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Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Faith-Walk

You were created for times such as these. Not created to suffer, but to be of service. Not created to be fearful, but to share courage.

What better time to shine than when others experience darkness?!

Your path of joy guides you without wavering! That joy remains! Look for it with the eyes of light rather than the distortion of darkness.

You have learned great teachings from great masters. Bring those teachings into action! The Light within burns brightly when you allow it to shine through your awareness of these teachings. Others see only fear, yet you perceive Truth.

You know more than you think you know. In this knowing there is power and grace. As one walks in grace, there is no stumbling - only blessings. Blessings for yourself and blessings for others.

We commend you as you walk in faith. We uplift you in this faith-walk.

Messages from the Ancient Ones – Reclaiming Your Power

We are with you as you reclaim your power.

You hesitate because you fear someone will attempt to take it away from you again either through force or manipulation. Your fear would have been accurate in the past, yet, you've changed. You've grown. You've been on a path of self-discovery and the discoveries made so far preclude you from falling victim again.

This is to say that perhaps another person may physically have more power over your physical being. This is to say that perhaps another person may have power over your work as you may still be in the role of employee and civil laws govern your life still.

What this does say, is that your sense of your own power has shifted. You no longer strive for the kind of power that comes by force or manipulation (guilt, shame, fear - which is a dark form of force). Rather, you stand connected to Divine Source, empowered by your own expanded awareness. This expanded awareness allows you the experience of walking your sacred path with strength and honor - which in turn brings you joy.

This also grants you the ability to speak your truth with the power of Grace. You may choose to decline a suggestion from a friend or family member. You may choose to proceed in a different direction than others expect. You may choose to move beyond preconceived concepts and into a greater level of wisdom found within the heart-space and within this expanded awareness.

In this process, ask for Divine Assistance and it will be given. You have learned - and are learning still - the techniques for connecting in and receiving this information, insight, and guidance that is so freely offered to you. Keep seeking the connection of Love and Joy that brings these insights to you.

Should you find yourself in a place where you don't feel as if you are receiving any guidance, be still, be calm, notice your life with deep gratitude. Then, insights will flow.

We have more to say on this, but for now, remember gratitude is the key to connection to Divine Love. Love is the key to expanded awareness. Expanded Awareness is the key to an empowered life of Joy and Abundance.

We walk with you as you reclaim this ascension power.

Messages From The Ancients Ones – Technique for Sensing Energy

Channels of light and energy open for you at this time. You may feel all blocked up, yet the doorways open. Your feeling self may not be able to notice nor comprehend this flow of energy. Not to worry. We will show you have to move beyond your feeling self and into your sensing self. The sensing self finds itself fully aware of this open channel and the flow of energy.

It is easy to confuse the feeling self with the sensing self since sometimes the senses reflect a common experience. However, the feeling self emanates from within and the sensing self utilizes and inward awareness to notice outside energies.

Let us say this again in a different way. One can feel sad because of an experience that generated sadness within the human form. One senses an experience with expansive awareness and "knows" the energy of the experience within their ring-true core of their self. Some people feel this ring-true in their heart-space. Some feel this ring-true in their guts. Some feel this ring-true in their mind. So, if a friend moves away and you feel sad, that's a feeling. Your sensing self, will recognize the sad, but will also notice that this move is the best thing for the friend - an opportunity for greatness and can also sense peace and joy within the feeling of sadness.

Your feelings may be telling you to worry or fret or stress. Yet, moving into expanded awareness, you may also be sensing the opening of this door and the flow of energy.

Allow us to assist you with this. Take a moment. Take a breath. Open your expanded awareness to "more" . . .

Did you feel that shift? Did you find yourself experiencing more that the negative feelings you HAD been feeling? This is the doorway experience! This is tapping into the flow!

The energy is here for you! The door is already open. The energy is already flowing to you! You access it effortlessly with a different part of your being than the feeling self. And when you do, your feeling self can experience this energy, too! It will give you the feedback you long to receive. Just don't look for the feedback first within your feeling self. It's not there.

Reach out with your expanded awareness and once you open in this way, you experience the open doorway and you receive this flow of energy and THEN you can feel it. Your feeling self will respond to this awakened awareness and you will feel uplifted, blessed, empowered, joyful and amazed!

Your feeling self may feel a tiny tingle or it may feel a flood of energy. Allow whatever you experience to be what you experience. Reach out with your expanded awareness again and again. The feeling feedback will get stronger and easier to perceive.

It is our delight to help you perceive this open door and the flow of energy. We continue to assist you in this.

Bushel Basket

Cleaned out the refrigerator the other day. One nice thing about having plenty of home-time. I get chores done that normally I don’t do. Well, let’s face it – cleaning out the fridge is not the most fun activity in the world.

But, alas . . . something had gone bad. Really bad. Really fast. It took a day or two to find the offending monster. A couple of pieces of sliced turkey had slipped in the back and proceeded to exude pungent aroma that about knocked me over when I opened the door.

Once I got it out, and out of the house, it was much better. Yet, there was a lingering odor. Not as bad as the original offender, but truly smack in the face when the door opened. I cleaned where the offensive stuff had been and put some baking soda on the middle shelf, but *sigh* that did not get rid of the smell.

I had to take everything out. Clean every surface. Wipe everything off. Then put everything back.

Yay! That worked! No smell!

It took a bit of time and wasn’t really the most fun I’ve ever had, but both Phil and I really appreciated the effort and the result. Neither one of us gagged when we opened the Fridge after that. What a blessing. A blessing we didn’t realize we experienced until it wasn’t there. We felt profoundly grateful for no smell after days of getting hit with a bad smell. I even found a jar of unopened peach jam!

Isn’t that how it is with an old habit we no longer appreciate? We get rid of the offensive item, but there is a lingering stench of what was. My old habit of inactivity still stinks up my life if I let it. My old habit of worry or fear reeks through into my moments of joy and creativity.

Time to take everything in my life out of the box and look at it. Where am I now? What blesses me now? What steals that blessing and robs me of the opportunity for joy?

When I had a “dark night of the soul” some years ago, I imagined a hand-woven bushel basket full of my life. This basket was full of what I knew or thought I knew. What I believed or thought I believed. What I chose to do or thought I had chosen to do. I tossed everything out. Pretended I didn’t know anything, believe anything or acted on anything.

As each day unfolded and life presented a thought to me or an action, I asked myself, do I really believe this anymore? Do I really want to do that? I tossed a lot of old beliefs and patterns out. There were a few new ideas and new patterns I discovered that I wanted to add to my basket.

Just like cleaning the fridge, it took some time. Just like cleaning the fridge, it was wonderful to have that stinky stuff gone from my life! And I discovered some new stuff that I took delight in!

What’s holding you back from joy? Fear? Where did it come from? Is it yours? Do you really want to keep that stinky stuff? What’s hidden behind that fear? Can you root around in there and see what you might find?

You have time now. It’s not gonna smell any better later!

Messages From The Ancients Ones – Send Forth

Your ascension path winds through challenges. Challenges to your faith, to your well being, and to your awareness. Along this winding path, you have great power should you choose to accept it.

Let us assist you with a visualization.

Imagine yourself sitting on an open expanse of beach. The beautiful sunshine beaming down upon you lifts your spirits. The gentle waves upon the beach relax you and offer you peace.

If you took a moment to visualize what we were saying, you probably began to relax and feel at ease.

Now, visualize a steep mountain peak and a narrow trail carved right up against the cliff. There is a steep drop off descending inches away from your toes. There is only room for you to walk sideways with your back to the rock. In order to move forward or back ward, you must sidestep and hold your hands out, clinging to the rock as you go.

If you are a rock climber, you might find this exhilarating. If not, you might find this visualization a bit stressful and uncomfortable.

These visualizations help you realize that your mind can take you anywhere! Where do you choose to go? Where do you choose to make your awareness exist? What are you visualizing?

If you visualize doom and gloom, your body will react accordingly and respond as if doom and gloom are already here. If you visualize the possibility of an unknown outcome and hold that outcome with optimism, your body will react accordingly and respond as if the optimistic outcome is already here.

How to shift from the gloom and doom?

Notice that your body feels stressed and uncomfortable. You have no idea how things will turn out. Now, send a message out into the future for optimum results. Let us say that again in a different way. In your awareness, notice and engender a feeling of optimistic calm. (It is already there. See it? Feel it? It is a free gift from Divine Source already there for you to discover.) Call out/send out that feeling of open-hearted optimism into the future. Awaken (it's already there) and send that feeling into the future.

You might wish to follow this up with a statement that fits for you. Perhaps one of these - I don't know how this will turn out, so, I hereby call into being the highest and best good for all of humankind and the Earth itself and direct it to appear quickly. or . . . That which is good, I send into the future to manifest for the greater good. or . . . I hereby send this open-hearted optimism into the future, may it be so.

This sending forth of energy and intent has great influence upon the physical realm. Not only for your own physical body, but for your peace of mind because you are doing something useful. It blesses your emotions because you tap into a greater good rather than your own fears. It blesses your soul because you connect in with Divine Source in the process.

You stand at the precipice of choice. Do you choose to grip fearfully to the rocky cliff edge? Or, do you choose paradise. The choice is yours.

Guess where we will be . . .

Messages From The Ancients Ones – The Path of Light

You walk a path of light. Even though you may feel the darkness around you, it is not you. Even though you may feel the darkness pressing in on you, it is not you.

You, Dear One, carry the Light within you. You, Dear One, shine brightly against the darkness.

Darkness cannot exist where there is Divine Light. Just as a candle, or a torch, or a spot light shines through the darkness and can be seen afar off, so, too, the Divine Light within you lights the way. Not only for you to see your way through the darkness, but for others to find their way as well.

To access this Divine Light, one must peer through the shadow of fear and anxiety and notice that the Light is already there - already bright. Yet, this noticing process requires your attention - your expanded awareness. One cannot see the Light with eyes of darkness and fear. Darkness and fear mock your faith. They attempt to disrupt your energy flow to and from The Divine.

Yet, they are powerless!!

The true power resides in a quiet moment of awareness. Take a moment. Take this moment. This one right now. Be aware. Allow your awareness to expand so that you notice the energy within and around you. No effort to change it. Just notice it. Notice your presence in the Universe. Without judging your presence as insignificant or small, notice that you exist. You exist in awareness and within Awareness.

Breathe into this awareness and allow Divine Awareness to breathe into you. As you inhale, breathe in awareness. As you exhale, allow Divine Awareness to breathe into you - replacing your breath with Light.

Just as oxygen that is breathed in travels through your whole body, so, too, Light received travels through your whole body expanding and brightening as it goes. Feel this Light brightening through your whole being and expanding your awareness even more.

Inhale and exhale a few more times in this way just to feel the Light expanding even more.

This Light dispels darkness. This Light illuminates your path and your journey both physically and spiritually; both mentally and emotionally. All quadrants of your being now receive and emit this Light of Illumination.

Your journey is blessed. Be a blessing. We walk with you on this Illuminated Path.

Messages From The Ancients Ones – Which Path Will You Choose?

Perhaps you believe that the path to higher awareness is filled with work, duty, or obligation. Perhaps you believe that in order to become enlightened you must suffer.

Certainly, those who suffer dedicate themselves more easily to a path of enlightenment because their pain drives them there. Yet, you may choose that path without the suffering should you prefer.

Is enlightenment a path of work, duty, and obligation? If one is on their ascension path, acts of service feel delightful! Tasks that require effort feel neither burdensome nor awful. Rather those activities become awe-filled.

The funny thing is this . . . whether one works at doing the right thing or does the right thing out of a joyful expression of service, the task remains the same. The perspective and the opportunity for joy and enlightenment expand when approached with an expanded awareness.

Whatever you might do to create income for yourself may appear as hardship and duty and difficulty - or it can appear and be experienced as joy and honor.

Going to work shifts from drudgery to being a blessing. Whatever task you put your hands to doing becomes sacred. With that sense of sacredness, tasks shift and take on an ascended meaning.

Whatever you choose to do this day, allow yourself to apply sacredness. Watch as the energy shifts and your day becomes a blessing to yourself and to others.

May it be so.

Finding Our Tribe

We are all looking for our tribe. Where we fit in. Who values us—our opinions, our talents, our hearts. We discover who can care for us and allow us to care for them without crossing sacred boundaries.

Were you one of the popular kids at school? I wasn’t, but I did have a pack of neighborhood kids I hung out with. We were all about the same age. We would walk to school together while our dads rode the bus together to work at Hanford. We went to different churches, but we all were families of faith.

It was those common bonds that helped us create friendships. It was the things we liked and enjoyed in common that helped us create bonds that lasted beyond school years.

Once school was out, there was more school and friendships developed from proximity in the dorm rooms and classes we took.

After school, there were jobs and friendships created from a common work environment.

But were those friendships our tribe? Some were deep friendships indeed, yet within those friendships there was distance caused by lack of spiritual commonality. With spiritual commonality, the bonds become more powerful. We don’t even have to share common neighborhoods, common religious preferences, or even (and especially) common political views.

Yet, having that spiritual commonality, we share ourselves so deeply that we transcend the superficial (though important) differences. We spiritually thrive in the energy of sacredness.

People say they can really feel something when they walk in through the doors of The Divine Fellowship. There is a palpable energy of commonality, safety, and mutual appreciation that physically exists within that space. Each person walks their own sacred path of discovery. Each person chooses their own sacred actions . . . And those are all different! Yet, the spiritual commonality of compassion and appreciation of one another fills the building with a strength that we all share. This gives us the ability to grow and grow more easily.

What were you looking for when you found The Divine Fellowship? A place to find yourself? A place to find your faith? A place to be of service? A place to learn about

your spiritual tools and abilities? A place to rest and recover? A place to laugh and relax? A place to reclaim your worth?

Are you finding what you are looking for?

In just a short time, we will be recreating this same energy of commonality, safety, and compassion at the Healing Light Expo. (April 4 & 5 at the Red Lion Inn in Kennewick—in case you had The creation of this energy field at the Expo holds the highest purpose for our Expo. Yes, we want to have fun. We want to share our gifts and even make some money in the process. Yet, the primary purpose of our Expo allows the creation of this commonality energy where others can feel safe enough to explore. With all of our many vendors there is so much to explore—healings, readings, intuition, crystals, personal development, energy, insight, and joy. And, a place for people to, perhaps, discover their spiritual tribe.

Be the Valentine

Phil and I met and married over 32 years ago. We met in February, so lots of memories come into my heart this time of year. After a failed marriage and several pitiful relationship attempts, I’d pretty much given up on the whole love thing.

Except I didn’t.

I knew I had to learn to love myself more. I kept getting swept into relationships that were oppressive or where I felt I could never do enough. I kept being the giver and someone else the taker. I had to learn how to take/receive love.

I didn’t know how.

I perceived that love was a commodity that bought me attention and perhaps some joy. I perceived that my giving first was mandatory to receiving the crumbs.

How does one learn to love and be an equal in giving and receiving? How is that even possible?

My first step was learning to receive Divine Attention (God’s love). Boy, that was hard! I knew only the judgment of God and the punishment that came with that. I had to take a new look. Just being in nature and feeling safe was not easy. I had to be doing, serving - earning points in someone’s book somewhere.

Until I didn’t.

I remember sitting one day outside eating my meager lunch (times were hard) and heard a bird sing. That bird was just singing. Not to attract a mate (it was late in the year). Not to earn points. Just because it wanted to. What did I want to do? What joyful expression of my life did I want to do? I thought about that for a long time. Days. . . weeks maybe.

As those weeks unfolded, I began to notice my friendships. Some were off balance with me giving too much. And yet, there were a few friendships that were in balance. Balancing the giving and the sharing in equal measure. These friendships made my heart sing – just like that little bird. I didn’t have to think about it, it was just a song in my heart. A joy that existed.

I began to notice that these friendships blessed my friends as well. We could count on each other without becoming dependent upon one another. We could share our hopes and dreams and our disappointments. Balancing the giving and the sharing, I began to feel safe in my world. I knew my heart-flame shined brighter as a result. I also knew that others’ heart-flames could shine more brightly as well.

I’m still a giving soul. Yet, I allow others to give, too. In giving and receiving in equal measure the heart-flames burn brightly.

If you find yourself caught in giving too much, grant yourself a moment to just to notice your own heart-flame. Is it diminished by another’s demands? That may not be their fault. Maybe you taught them to be demanding by being too giving. What one thing can you do to nurture your own self? Notice and cherish your own heart-flame in that moment. Allow your own heart-flame to breathe. Then notice connections with others who share and receive in equal measure. Nurture those connections.

When we connect with others in this way, we are all blessed.

May your heart-flame burn brightly! In this way, YOU are the Valentine.

Messages From The Ancients Ones – Ascension Truth

You are changing. The world in which you live is changing. People change. The dynamics between people shift and modify. The Earth shifts. Your world re-define's itself in many ways.

Flexibility allows you to yield to these changes without changing your true self. Like the wheat in the field yields to the breeze, but remains wheat. Growing, golden, abundant, and still wheat - not matter how often or how strong the wind might blow.

Who are you really? If the winds of change frighten you, you have not yet claimed your true self. Perhaps you define yourself as "A child of Light" or "The offspring of Love" or "A sacred being of Light" . . . what and how might you define your true self? "A kind person" or perhaps "the one who walks in faith" . . . what words fit for you?

Take time to consider this and claiming words that fit in describing your true self. This action anchors your soul into your true self and strengthens your awareness.

This anchored awareness allows you to walk a path that is undisturbed by the passing winds of change, fear, doubt, distress, or dismay. The winds may change directions or they may change in intensity, but knowing who you really are anchors your awareness and allows you to walk you path of ascension with greater ease and peace.

When walking in this ascension energy - this expanded awareness, you find opportunities to grow, share, learn, assist and be assisted.

We bless you as you search and find your anchoring ascension truth.