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Not too long ago, I had a traumatic experience. At least it was traumatic to me. I felt vulnerable, weak, uncertain, and overwhelmed all at once. This triggered old memories and old physical responses to those memories. Fortunately, Phil was very supportive and gave me time and space to work through stuff without judging me. (Bless him for that!)

Judging . . . Self—judgment can be brutal, true?

I’ve been reading a really good book entitled, No Bad Parts, by Richard Schwartz, PhD recommended to my by my brother Joe. The theory behind it is that every part of us is just trying to survive. We can acknowledge that a PART of us is feeling a certain way, but there is also a part of us that is just fine—The Sacred Self.

Knowing that a part of me was triggered, helped me to work through stuff. Knowing that a part of me was feeling vulnerable helped me to discover my inner power within my Sacred Self. Noticing the part of me that was feeling weak and acknowledging it gave my Sacred Self an opportunity to strep forward with strength. Saying hello to the part of me that was feeling uncertain allowed the wisdom of my sacred self to shine through.

I was a mess for days as it took awhile for feelings to disburse. But even in the midst of all that inner drama/trauma, I could sense and feel my Sacred Self strong and brave and powerful. Whew!

It also gave me a chance to cut off self-judgment the second it raised it’s ugly head. I had no need to judge myself as less than. I had no need to beat myself up any further. What resulted was a deeper healing than I could have ever done before.

Sometimes, instead of utilizing true self love, we attempt to utilize self indulgence to make ourselves feel better. Boy, my sweet tooth sure raised its ugly head and wanted to eat its way to oblivion out of the trauma! I just said hello to that and honored it for trying to help me not feel bad. It would not have helped at all. If anything, I would have added physical distress to the emotional distress I was feeling.

Even the self indulgence is trying to protect us, yet we judge ourselves mercilessly if we take that shortcut. Yet, sometimes those shortcuts are all we know.

It’s time to get to know the Sacred Self better. It’s time to call upon its strengths and power in difficult circumstances. It’s time to awaken fully to the full potential of the Sacred Self.

The Sacred Self is the part of us that connects to Divine Source (whatever that is for you.) The Sacred Self remains pure and immune to life’s trauma’s and pain. The Sacred Self remains undamaged no matter what! The Sacred Self is our true self.

Sure, there are things I’d like to improve about myself, as you probably do, too. Yet, knowing the Sacred Self exists allows me to improve myself without the use of harsh judgments or brutal words. Take a moment. Notice your own Sacred Self. The source of Love and Light for your life. Notice and be blessed.

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