Phil and I started a new training program with our dog, Delilah. (Our cat’s name is Samson.) Delilah was picked up from the streets of Houston nearly starving. Virtually a wild dog, she was fostered to get her to have some basic connection with humans. Due to her frantic energy, she was the last one in her litter to be adopted.

Well, three years down the road and she is much better—so smart and knows and does lots of commands. Yet, she still pulls on a leash and has a few other behaviors that just won’t do for a big dog. (She weighs about 60 pounds.)

This new training has been going for a few weeks. She is making great progress. Phil and I are making progress, too! Just today, we were able to walk Delilah with a loose leash in the back yard—something that she has never done before! Next step, a real walk on city streets!

She has always been good at coming when called—even out at Chamna Preserve playing with the coyotes! They bow to one another and dance around like puppies. Now, we are learning to use the ‘come’ command to get her away from the fence instead of barking at the neighbor kids. We call her to ‘come’ and she will stop barking immediately (a miracle!) and come to us right away (a second miracle!) Usually, once she gets spun up, she gets lost in total bark mode.

I think we all get caught up in total bark mode. We get fixated on what we are doing, or what is happening around us, and we forget where we are, who we are, and what blessings surround us.

I think Divine Source stands nearby calling our name and waiting for us to ‘wake up’ to that call. Blessings abound when we hear and/or feel that call to awaken. It’s easy to disconnect and lose that awakened focus. Yet, the call to ‘come’ flows from Source to us, waiting for us to notice.

Noticing our world helps the Divine call of connection to come through more easily, more clearly. Phil just suggested we each make a plan to notice the color purple or the color yellow as a cue to tune in. A purple flower. A yellow flower. A purple sign. A yellow flashing light. Someone’s purple hair. Someone’s yellow shirt. When we create an intent to see or notice, then we notice things that were hidden before.

(Phil tells the story of when he bought a red car, all of a sudden he saw a ton of red cars on the road. He hadn’t noticed them before. Then red cars were everywhere! Our mind with bring things to our attention when we set our intent.)

Those particular colors of purple and yellow awaken the senses and awaken our consciousness in specific ways. Purple connects us with Divine Source more clearly. Yellow grants us joy, courage, and self esteem. Once started, you cannot NOT see the colors purple and yellow! They will be everywhere! And with each color you see, you feel Divine Presence and the glory of that blessed connection.

Through the intent of noticing the colors purple and yellow, our being relaxes into that blessed connection.