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Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Faith-Truth

We long to share with you the value of your worth. You have great value, Dear One!

Yet, you seek your value reflected back to you in the actions of those who are wounded and broken. They cannot reflect back to you anything but their own brokenness.

As water flows down a stream, we ask that you allow their responses to you to flow away from you effortlessly. It is a tendency of humanity to hold on to other's responses as evidence or proof of one's value or lack thereof! This holding on causes your great pain, Dear One.

From our perspective we see a bright light that is you. We see this light beaming peace, joy, hope, and kindness (to name a few) in every direction.

We also see saddened and wounded ones absorbing this light as a means of their own survival. They do not realize that accessing Divine Source strengthens them far better than absorbing your light. They do not realize that their criticism of you or their negativity about their own life draws light from you. They merely seek to make themselves feel more alive.

How does one protect their own light? By refilling it often. The light within is a measure of Divine Light from Source mixed with the light of your own being. The more Divine Light from Source that you infuse within yourself, the more of that light gets absorbed and less of the light of your own being.

Let us say this a different way. You are of the Light. There is a Divine Aspect to you. Yet, you also have your humanity and your own personality. If all you were was Divine Light, other's opinions, actions, or responses would have no effect upon you. It is the humanity that you are that responds and feels the drain of energy.

By knowing that there is a Divine Aspect within you (this if faith, Dear One) you stay connected to that limitless Light.

The key here is staying connected in your awareness. Other's attitudes and actions pull your attention from your faith-truth and pull you into your humanity. It is with purposefulness and intent that one reconnects to their faith and allows Divine Light to fill the energy drain.

Often that awareness happens after the drain has occurred. One knows the brokenness and sorrow of another has drained them. This is okay! The key is to recognize this as soon as it happens and replenish one’s self with Divine Light as quickly as possible. Releasing what was said or done - or not said or left undone just as the stream of water flows away from you as we spoke of earlier.

Soon you will notice sooner. Then you can access the flow of negativity away from you while the drain is happening. You will draw to you refreshing energy of Divine Light in the moment, as well.

Your faith will make you whole.

And, whether you know it or not, your faith helps the wounded and broken one by feeding them Divine Light. The Light-Truth energy will be there for them to grasp should they so choose to notice it. You may or may not ever see this, yet what a blessing to create an opportunity for change for another human being. This is your faith at its finest.

Shine on, Dear One! Shine with Divine Light as you release the negative flow away from you effortlessly. In this, you will see your faith-truth of your own great value.

 We honor you in this.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A Joyful Nudge

Energy exists around you. Can you sense it?

With an open heart, you expanded awareness can sense the energy. Some miss this sensing because it is subtle and they think it should feel more like a shock or a push.

Truth is, the energy we wish for you to sense is very light. It may even feel like nothing, yet maybe there was something there. It may feel like a breeze across your hands or it may feel like what you thought might have been a whisper of a breeze across your hands.

If you think you sensed it, you did!

The more you tune yourself into this subtle energy the easier it is to sense. Self doubt will be your biggest deterrent. Once you begin to sense these energies, it will be far easier for us (along with your angels, guides and Divine Source) to send you a nudge of guidance.

To sense this guidance, be still for a moment and ask for it. "Show me my next step," you might say. Or, "which step will bless my path." Or, what would be good for me to know about this . . . or that?"

Then, be still and notice what comes up into your awareness. The nudge may appear to be a recalling of something left behind. The nudge may be a quick flash of something you own. The nudge may be a startling new insight.

Be still with whatever appears. Often the moment you perceive it, you will intuitively know your next step or the direction to take or the answer to your question. This intuitive insight is called discernment.

You are learning to master the tool of discernment. Ciphering out what the clue/guidance/nudge means to you. You may ask others their opinion, yet our guidance is specific to your life to this point. You have experienced things no one else has. You recognize what others may not perceive. Trust your inner wisdom as you learn to recognize it and follow it.

You may not have much experience with this or feel as if you cannot yet trust your inner wisdom. Yet, your inner wisdom is subconscious derived and Divinely inspired. The only way to develop trust is to take action on the nudge. It may not give you the result you expected, but it will give you the result best for you now.

You will notice that stillness at each stage is vital. One need not traipse up a mountain and sit for hours. A simple moment of being-ness is all that is necessary. You will find the ask, nudge, insight process delightful. It is fun to receive guidance in this way. It is fun for us to give you a nudge. What a joy!

Let the joy abound!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Success Path

The physical realm and the spiritual realm work together in your behalf. Though they are separate, they are not two separate places exclusive from one another.

Certainly, one cannot walk into heaven in their physical form for a day. Yet, one can glimpse the heavenly realms with expanded awareness. And, one can sense Divine Love and Presence even in the physical realm.

Divine Love and Presence transcends the boundaries of the physical realm because Divine Source has instilled within each one a sense of eternity, an awareness of Love, and an inner knowing of Peace.

Those moments that take one out of the state of Peace causes one to loose sight/sense of Divine Love and Presence and causes a short circuit in the ability to sense/know this Love and Presence.

Slipping out of a state of Peace or Peace-filled-ness (Peacefulness) happens easily when one allow themselves to be distracted by worry, fear, mistrust, dismay and other burdensome feelings. Those feelings will come and they will go as one moves through one moment to another. Those feelings drive ones actions in many ways.

Yet, one can release those feelings as one walks through the experiences each day. Certainly, difficult things happen. It is a part of the experience of living. Your soul would have it no other way!! The soul/spirit, the eternal aspect of one's being, longs for growth and opportunity to succeed. The mind and emotions prefer to play it safe and be comfortable.

Know this . . . each time you (soul/spirit - eternal self) succeeds in overcoming a dark time, a challenging situation, or a hardship, other souls/spirits watch, learn and grow along with you. Your progress helps other souls/spirits to progress on their spiritual journey.

What is success? Even just not reacting, but rather choosing to walk in Love and Light in the difficulty -what ever it may be - is success. Turning to prayer instead of turning to anger is success. Speaking Truth rather than people-pleasing is success. An act of kindness is success (even to one's self.) A song within one's heart is success. You understand this. You know this. You are doing this!

This success within your journey blesses the world! Other soul/spirits receive a burst of energy that assists them in their journey.

You are a success, because you are still here! Each day you create hundreds of little successes that are changing your world. . . even if you do not have a sense of it yet. Your success at walking your path as best you can blesses many.

We honor you for this path of success. This success-path connects the heavenly realms with the physical plane. You are creating heaven on earth.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Hope Returns

It is Spring in the physical world in this time and place that we are speaking with you now. Whether it is winter when you read this, the message shall remain active.

You feel renewed warmth of the sun and see the new growth on trees and plants around you. This renewal warms the soul, does it not? It brings a stirring within, an optimism. And it brings hope.

Hope is a powerful spiritual force that grants deepening expansive awareness. Without hope, the awareness can only perceive to a limited level the expansive blessings and guidance available. Hope, or positive anticipation, opens channels of blessings, love, awareness and joy.

Yet, hope eludes many. Darkness of the dreary winter can drown out hope. Darkness of dreary speech also drowns out hope. Darkness of fear, along with darkness of worry also extinguish hope. Drudgery, and a sense of powerlessness drowns out hope.

But hear this!!! Hope drowns out dreary speech, fear, worry, drudgery and powerlessness! Hope is the cure! Hope is the pathway! Hope is the solution!

How does one rekindle Hope?

By remembering that Hope exists . . . Knowing Hope endures . . . Believing Hope IS!

You remember the green grasses from the previous year. You remember the flowers and leafed out trees. As you remember these, Hope returns. You know the plants are sending out roots and are awakening. You know the buds on the trees will become leaves. You know the flowers will awaken and return. You believe the trees endured the winter. You believe the flowers remember how to bloom. You believe the shrubs again dress in their lush green attire.

Are these false beliefs? No! Are these beliefs built upon fairy tales or wishes? No! They are truth in the making. These beliefs are Hope fulfilling itself.

Certainly, some winters claim plants due to the severity of the weather or the timing of the bitterness. Yet, not all plants are claimed. Certainly, some of your hopes may have been lost to the severity of life or the bitterness of others. Yet, not all of your hopes have been lost. Many await the warmth of your attention and the light of your awareness.

Hope, Dear Ones. Bring Hope into your awareness through the sweetness of memories and the joy of possibilities. Your Hope is neither foolish nor lost.

The Hope you cultivate creates illuminated growth within you that expands into your world.

May you find Hope, Dear Ones! We Hope you do!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Re-engage into Joy

On one hand, it appears that days, hours, moments slip by so very quickly. Things that happened years ago feel like they happened just yesterday.

On the other hand, time seems to stand still. Moments seem to drag with heavy weights attached. Time does appear to change with our attention and our awareness. When one is connected creatively in their world, time flies. When one is disconnected from Creative Source, time drags. We languish in the disconnected moments and life flies by while we are engaged and connected.

We wish it were the other way, do we not? We wish we could hold on to those connected and engaged moments and we wish the difficult times would fly by.

Truth is, by connecting and re-engaging, we move more quickly through the difficult moments of life and allow Loving Spirit of Light to uplift and carry us through. Unfortunately, re-engaging is the last thought of the disconnected mind.

Feeling bogged down? This reminds you to reconnect - to re-engage spiritually and creatively with life. When bogged down, one forgets to do what they love to do. The bog-fog causes the spirit to submerge and be still. This is called survival. Yet, one doesn't survive well this way. Survival happens best - even in troubling times - when one is fully engaged in life.

How to begin to re-engage? Notice with your expanded awareness the world around you. Notice its colors and flavors - its smells and its sensory input. What are you experiencing right now? How do the clothes on your body feel? What does the world outside your present location look like? Cold and dreary? Bright and clear? Notice and pay attention to what you see and experience. This drops the bog-fog down a few notches and your spirit can emerge to assist you in your life experience. Once your spirit is re-engaged, you may find a clearer directive for what brings you joy. Love to cook? Might want to make something. Love to paint? Might want to make something. Love to garden? Might want to get your hands into the dirt.

We have encouraged you in the past to be a human being, not a human doing. Yet, in doing activities with an engaged spirit, joy comes to you more quickly. We encourage you to find balance in the being and the doing. The act of being, without and engaged spirit, leads to the bog-fog exhaustion. The act of doing, without the spirit, leads to overwhelmed, duty-driven exhaustion.

The key to a vibrant life is balanced, engaged awareness. This leads you into joyful expression of your true self that transcends the restriction of time. You tap into the joy, grace, and bliss of eternity both with mindful being and with mindful doing. 

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Spiritual Strengthening

Spiritual strengthening comes to you now.

This strengthening flows to you directly from Divine Source. This strengthening is easy to receive through your 3rd eye. Though this energy may feel light (for it is Light), it is powerful and brings great strength with it. 

Open your 3rd eye to the Truth of who you are and the Truth of Divine Compassion. These Truths allow your 3rd eye to awaken and open more fully. So, define for yourself who you really are. Create an "I Am" statement that fits for you. I Am open; I Am kind; I Am awakening; I Am ascending or something similar. As you speak this to yourself, notice and become aware of Divine Compassion - The Love that exists beyond time and space and holds you in delight and tenderness.

This awareness of both self Truth and Divine Truth allows the flow of this Divine Compassion into your being. You may "see" it flow into you or "sense" it, or "know" it. Either way is what is right for you.

Our part in this process is to guide the flow so that you receive as much as you can receive as quickly as you can. Notice our presence here with you as you begin to receive this high resolution energy.

As this flows into you it brings clear energy of highest resolution and vibration to you. Notice it and allow it to be received by all parts of your being. As you do so, weakening thoughts, feelings, emotions, pains and disruptions are discarded and replaced with this clear energy. You will feel stronger and more aligned to your own power and to Divine Power. This strengthening will guide you in your next steps.

We walk with you, Dear One. We assist you in this process.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Breathe and Grow

Times are changing. It is time to change. Change from what into what? Change from what you are not into what you are becoming. You are already in process.

The key is to stop resisting the process. Resistance is normal, yet not productive. You cannot go back. You can continue doing things the way you used to, yet your inner being is not the same. It will languish under the restrictions of the sameness you are familiar with.

Yet, the changes that we see for you do not require effort nor do they require an entire reset of your life. Certainly, if this is appropriate for you, this is an optimum time for that, yet the changes we refer to are the subtle little changes of perception that make a huge difference in your life and in your world.

These changes of perception are effortless when you perceive from your expanded awareness. These changes of perception are impossible from the limited thinking of lack, force, judgement, and regret.

Take a deep breath. Within that breath lies the opportunity for a shift. Did you feel it? Just noticing the breath allows the shift to happen effortlessly! It is impossible to notice your breath and feel regret. Try it. You can do one or the other. Yet, within noticing the breath, one can notice the brilliance of life unfolding around you. Try it! You can experience both!

This is because noticing the breath engages the expanded awareness which shifts your perceptions. The breath is something you have with you always. Yet, it is easy to slip into shallow breathing and an unaware life, is it not?

Take another deep breath. Notice how your inner being lights up and looks for ways to shift and grow? This is the change happening effortlessly with you and for you. Not to cause you to labor or struggle. May it never be!! Rather, when your inner being lights up and looks for ways to shift and grow, it becomes exciting and joyful. You slip effortlessly into a "wonderment" state of being that activates your expanded awareness even more. You wonder if you could possibly do this or that. You wonder if this or that might be joyful to experience. You wonder if this or that would bless you. And, in this wondering, the energy of this or that is magnetized to you.

One does not shout at a plant to grow. One nurtures it with the appropriate sunlight, moisture, soil, and temperature. Have you been shouting (silently) to yourself to grow up . . . or get over it . . . or stand up for yourself . . . or get brave . . . or . . . ? The technique of force comes from judgment which cuts off the expanded awareness.

Breathe, Dear One. The change happens effortlessly. Breathe and grow into the Sacred One you came here to be.

We see your growth and honor you in this.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Escaping the Trap

You may feel as if you are experiencing emotional upheaval or emotional shut down. You may feel distanced or disconnected, or overconnected and overconcerned.

These feelings set a trap for you. Certainly, it is normal to feel these feelings, yet, normal is not the optimal nor is it the desired result. Once the sneaky trap has been sprung, it may prove to be difficult or nearly impossible to escape, yet escape you must. Escape from entrapment is your calling. You are being called to freedom and to joy. Neither of these things (nor a multitude of other blessings) can be found within the trap.

The challenge of the sprung trap is that is seems impossible to escape. It also feels a bit, well, justified and therefore comfortable. As if one deserves to feel this earned misery.

Life has many obstacles, suffering and difficulty underlie all those things. Yet, misery need not accompany that. Hardships can be met with joy. Ailments can me met with trust and hope. Loss can me met with release.

The key to the trap is not within the feeling itself, but rather in the awareness of the feeling. Noticing and becoming aware with expanded awareness allows the feeling to exist outside of your physical experience. Let us say this differently. Outside of your awareness of your feeling, there exists other feelings at the same time. They are already here. Expanding one’s awareness allows other feelings to surface and be reclaimed.

You may wish to remind yourself of a memory of a happier time. The "you" that is already free knows these feelings and can remember them into this moment. Now, you can accept these feelings and identify things in this present moment that fit this feeling and lock it in.

You may wish to step outside and notice a tree or the rocks or dirt nearby. Their endurance through the years, and even ages, reminds you that you exist beyond this momentary situation. Even if the situation that distresses you continues, you can identify the parts of your awareness that are untouched by the circumstance. Compassion remains untouched no matter the circumstances. Peace remains within any situation as does joy, love, and purposefulness.

Your purpose on planet Earth remains active within any circumstance. Don't know what your purpose is? It certainly is not to feel misery. The physical form will feel pain. The emotional self will feel emotional pain. Yet your purpose exists beyond any physical circumstance that generates an unpleasant feeling. Knowing this will help your destiny to find you.

Yes, your feelings are real. Your feelings are probably justified. Your feelings are probably just trying to keep you from safe from additional harm. Yet, your feelings are not the sum total of who you are.

You are Amazing! You are Light! You are Love! You are Brilliant! Your life matters a great deal to us. Let the real you shine through any circumstance you face.

We see your brilliance and are amazed! We walk with you as you re-discover your true self.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A Sacred Connection

The energy you seek is already here.

The love you seek is already here.

The light you seek is already here.

The joy you seek is already here.

The grace you seek is already here.

The abundance you seek is already here.

The power you seek is already here.

The key is accessing this energy, love, light, joy, grace, abundance and power that is already here. You are already touching it. Do you have a sense of this? By just noticing that you are seeking it, it appears in your awareness.

Notice this again. Reach out with your awareness to sense these qualities you seek. You can sense power and abundance can you not? Even if you do not own this in your own perceptions as yet. You can sense grace, joy, light and love can you not? Even if you feel as if these qualities are not yet yours. This is one level of awareness.

There are two levels of this awareness. The second level and more powerful level is found within your heart-of-hearts. This level is already connected to the Infinite Source of that which you seek. Your heart-of-hearts contains a link to this level.

Now look inward. Look within your heart-of-hearts. Notice the connection link to Divine Source abides here. When you pray you access this connection link. When you meditate, you access this connection link. When you serve with love, you access this connection link. When you create, you access this connection link. Remember how it feels to lose track of time when you are involved thusly? Remember how it feels blissful? Remember how it feels, well, powerful beyond your own will and intent? This is because you are accessing a Power Greater Than Yourself - you are floating within God-space in those moments.

Now, bring to remembrance a time when you were beyond time. By remembering, you bring yourself back into that sacred connection once again. Notice how it feels and where it feels within your being. Perhaps your heart. Perhaps your core. Perhaps your mind. Perhaps your whole being. Notice this.

Now request this sacred connection be amplified. You will feel your whole being open up further into this sacred connection. As you open up further, more power, abundance, grace, joy, light, love and energy flow into you. You may even experience goose bumps just reading this. If you are actually processing this as your are reading, you will feel the amplification of these qualities immediately.

This is just touching the surface of what is available to you. Once you access this - and it may take a bit of practice to step out of worry, fear and lack and into this sacred connection - this can be further amplified by requesting it to be amplifies and allowing it to do so.

The result will be discovery. You will discover new avenues of abundance. You will access power for healing and blessing self and others. You will be amazed at the level of grace gifted to you. You will access a whole new level of joy, light and love as well as access to a higher vibration of energy.

What will you do with this energy? You will be led to be of greater service once you claim the love, light, and joy that is already yours to claim. You will be blessed with honor, peace, and insight once you claim the grace, abundance, and power that is already yours to claim.

Are you ready to receive this? Allow yourself the opportunity to seek and find and you will be blessed beyond your imagination.

We take great joy in helping you in this journey. Blessings to you, Dear One.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Eyes of Your Heart-of-Hearts

Your awakened self now experiences life with new perceptions, expanded awareness, and new vision. This vision is not only the sacred perceptions of the future you are calling into existence, this vision also clears your perceptions of life around you. You are now seeing with the eyes of your heart-of-hearts along with your physical eyes.

Two people can see totally different details of the same experience based on each mindset and each perspective. With the eyes of your heart-of-hearts, you see as God sees - you see with Divine Perspective. This is not the eyes of judgment. No. Rather this is the perception of light, love, and beauty. Your heart-of-hearts perceives these qualities even in people you personally don't like. Your heart-of-hearts perceives these qualities even in situations that you don't like.

Your eyes of the heart-of-hearts tunes in beyond the physical seeing and the physical knowing and discovers a whole new layer of awareness and insight. You can see the spark of light (how ever dim it might be) within these people and situations. It is these perceptions that allow even more light to enter those beings - those arenas.

As you awaken the eyes of your heart-of-hearts, you more and more perceive the beauty around you.

Take a moment and notice where you are now. Now close your eyes for a moment and tune in to your heart-of-hearts . . . you will recognize it when peace settles over your awareness. Now open your eyes and "see" what your heart-of-hearts would like you to perceive in this moment. Experience the Light, Love, and Beauty that your heart-of-hearts perceives. Sense it with your whole body.

Now turn this noticing towards yourself. View yourself from this sacred perspective. What do you see? Break through your old patterns of judgment of yourself and notice the Light, Love, and Beauty that resides here.

We see it. We see your Light, Love, and Beauty.