One Sage's View

Sarrah West, Astrologer and Master Chaldean Numerologist of One Sage's View: offering detailed insight available from knowing one's self through their birth information and name given at birth that reflects their unfolding life patterns, times of opportunity for growth and expansion, and times of challenge that will unfold their own personal wisdom and life purpose. One Sage's View is located at and via Facebook at

Share International

Dedicated to giving publicity to Maitreya as the expected Christ, Buddha, Messiah, Krishna, Imam Mahdi, …

It has long been believed that humanity has been guided in its evolution behind the scenes by highly evolved beings known as Masters of Wisdom. A group of Masters of Wisdom is believed to be taking physical form in everyday life to assist humanity to alleviate the global problems of starvation, poverty, environmental degradation, and war. It is expected that their leader, Maitreya, will be the first to emerge into the global public's awareness. Maitreya is expected to teach humanity how to live in peace and thus transform the world largely by sharing the world's resources equitably.

Blink of an Eye Healing

 Rapid Eye Technology

RET Technicians Amber Mitchell and Cindy Stratman. The goal of Rapid Eye is to empower people to live stress-free lives and change patterns and habits that no longer serve them.