November in the USA reminds us of our roots—our beginnings –when Native Americans welcomed pilgrims onto the shores of this continent. Those pilgrims would have starved had it not been for the kindness of the original people. Our culture reminds us to be thankful and our leaders granted us a holiday for just that purpose.

We all know the power of gratitude/thanksgiving. Giving thanks and holding gratitude in our awareness shifts everything in our awareness. It’s like turning on a lightbulb. We can see things, perceive things, in a clearer way.

Gratitude ramps up even fuller when we actually express that gratitude to Divine Source. When we do this, gratitude amplifies our awareness and strengthens our energy fields.

An added bonus of giving thanks for those things which we hold in gratitude is this—more of those things come to us.

It’s like this—when we notice something with a grateful heart, our physical bodies balance immediately. When we speak this gratitude to Divine Source, our energetic bodies balance immediately.

Try it. Notice something you hold in gratitude—a person, place, thing, situation, ability, memory, pet … whatever. Now, speak within your heart-space to Divine Source (whatever that is for you) and say, thank you for this. The energy shifts are even more pronounced if we speak aloud with open palms.

When we are manifesting something in our lives, we sometimes get stuck on the absence of what we desire. We focus on the empty rather than on the fulfilled. When we shift to focusing on the fulfilled feeling, we manifest much more quickly.

So let’s ramp that up a bit. When you feel gratitude about something, give thanks aloud and say, “Thank you for this.” and then add: “Yes, Lord! (or Yes, Spirit!) More of THIS!” This enthusiasm and willingness to receive opens doors of opportunity and abundance even more quickly! It gives Divine Source the directive to “bring it!”

Notice a beautiful sunrise or sunset. Though not what you hope to manifest, doors to your heart’s desire open when you notice, experience gratitude, speak thankfulness, and express willingness to receive more. “Bring it!”