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The Art of Allow

So, I did a silly thing.  I cleaned my side table next to my chair in the family room.  Okay, well, that’s not the silly thing.  It was ready to create an avalanche and send books and papers everywhere.  So, I went through each piece of paper and discarded some and filed others.  When I was done you could actually see the wooden top of the table.  It was wonderful to see that again!

Here’s the silly thing.  On the table was a book that I had been reading, but lost interest in.  I moved it somewhere.  I had forgotten that I’d placed an unused gift certificate in it as a bookmark.  Now I cannot find the book. And, alas, I cannot find the gift certificate I decided to use today.  Sheesh!

Not many places a book could be – I checked the bookshelf.  Two other books I was reading are there . . . . not this one.  By the bed?  Nope.  In the front room?  Nope.

So, I wait for it to reappear as these things do – eventually.  I’ll keep an eye out.  I’ve obviously placed it somewhere where it won’t get lost.  Often if I release it and let it go, it will magically appear and I’ll be so surprised to see it.

So it is with disappointments.  I thought I wanted that.  Then I didn’t.  No, wait!  I really did want that!  Not it’s not here.  It’s gone and I’m upset.

Yet, I can apply the same technique and let it go.  When the time is right and I’m ready for it a new and better situation/thing will appear. 

It’s hard to trust the process, because I feel I should be able to make it happen right now!!!  Praying about it and letting it go seems, well, not very proactive.  My should-er thinks I should do something!  When my heart knows it is blessed by waiting.

Wait feels like a 4-letter work.  Well, it is, but it need not be a curse.  I can let things take their own time.  That timing seems to be much better anyway.  The key is letting go with an open heart.  My want hangs on.  My open heart allows. 

I get to remind myself over and over to allow.  I’ll keep you posted.  Maybe I’ll find that book sooner rather than later.  We shall see.  I will allow the book to be where it is and allow myself space in which to reclaim it.   Even though I want it right now!

Allow is an art form unfolding with each new moment.  I hereby allow the book and gift certificate to reveal themselves to me in the time in which is right for me. 

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Follow Your Heart

We encourage you to follow your heart.

Yet, you seem not yet able to hear your heart when it speaks to you. It speaks often. Certainly, you listen when you are distressed and need guidance and answers. Yet, the heart-of-hearts that is connected with The Living Light of Love sends messages to you at all times.

These are messages of confirmation that you are on the right path. When you miss these messages, you find yourself filled with doubt. These messages nudge you in a different direction. When you miss these messages, you find yourself second guessing yourself. These are messages of love and compassion for yourself and others. When you miss these messages, you find yourself filled with judgment. These messages are filled with joy and peace. When you miss them, you find yourself filled with worry and fear.

Each person's heart-of-heart's speaks to them in a unique way. Perhaps it is an emotional feeling, perhaps it is a brighter awareness, perhaps it is a strengthening that one might feel.

We encourage you to discover this unique communication between your heart-of-hearts, Divine Source, and your awakening awareness.

Take a moment right now to find your inner center. It may feel like nothing. This sort of emptiness isn't empty. It may feel peaceful or at ease. Just look to see what you experience as you bring your awareness and attention to your inner center.

Once found or at least you think so, mention an action you'd like to take. Do you still feel the expansive emptiness? Do you still feel peaceful or at ease? Then you are being encouraged to move forward with that action. If you experienced a locked down or heavy feeling or something pulled your attention away just in that moment, your heart-of-hearts has a different preference for you. Ask again with a new intent for action. And perhaps ask again. When the expansive awareness returns, this intent for action has stronger energy for you.

Your heart-of-hearts communicates with you in this way all day long. However, if filled with doubt or judgment or other negative emotional responses to your world, you cannot hear your heart-of-hearts.

It's much easier to hear the "should's" the mind tells you to do. Taking time to hear your heart-of-hearts with this expansive awareness will be far more rewarding.

We walk with you as you discover your own heart-of-heart's communication.

Today and Tomorrow

When I woke up this morning, I felt a bit glum.  No real motivation to get moving.  I did anyway.  Clean sheets on the bed and yes, Delilah is learning how to get down off the bed when told and stays down!  It’s so much easier to make the bed without a critter in it.  Kitties are great for “helping” make the bed, too.  

After a bit, Phil and I took Lilah for a walk.  One park was closed, so we headed to the Columbia River.  We went to the boat dock near Sage Port Grille and found a back road near the river.  Lots of little spots where people could pull their cars in to do some fishing.  No fishing happening, so we went in and out of those shady areas.  We were surprised – pleasantly – that Lilah was very well behaved.  In one turnout, we let her get into the water.  She splashed around and ran in and out of the water.  She ventured out a bit far and practiced her dog-paddle with great success.  

Once we got home, Phil worked on the sprinklers to get them going.  As the water came on, Lilah ran up to each sprinkler and bit at the water.  She ran from sprinkler to sprinkler like a little kid.  She was soaked again!  She only ran into the house soaking wet with dirty feet once when I turned my back for a second.  Of course I had just vacuumed and mopped the day before.  She ran back outside for more sprinkler runs and kept it up as each new section activated.  

We dried her off and fed her and yup – back out for more!  Eventually, the sprinklers went off and she got a final toweling off.  Now, she’s sleeping next to the computer as I write.  Dog Tired I believe is the term.

Her exuberance teaches me a great deal.  It was an ordinary day, until it wasn’t.  We tried a new walking path and we all enjoyed it.  She explored something new and she enjoyed it.  She ran and splashed and we found great joy in watching her have fun.

When we view the world as same-ol’ same-ol’ we lose our spark of interest.  When we try something new we become encouraged or inspired or uplifted.  Watching someone or something else enjoy life opens channels of energy for joy.  

It’s so easy to treat each day just like the last, yet it is NOT!  Each day is a fresh moment of inspiration if we allow ourselves to find it.  You may not have a silly puppy to dance in the water, but life offers up joy at every turn if we just look for it.  I wasn’t really in the mood to look for joy and yet, joy showed up anyway!  I allowed myself to laugh and I allowed myself to relax into the joyful exuberance of a puppy.  

Armed with this super power of allow, I can find new joy tomorrow.  Tomorrow is a bright option.  It wasn’t this morning, but now – the hope of tomorrow brightens my heart even now.  I hope you can feel it and take it on in your life, too.

Together we can find joy in unexpected things!  May your day be blessed and your tomorrow an inspiration!

Manifesting or Struggling?

So, Phil and I have been working a lot in the yard lately.  Pulling weeds.  Planting flowers.  Cleaning up brush.  We planted a tree today.  Another Dawn Redwood.  It was the craziest thing!  We had gotten a tiny little sapling from a mail order place a year ago.  That tiny little thing snapped off in one of our big spring winds, but had a tiny little twig of green, so we nurtured it and let it grow.  Well, this year, it’s still just this tiny little thing. 

So, out of the blue yesterday, Phil called a couple of nurseries to see if they could get us a bigger one.  Surprise!  One nursery had a good size one – 6’!!  Bought it this morning and planted it this afternoon! 

Funny how things just fall into pace when it’s meant to be.  So how does one know when it’s a meant to be thing that just is taking time to manifest or when it’s just not happening?

That’s a really good question.

Sometimes, when things are meant to be, we have changing to do.  We have growing to do.  We are not yet ready for the new thing to arrive.  Sometimes the new thing is not ready – maybe the tree had not yet been delivered from their grower.  Maybe the new career we are looking for hasn’t materialized yet.  Maybe we are in line to get some additional training.

There is no single simple answer to this question. 

However, I can suggest this.  If it’s really meant to be, it won’t let you go.  Not like an obsession that we get stuck in a mental loop and cannot break free.  No.  But rather, it will keep coming up even when you let it go.

When Phil was in sales many years ago, he attempted to shift into banking.  Every time he had an interview or put his resume out for that sort of position, he’d go through all the hoops and every time he was let down.  Just wasn’t happening.  He really WANTED that position.  (Why, I’ll never figure that one out – Phil stuck at a desk from 9am – 5 pm?  That would never work!  Lol)  When he finally decided to get back into insurance, he made one phone call and created a partnership that has lasted all these years. 

Phil was stuck on banking and wouldn’t let it go and it kept letting him down.  When he remembered that he had been in insurance for a brief time before going into the military and liked it, BOOM!  Landed a partnership that has blessed him (and our family) greatly.

See the slight difference there?  He wanted one thing, but that didn’t happen.  He remembered liking another thing and BOOM it happened.

Is what you’re working for what you think you want or something that brings you joy?  Is what your striving for something that sounds positive or something that feels right? 

Because the difference is subtle, it requires being with it for a bit.  It requires noticing on a whole different level. 

For me, I had to work at it.  When I decided to step out of the corporate world and into self-employment, I had a desk-top publishing business (this was before anyone could do their own desktop publishing stuff for themselves) and I was starting my Psychic business. 

At first, I lost all my previous clients – ones I’d done psychic readings for free.  They didn’t want to pay for something that I had been giving to them.  I didn’t begrudge them this.  I learned a lot through those free readings, so it was on the job training in actuality.  It took me two years to create a new client base - a paying client base that completely covered my expenses (I had a small office and produced a monthly newsletter that had to be printed those days).  At the same time, my desktop publishing business was dwindling.  I was still marketing both, but the reality was, my heart was totally into the psychic readings and not so much into the desktop publishing and the Universe responded to where my heart was fullest and opened those doors more for me. 

To be honest, I probably should have given up my psychic business during those two years.  It was really slow-go at first.  I should have been discouraged.  I should have felt defeated.  Any normal person would have quit.  But, I just couldn’t!  My heart was in it.  When a client walked away with insights to move forward, my heart was gladdened and strengthened enough to work harder.  When I made a connection with the Other Side for someone who was grieving deeply and they found peace, my heart sang!  I tightened up on my expenses and did more low-cost group sessions to expand my client base. 

Eventually, it worked. 

Sometimes, we get the BOOM!  Here it is! Response to our goals and dreams.  Sometimes, we work against great odds to get there.

If you are struggling to see a dream manifest, really look into your own heart.  Ask yourself what is the feeling this grants me.  The ego wants recognition and position.  The heart wants fulfillment and to be a blessing.  The Universe/God hears the heart.  What is your heart telling the Universe?  What is your heart’s desire?  Follow that.  It will lead you in your true journey.

May your journey be richly blessed!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Three Locations Spiritual Process to Peace

We feel your dismay. We understand. We hold you and uplift you. Can you have a sense of this?

To sense this more fully, allow yourself to notice only the bottoms of your feet, your HeartSpace, and your crown chakra. It does not matter where you place your awareness first. Just notice one of these three locations and be within that space for a few breaths then add another of these locations for a few breaths and then add the third location for a few breaths. You will be aware of all three locations at the same time or you may shift from one to the next. Either way works.

Either way allows you access to a different kind of sensing. This new way of sensing allows you to be in the world, but not drowned by its sorrow or despair. It allows you to be without doing. It allows you to know without searching. It allows you a clearer perception of the ethereal realms.
Actually, a part of you exists within the ethereal realms at all times. This grants you access to that aspect of yourself - the eternal part of yourself. The awakened part of yourself that is unburdened by the sorrow of the world. It sees, knows, experiences only love, compassion, and peace.

Peace is the gateway experience of the ethereal realms. When you discover peace, your compassion for humanity skyrockets and your love for self, others, All That Is, and every created thing expands beyond comprehension. Do you have a sense of this?

If you do not have a sense of this, try the 3 locations process we described above and just notice your experience of this. Peace will be within your first awareness. Once touched, this Peace goes with you. It can be forgotten or dismissed and can be just as easily re-activated.

When you sense Peace, look for us. We are here, waiting for your awareness.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Perceiving then Receiving Loving Energy

Love surrounds you and love guides you now. Can you stop for a moment and allow yourself to sense this energy? It will feel warm, calm, peaceful and knowing.

You may have other energy in your being right now. You may be carrying sorrow or fear or anxiety. Those energies make this loving energy seem distant and odd, yet it is there and it is very real. Open your heart space and expand your awareness to sense beyond the physical. Once perceived by the awareness, it becomes real to the physical senses as well.

Notice outward from your body with open curiosity. You will "bump into" an energy field that feels warm, calm, peaceful and knowing. Once you "bump into" this energy, you can invite it to harmonize your energy field to balance within it's range of vibration. This will feel like your body becoming relaxed and your mind becoming at ease. Can you imagine this? Can you sense this? Can you then feel this?

We say this in this order because the imagination is more than just your imagination. The imagination taps you into the place of ultimate creativity and/or creation. Once you envision something, you have a greater chance of bringing it into being into the physical world. This is because the Universe (Divine Source) responds to your heart-felt imaginings and co-creates with you the circumstances and opportunities to manifest the essence of your heart-felt imaginings. That's why sometimes what comes to you is far better than you could even imagine! The energy of your heart-felt imaginings is the beginning place of manifesting.

You may not know what warm, calm, peaceful and knowing feels like. Perhaps your life has been filled with chaos and trauma . . . perhaps right now your life is filled with chaos and trauma. Chaos and trauma imagine far different things than warm, calm, peaceful and knowing. This is why we ask you to stop for a moment and then sense for this loving energy.

It's there for you! Notice and become aware. Once you "bump into" this energy, it can and will draw closer to you if you are willing. You may feel that giving up the chaos and trauma will leave you vulnerable. This is untrue. Giving up chaos and trauma will leave you warm, calm, peaceful and knowing. You will be able to respond to your life in powerful and self-supporting ways with this expanded awareness.

Reach for it!

Out of great love and great respect for you, we are handing this loving energy to you now

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Sacred Path

You walk a sacred path. A path that is sacred to you. Others may not notice nor appreciate its sacredness. At the same time, you may not notice nor appreciate the path that is sacred to them.

The goal is to journey toward ascension rather than attaining approval. Like-minds may find joy and comfort from you as you walk your sacred path. Those of differing intent may feel disconcerted by your journey. Allow them to be where they are. Their path is not yours to walk and neither is your path theirs to approve or disapprove.

With this said, we encourage you to find like-minds. This grants you encouragement along the way. The ascension path offers inspiration and creativity. Having encouragement grants a greater flow of this inspiration and creativity from Source to you and through you into your actions.

You may feel as if you are a rose bush that has been transplanted out of the shade and into the sun. A rose cannot bloom in the shade, yet it yields abundant flowers as it stands in the sun. You cannot thrive and bloom without access to the inspiration and creativity you desire/require.

It may feel safe in the shade because you are used to it. Your roots may be disturbed once you transplant yourself into a new environment . . . this may require time for you to establish yourself in your new community. Allow yourself this time. Allow the sun to warm you as you set your roots deeply into your new haven. Friendships will happen. Joy will come. Inspiration will flow.

You have no idea how empowered your life will become - is becoming: for some reading this have already endured the transplantation process and are thriving within the flow of creativity and inspiration. Lean further into this process of transplantation and allow yourself to take root and receive blessings. Love flows to you now.

We join you in this flow.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Faith-Walk

You were created for times such as these. Not created to suffer, but to be of service. Not created to be fearful, but to share courage.

What better time to shine than when others experience darkness?!

Your path of joy guides you without wavering! That joy remains! Look for it with the eyes of light rather than the distortion of darkness.

You have learned great teachings from great masters. Bring those teachings into action! The Light within burns brightly when you allow it to shine through your awareness of these teachings. Others see only fear, yet you perceive Truth.

You know more than you think you know. In this knowing there is power and grace. As one walks in grace, there is no stumbling - only blessings. Blessings for yourself and blessings for others.

We commend you as you walk in faith. We uplift you in this faith-walk.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Reclaiming Your Power

We are with you as you reclaim your power.

You hesitate because you fear someone will attempt to take it away from you again either through force or manipulation. Your fear would have been accurate in the past, yet, you've changed. You've grown. You've been on a path of self-discovery and the discoveries made so far preclude you from falling victim again.

This is to say that perhaps another person may physically have more power over your physical being. This is to say that perhaps another person may have power over your work as you may still be in the role of employee and civil laws govern your life still.

What this does say, is that your sense of your own power has shifted. You no longer strive for the kind of power that comes by force or manipulation (guilt, shame, fear - which is a dark form of force). Rather, you stand connected to Divine Source, empowered by your own expanded awareness. This expanded awareness allows you the experience of walking your sacred path with strength and honor - which in turn brings you joy.

This also grants you the ability to speak your truth with the power of Grace. You may choose to decline a suggestion from a friend or family member. You may choose to proceed in a different direction than others expect. You may choose to move beyond preconceived concepts and into a greater level of wisdom found within the heart-space and within this expanded awareness.

In this process, ask for Divine Assistance and it will be given. You have learned - and are learning still - the techniques for connecting in and receiving this information, insight, and guidance that is so freely offered to you. Keep seeking the connection of Love and Joy that brings these insights to you.

Should you find yourself in a place where you don't feel as if you are receiving any guidance, be still, be calm, notice your life with deep gratitude. Then, insights will flow.

We have more to say on this, but for now, remember gratitude is the key to connection to Divine Love. Love is the key to expanded awareness. Expanded Awareness is the key to an empowered life of Joy and Abundance.

We walk with you as you reclaim this ascension power.

Messages From The Ancients Ones – Technique for Sensing Energy

Channels of light and energy open for you at this time. You may feel all blocked up, yet the doorways open. Your feeling self may not be able to notice nor comprehend this flow of energy. Not to worry. We will show you have to move beyond your feeling self and into your sensing self. The sensing self finds itself fully aware of this open channel and the flow of energy.

It is easy to confuse the feeling self with the sensing self since sometimes the senses reflect a common experience. However, the feeling self emanates from within and the sensing self utilizes and inward awareness to notice outside energies.

Let us say this again in a different way. One can feel sad because of an experience that generated sadness within the human form. One senses an experience with expansive awareness and "knows" the energy of the experience within their ring-true core of their self. Some people feel this ring-true in their heart-space. Some feel this ring-true in their guts. Some feel this ring-true in their mind. So, if a friend moves away and you feel sad, that's a feeling. Your sensing self, will recognize the sad, but will also notice that this move is the best thing for the friend - an opportunity for greatness and can also sense peace and joy within the feeling of sadness.

Your feelings may be telling you to worry or fret or stress. Yet, moving into expanded awareness, you may also be sensing the opening of this door and the flow of energy.

Allow us to assist you with this. Take a moment. Take a breath. Open your expanded awareness to "more" . . .

Did you feel that shift? Did you find yourself experiencing more that the negative feelings you HAD been feeling? This is the doorway experience! This is tapping into the flow!

The energy is here for you! The door is already open. The energy is already flowing to you! You access it effortlessly with a different part of your being than the feeling self. And when you do, your feeling self can experience this energy, too! It will give you the feedback you long to receive. Just don't look for the feedback first within your feeling self. It's not there.

Reach out with your expanded awareness and once you open in this way, you experience the open doorway and you receive this flow of energy and THEN you can feel it. Your feeling self will respond to this awakened awareness and you will feel uplifted, blessed, empowered, joyful and amazed!

Your feeling self may feel a tiny tingle or it may feel a flood of energy. Allow whatever you experience to be what you experience. Reach out with your expanded awareness again and again. The feeling feedback will get stronger and easier to perceive.

It is our delight to help you perceive this open door and the flow of energy. We continue to assist you in this.