottom has a great chance of making it. I’m still in high hopes of the main stem healing and creating a big beautiful tree.

Time will tell.

So it is with a lot of things, isn’t it? Time will tell.

We do our best to heal our own wounds and we still aren’t sure we will ever be okay. We do our best to heal wounded relationships and we still aren’t sure those will ever be okay.

We do our best.

We mend and make amends. We pray for the right conditions for things to heal and get better. Then we wait. We watch and wait. I’ve visited that little tree just about every day. I walk up the hill to the back end of the property with mixed feelings of hope and dread. I walk down the hill will gratitude that it’s still here another day, accepting that uncertainty is a part of the process.

Whatever you are waiting on – your own healing or the healing of a friendship or a situation, we wait and we watch. We do our part and allow ourselves a measure of gratitude and a heaping helping of uncertainty.

We check in and step back. The hardest part is allowing things to be as they are. I knew I could have staked that little thing earlier. But, alas, it is what it is. And I can only do what I can only do in this moment.

We do what we can and we allow space for Divine Source to do the real work. We engender hope and trust and keep the faith.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Words Create Opportunity

Gateways, doorways, bridges, stepping stones, highways, trails, paths, stairways - all describe an aspect or detail of a journey.

In some journeys, only stepping stones can get you from one trail to another over a stream. Sometimes, one opens the door and steps through the doorway into a whole new adventure.

These verbal descriptors grant you mental access to what lies ahead.

Where are you right now?

Where would you like to go or what would you prefer to be doing?

What seems to be blocking you?

Do you feel blocked by lack of knowledge or a limited understanding of where you'd like to be? Stepping stones take you from one new idea to the next which will lead you to your destination or to the trail head of the next phase of the journey.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Creating a bridge over the overload will assist you. Build that bridge out of connections with others who can and will assist. Anchor that bridge with clarity of knowing what is your part, and what part(s) belong to others. Waters of obligation often are the basis of feeling overwhelmed. Are you really obligated or do you feel the need to control or over think, over share, and over give?

Do you feel shut out? Create a doorway of opportunity for yourself by creating connections that really matter. Other's opinions or other's judgments may feel important, yet they hold relatively little value in authentic living. Once you create the doorway, you can choose to walk through it or not.

Use your words creatively. They hold great power over the mind and your reality.

As you form your stepping stones, bridges and doorways, remember - we walk with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – From Irritation To Bliss

When you find the world bringing irritation into your awareness, give this your full attention.

This is not to say give in to the temptation to become irritated or irritable or angry. Rather, use this moment as an insight for your greater understanding and spiritual growth into peace and harmony.

By noticing an irritation, you move beyond the annoyance and into a state of mind of open curiosity. This open curiosity has much to teach you, once you become willing to listen.

What your open curiosity wants you to hear and know is this ... something is amiss. Someone cut you off in traffic? That person has lost a sense of boundaries - physically and emotionally. Perhaps their boss has expectations beyond the actual job requirements. Perhaps a family member restricts their thinking by using judgments and emotional blackmail. Rather than resorting to annoyance, find gratitude for the solace of your own family and the worthy work in which you do. If your family and your work also diminishes your boundaries, yet you do not act out behind the wheel, then honor yourself. This blesses without diminishing self or another.

Whatever your irritation, notice self. This self-awareness allows you to move into a sacred state of being that transcends life's irritations.

From our perspective, life's irritations signifies life itself. Humans are not quite ready for full-time bliss! Their hearts are filled with doubt and mistrust which blocks bliss. Moving into a higher state of awareness allows bliss to filter into even the most irritating of circumstances. Once bliss establishes a foothold, it strengthens and blesses deeply.

From this foothold of bliss, creativity and joy emerge.

Not finding time for creative activities or joy-filled moments? Double check the irritations. Use this attentiveness to open the possibility for bliss to awaken within. It's already there. It is your rightful state of being!

As you notice the irritations from the space of Sacred Observer, you open your heart space to healing old wounds and trusting new experiences. Bliss reveals itself.

We take great delight in seeing this shift within you!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Renewal

Even now as we speak, your cells are renewing themselves. This is beyond your direct control. This happens without your direct attention.

In this renewing process, your intent and your will do create a response within this renewing process. Fill your body with poor nutrition along with hate and judgment and your body's own renewal process is slowed. Conversely, feed your body with nutritious foods and bless your awareness with kindness and compassionate thoughts and your body heals faster and renews itself better.

Yet, those negative thoughts pester your every waking moment, do they not?

It blesses you to return your awareness to kindness and compassion each time it wanders after the negativity. It's as if it is a siren's song calling you off your path. The end leads to destruction, yet the negative call beckons relentlessly.

Arm yourself, Dear One! Find a key phrase that you can install in your awareness that brings you out of that negativity quickly. Yes, you may find yourself there more often than not, yet you need not stay there unarmed and helpless. Here is the truth, Dear One . . . often negativity calls deeply to the soul because the soul has a destiny to right the wrong or heal the wound in one's self or others. Listen to hear if you are being called to action. If not, flee the trap immediately!

Being called to action yields positive action within a negative space. Light banishes darkness. Shine forth and do good.

Listen carefully. Is the negativity that beckons you calling you to abandon hope and joy to wallow in the suffering? Or is the negativity calling you to make changes within yourself and within your environment?

Trust your heart-of-hearts to provide you with the truth of it. Within this Truth, Divine Source assists the renewal of your body, mind, and spirit.

We assist you in this process.