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Messages From The Ancient Ones – Escaping the Trap

You may feel as if you are experiencing emotional upheaval or emotional shut down. You may feel distanced or disconnected, or overconnected and overconcerned.

These feelings set a trap for you. Certainly, it is normal to feel these feelings, yet, normal is not the optimal nor is it the desired result. Once the sneaky trap has been sprung, it may prove to be difficult or nearly impossible to escape, yet escape you must. Escape from entrapment is your calling. You are being called to freedom and to joy. Neither of these things (nor a multitude of other blessings) can be found within the trap.

The challenge of the sprung trap is that is seems impossible to escape. It also feels a bit, well, justified and therefore comfortable. As if one deserves to feel this earned misery.

Life has many obstacles, suffering and difficulty underlie all those things. Yet, misery need not accompany that. Hardships can be met with joy. Ailments can me met with trust and hope. Loss can me met with release.

The key to the trap is not within the feeling itself, but rather in the awareness of the feeling. Noticing and becoming aware with expanded awareness allows the feeling to exist outside of your physical experience. Let us say this differently. Outside of your awareness of your feeling, there exists other feelings at the same time. They are already here. Expanding one’s awareness allows other feelings to surface and be reclaimed.

You may wish to remind yourself of a memory of a happier time. The "you" that is already free knows these feelings and can remember them into this moment. Now, you can accept these feelings and identify things in this present moment that fit this feeling and lock it in.

You may wish to step outside and notice a tree or the rocks or dirt nearby. Their endurance through the years, and even ages, reminds you that you exist beyond this momentary situation. Even if the situation that distresses you continues, you can identify the parts of your awareness that are untouched by the circumstance. Compassion remains untouched no matter the circumstances. Peace remains within any situation as does joy, love, and purposefulness.

Your purpose on planet Earth remains active within any circumstance. Don't know what your purpose is? It certainly is not to feel misery. The physical form will feel pain. The emotional self will feel emotional pain. Yet your purpose exists beyond any physical circumstance that generates an unpleasant feeling. Knowing this will help your destiny to find you.

Yes, your feelings are real. Your feelings are probably justified. Your feelings are probably just trying to keep you from safe from additional harm. Yet, your feelings are not the sum total of who you are.

You are Amazing! You are Light! You are Love! You are Brilliant! Your life matters a great deal to us. Let the real you shine through any circumstance you face.

We see your brilliance and are amazed! We walk with you as you re-discover your true self.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A Sacred Connection

The energy you seek is already here.

The love you seek is already here.

The light you seek is already here.

The joy you seek is already here.

The grace you seek is already here.

The abundance you seek is already here.

The power you seek is already here.

The key is accessing this energy, love, light, joy, grace, abundance and power that is already here. You are already touching it. Do you have a sense of this? By just noticing that you are seeking it, it appears in your awareness.

Notice this again. Reach out with your awareness to sense these qualities you seek. You can sense power and abundance can you not? Even if you do not own this in your own perceptions as yet. You can sense grace, joy, light and love can you not? Even if you feel as if these qualities are not yet yours. This is one level of awareness.

There are two levels of this awareness. The second level and more powerful level is found within your heart-of-hearts. This level is already connected to the Infinite Source of that which you seek. Your heart-of-hearts contains a link to this level.

Now look inward. Look within your heart-of-hearts. Notice the connection link to Divine Source abides here. When you pray you access this connection link. When you meditate, you access this connection link. When you serve with love, you access this connection link. When you create, you access this connection link. Remember how it feels to lose track of time when you are involved thusly? Remember how it feels blissful? Remember how it feels, well, powerful beyond your own will and intent? This is because you are accessing a Power Greater Than Yourself - you are floating within God-space in those moments.

Now, bring to remembrance a time when you were beyond time. By remembering, you bring yourself back into that sacred connection once again. Notice how it feels and where it feels within your being. Perhaps your heart. Perhaps your core. Perhaps your mind. Perhaps your whole being. Notice this.

Now request this sacred connection be amplified. You will feel your whole being open up further into this sacred connection. As you open up further, more power, abundance, grace, joy, light, love and energy flow into you. You may even experience goose bumps just reading this. If you are actually processing this as your are reading, you will feel the amplification of these qualities immediately.

This is just touching the surface of what is available to you. Once you access this - and it may take a bit of practice to step out of worry, fear and lack and into this sacred connection - this can be further amplified by requesting it to be amplifies and allowing it to do so.

The result will be discovery. You will discover new avenues of abundance. You will access power for healing and blessing self and others. You will be amazed at the level of grace gifted to you. You will access a whole new level of joy, light and love as well as access to a higher vibration of energy.

What will you do with this energy? You will be led to be of greater service once you claim the love, light, and joy that is already yours to claim. You will be blessed with honor, peace, and insight once you claim the grace, abundance, and power that is already yours to claim.

Are you ready to receive this? Allow yourself the opportunity to seek and find and you will be blessed beyond your imagination.

We take great joy in helping you in this journey. Blessings to you, Dear One.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Eyes of Your Heart-of-Hearts

Your awakened self now experiences life with new perceptions, expanded awareness, and new vision. This vision is not only the sacred perceptions of the future you are calling into existence, this vision also clears your perceptions of life around you. You are now seeing with the eyes of your heart-of-hearts along with your physical eyes.

Two people can see totally different details of the same experience based on each mindset and each perspective. With the eyes of your heart-of-hearts, you see as God sees - you see with Divine Perspective. This is not the eyes of judgment. No. Rather this is the perception of light, love, and beauty. Your heart-of-hearts perceives these qualities even in people you personally don't like. Your heart-of-hearts perceives these qualities even in situations that you don't like.

Your eyes of the heart-of-hearts tunes in beyond the physical seeing and the physical knowing and discovers a whole new layer of awareness and insight. You can see the spark of light (how ever dim it might be) within these people and situations. It is these perceptions that allow even more light to enter those beings - those arenas.

As you awaken the eyes of your heart-of-hearts, you more and more perceive the beauty around you.

Take a moment and notice where you are now. Now close your eyes for a moment and tune in to your heart-of-hearts . . . you will recognize it when peace settles over your awareness. Now open your eyes and "see" what your heart-of-hearts would like you to perceive in this moment. Experience the Light, Love, and Beauty that your heart-of-hearts perceives. Sense it with your whole body.

Now turn this noticing towards yourself. View yourself from this sacred perspective. What do you see? Break through your old patterns of judgment of yourself and notice the Light, Love, and Beauty that resides here.

We see it. We see your Light, Love, and Beauty.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A Path of Honor

For now, in this moment, you are more powerful than you know. Past experiences have attempted to teach you that you are unworthy or you are not supported. That may have been true for you then. Is it true for you now?

Take a new look at your perceptions about your self. Your true self. Your true self senses a level of support and blessings on a whole new level. Do you have a sense of this? This support doesn't do the work for you, nor does it shelter you from your journey. Rather, this support allows you the power of choice in this moment to honor your self and thereby take action that supports your true self.

Let us say this another way: When you honor your self, the Universe honors you. When you fall prey to fear and self loathing, the Universe lovingly waits for your awareness to return.

Let us say this another way. When you do what is uplifting to you, Divine Source, the Angelic Realms, and those of us who comprise the Ancient Ones, uplift you and assist you with serendipitous moments of grace and bliss. When you deny your divine nature, we simply wait with loving attention until your awareness clears. At that moment we cheer and search for ways to uplift you, support you, care for you, and assist your journey.

How does one honor one's self? Pay attention to your heart-of-hearts and take action accordingly. If your heart's not in an action you feel necessary, look again with your heart-of-hearts. Either find worth in the action or refrain from it. Do not confuse your emotions in this choice. Your emotions may feel whiny and irritated because they may only be looking for glory or instant gratification. Look again with the part of you that knows honor. This part of you finds joy and blessings even in the most mundane of activities.

It is within this threshold of honor that we walk with you. Rather, we (and all the heavenly realms) rejoice with you when you allow our presence to attend your actions. We hope you feel this support as you walk your path of honor this moment, this day, this lifetime.

We walk with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Seeking the Like-Minded Ones

You, Dear One, are awakening more fully to the Light. In this awakening, you find yourself standing without fear. Well, without so much fear. At the beginning of your awakening, the darkness was so familiar that the Light brought trepidation and fear to your awareness. Now that you've experienced more and more of the Light and your Divine Connection, the Light now feels familiar and you welcome it.

Even so, this Light requires different things from you than the darkness required. The darkness required you to hide your feelings and to hide any wrongdoing or even any difficulty. The darkness required a brave face and a shrouded life.

Not so with Light. The Light asks you to be true to your heart-of-hearts. Sounds frightening on the surface! The key here is connecting with others who allow this truth to run free. The Light asks you to share who you are with grace and honor. This, too, generates trepidation. This fear comes from your interactions with those who take only - and neither appreciate nor value this gift. The key here is also connecting with those who acknowledge and bless your gifts. (This is not to say do not share unless you get something back - there are times and situations for giving without any thought to these things. We are speaking to you sharing your true self - not sharing your physical bounty because you can.)

The key to being true to your heart-of-hearts and to the sharing of your true self becomes your community. Certainly, you can be true and share that truth anytime, yet to grow and flourish choose whom you allow in your presence.

Sometimes families set roles and rules for family acceptance. This may not fit for sharing your Light on a deep soul level. Certainly, share your Light with family!!! This means, let them see the joy and the peace you contain. Hold your own council if your family rejects or criticized your spiritual path.

We sincerely hope that you quickly discover others of like-minds that can hear and honor your heart-of-hearts. If your world is currently devoid of these friendships, know that your energy, your connection to The Light, draws these people to you. Discern who is worthy of this Light. We will assist you as you seek like-minded beings of Light.

Seek and you will find. Seek and you will be found and blessed.

We walk with you in this blessed journey.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Doors of Light

Through the darkness, a door opens into the Light.

There exist many doors . . . Doors of Light that bring one into the physical plane through birth. Doors of Light that bring one through trials and challenges. Doors of Light that bring one from the physical plane into the ethereal realms at the conclusion of life.

Each door seems foreboding. Each door a passageway into the unknown. You watch as others cross through these doorways as you welcome little ones as they birth their new existence. You observe others pass through trials and challenges you cannot hope to understand. You, yourself notice your own trials and challenges as doorways into the unknown. And in time, we witness the passing of loved ones as they transition through the doorway of physical into spiritual.

Are the doors dark and as foreboding as they seem? No. The change feels overwhelming. The darkness of not knowing tries to hide the Light from our awareness.

Though one may not know what lies beyond the doorway, one's faith fills the doorway with Light. The unseen cannot be seen, yet the Light of Love is visible! Sometimes the Light brightens the way so intensely that only the next step can be seen.

Honor your need to know. Honor your wish to understand. Honor your desire to be prepared. Yet, know that all the preparation in the world may not grant you the vision required to see your lighted path. Only eyes of Light may see what lies ahead. Only the enlightened heart-of-hearts can view the Light-flooded plain beyond the doorway.

How to navigate this Light-door and the Light-flooded plain? Awaken your senses to perceive Light on a new level. This new level of Light-viewing asks that you take your eyes off the darkness around you and view Divine Source and Divine Connection instead. You are called away from the darkness of fear and sorrow and into the Light-Path.

Your eyes shall become accustomed to this Light and your vision will sharpen. You will see how you can be of service rather than seeing the darkness. You will see others being of service and be blessed. You will see how to share your light rather than notice the shadows that may abide in the world. You will see others shining brightly and be blessed.

Certainly, sorrows remain. Fear exists. Yet your Light-flooded journey leads you into that space as a healer and one who blesses rather than the one who is lost.

Feeling lost? Look for the one's shining brightly. Their light brings you closer to The Light. The Light of Divine Connection awakens your inner light so that you shine brightly and darkness flees from you.

May you shine brightly as you bravely step through your next Door of Light. Your Faith Lights The Way.

We see your light and are blessed.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Thunderstorms

How do you currently perceive yourself?

Distraught? Discouraged? Stressed? Uplifted? Supported? Divinely Guided? All of the above?

It's true. One can both feel distressed and Divinely connected at the same time. How is that possible? There are physical aspects of your awareness and spiritual aspects of your awareness. Both can activate at the same time. This often leads to more distress because how can you trust the peace and joy that come from the Divine Connection when you can also perceive the chaos or turmoil around you.

Just know that turmoil or the absence of turmoil is not the definition of Divine Connection! Certainly, with a stronger connection, turmoil loses its grip and peace invades the heart-of-hearts which the body and mind can perceive.

The goal for the spiritual journey is awareness, rather than shut-down oblivious trudging through life. Being completely aware that there are things amiss within the environment and yet allowing peace to go the distance and uplift the being.

Whether one hides under the bed during a thunderstorm or one watches from a safe window with a curious interest, the thunderstorm with happen. The forces of nature come together in such a way as to engender stormy weather. The storm happens. Which approach to the storm brings you the most peace? And maybe even some awe at seeing the lightening flash across the sky?

You currently endure a thunderstorm of fear, hatred and turmoil. Keep yourself safe as best you can, and notice this thunderstorm with an open curiosity of how it carves its path through this century. Time will determine the ultimate outcome. Certainly your life may experience disruption, yet these experiences need not carve their way through your Ascension Path.

Within the turmoil there is peace. The steadfastness of Divine Connection overrides any turmoil. The key is finding the connection and locking in. Not like hiding under the bed, but rather facing the storm through the open window of perception.

Notice again how you perceive yourself. Distressed yet connected? Discouraged yet uplifted? Noticing both aspects allows you to perceive the truth of your experience. No hiding here. Just allow the distress to be here but not rule over you. Allow yourself to notice the discouragement without falling prey to the loss of perceived power. Within this noticing, your spirit also notices Divine Presence. Allow yourself to perceive this Divine Presence even more clearly. This Divine Presence has a message for you. Can you hear it? Can you perceive it?

Allow yourself another moment within Divine Presence.

The message is, "I Am With You." Feel this Presence even more fully.

This Presence strengthens your mind and your physical body. This Presence supports your emotions. This Presence uplifts you spiritually. By noticing Presence, you came out from under the bed to perceive it. Well done!! And you can do it again in 5 minutes when you have forgotten and have slipped back under the bedframe.

Try not to be harsh with yourself for the need to crawl under there. Divine Presence is there, too. By allowing the strengthening and uplifting, you will clearly know what action to take as is necessary for the moment . . . even if that action is to wait. Sometimes taking action - any action - temporarily relieves the perception of storm by the action of doing. Yet, without Spirit support our actions may be counter-productive. So, be within Divine Presence and notice if any action is brought to your attention. Do that. Fear will not be the boss of you demanding your reaction and distress. Instead, Peace and Hope will guide you.

You were created for times such as these. That is why you are here now. You ARE strong enough within Divine Presence. You ARE powerful enough within Divine Presence. You ARE gentle enough, kind enough, wise enough, and blessed enough to make a difference.

Within Divine Presence you feel the difference, can you not? Be that. Be the one who is different. Be the one who makes a difference. Allow Peace and Hope within Divine Presence guide your way.

We walk with you in these moments of discovery. 

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Walking the Clear Path

s you walk your sacred path of Ascension, you may find constant distractions. It may feel as if you are alone. It may seem as if the darkness will win.

This is untrue Dear One! The constant distractions you experience is merely life unfolding before you. A part of you in child-like wonder must take a moment to observe and notice. This is not a distraction, unless it is a distraction from auto pilot. Auto pilot is much easier than noticing and being in the moment.

For the next little while, just notice what catches your attention. Is it worthwhile for you to pay attention to? Then give that experience your full attention.

Is it merely someone's attitude you notice? Notice and allow and move on. Someone's attitude is quite important to them, yet holds no real value to you in the long run. (If you are in an unsafe situation, someone else's attitude is cause for great concern and it becomes necessary to notice and keep one's self safe. Unless you are in that unsafe situation, notice, allow and move on.)

How does one ALLOW and not get tangled up in someone else's attitude or opinion. Notice the entangling energies that grab ahold of your energy field. 

Start first by noticing your clear energy field. Don't feel clear? Take a few clearing breaths. Anchor into the Earth with you intent and expanded awareness. Command the clutter to BE GONE!! Breathe a clear, fresh breath of air and notice the now clear energy field that surrounds your being.

Next, as you notice your clear energy and you have a sense of someone else's energy, notice the tendrils of attachment attempting to connect to drain your energy. Your clear energy field coupled with your expanded awareness repels these tendrils. Merely say to yourself. NOT MINE. (if you have already connected with your protector Animal Spirit Guide, this animal will use its powers to repel the intrusion of the tendrils as well.) 

These tendrils are only energy. Certainly, left attached and unnoticed, they can drain your energy field. However, with your expanded awareness and your declaration, NOT MINE, they cannot attach nor can they drain your energy.

Then, if you have a feeling that you are alone, notice again your clear energy field. It is not empty!!! It is filled with LIGHT. Divine Light! This Light has intelligence and can comfort, bless, encourage, nurture, guide and uplift you!!! 

How can the darkness win where there is so much LIGHT!!??!! 

In this Light of awareness, we abide. We walk with you as you walk your sacred path of Ascension. We honor your brave heart and your alert mind. We encourage you to use these to your own highest and best good and hope these quick techniques assist you along your way.

Many blessings, Dear One.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A Gift of Love

Feast upon the Love we share with you. Your souls hunger for a taste of this. Life attempts to teach you that you are not lovable or that love is ever distant as you strive to earn it.

The Love we share with you is free. The Love we share with you is without end. The Love we share with you sustains your soul. 

Certainly, a clear soul can receive more of this Love. An open heart-of-hearts can experience more of this Love. An open awareness can perceive more of this Love. It blesses you to be clear, open and aware, yet this Love is based not upon the condition of your being but rather upon the unlimited delight of Divine Source.

We are not your middle man. You can access this Love directly. However, sometimes it helps to sit at the feet of one(s) who know this Love first hand. Not because we are anything special, it is rather that our joy and enthusiasm for sharing it makes it easier for you to perceive.

When a small child awaits Christmas morning (or another holiday based upon your beliefs) it is the enthusiasm of the parents and older siblings that grant that child an awareness of what is to come. A sweet anticipation is engendered from one to another.

So it is with this Love. We share in it with you in equal measure. We are no better than you nor are we more divine than you. We merely have been experiencing it a bit longer and have much gratitude and joy to share with you about this.

This Love we speak of offers you open doors that otherwise would be closed. This Love guides and protects you as you walk your Ascension Path. This Love is a resonance and harmonic that sustains and blesses you.

There are many ways to access this Love.

For now, let us bring it to you. 

Allow yourself a quiet moment as you read this. A gentle breath may assist you. As you see these words on the paper. Bring your focus to the word LOVE.


As your eyes return to the word, we bring to you a gentle wash of this loving energy. Allow yourself to feel it wash over you and through you. This Love is a piece of your divine nature and reminds you of your value to us and to Divine Source.

Notice the word again. Again receive this gift.


Messages From The Ancient Ones – Expanded Feelings Open The Way

Each step you now take sets you upon a direction of your life. Each choice you make sets you in the direction of your intent.

Yes, you know these things. Where you are right now came from the intent you set years ago. You know this, too. You also know that you can change your intent and your direction with a change in your focus and your willingness.

You also have an inkling that you are ready for something really big, do you not?

What might that be? You do not need to know exactly what that might be, but you can have an inkling or a hint of the feeling of it. Do you feel the truth of this?

So, allow yourself to imagine the best possible outcome for yourself as much as you might be able to imagine at this time. The best possible outcome may be too big for you to imagine just yet - yet you can imagine the feeling of it. Take the feeling that you can imagine and notice it. Do you feel safe? Do you feel active and energized? Do you feel peaceful and calm? Do you feel fulfilled and blessed? Do you feel gracious and generous? Do you even know what those feelings feel like?

We ask these questions to get you out of thinking and into expanded awareness. Thinking often tells you how to feel - sad, afraid, lonely, overwhelmed. Your expanded awareness can comprehend the bliss that awaits you where you mind/feelings cannot grasp this.

When the expanded awareness grasps the expanded feelings, The Universe (God, Higher Power, All That Is, The Trinity - as you may refer to this Divine Light of Love) responds and sets up opportunities for this to come to you in ways you cannot imagine!

Life tells you to be afraid, yet your spirit tells you to be courageous. Circumstances tell you to be overwhelmed, yet your inner being knows The Way. The Way reveals itself to you within the expanded feelings.

Do you just conjure them up like magic? Well, perhaps. Allow yourself to remember a kindness and this builds the energetic construct of kindness in your energy field and kindness finds its way to you! Is this magic? Perhaps. Allow yourself to remember when a moment of fulfillment. (Fulfillment only lasts a moment, so a moment is all that can be remembered. The inner being constantly raises the bar and searches for what's next. This is wonderful as it keeps one engaged in life and open to new wondrous possibilities! Until the feeling of being overwhelmed steps in and crushes that spirit of fulfillment.) Revitalize the feeling of fulfillment with a memory of this energy and Divine Source provides opportunities for The Way to fulfillment to open up to you.

So... what we are saying is this. An energetic construct of your feelings surrounds you and supports your journey while Divine Light provides The Way into more of that feeling. It is your choice what feelings are constructed in your behalf.

You might wish to remind yourself of this great inner power with a few simple words. I Am. I Am Ready. I Am One with Divine Light of Love.

We walk with you in this.