It is certainly lovely to see the flowers start to emerge and the trees start to bud out. The dogwoods are in full bloom and many streets boast pink and white flower filled trees. The weather beckons us to go outside to play, to eat a meal, or to work in the garden, or just to sit and enjoy the day.

It’s time to let go of the winter as we awaken to springtime. It’s easy to let go of winter. The sunshine and warmth prompt us into the change. We set aside the heavy coats and the warm socks and we reclaim the sandals and the short sleeves. We no longer think of the cold winter. We no longer hold on to the memory of icy roads. We release the need to brace against the cold wind. We just step into spring with a bright heart and a joy-filled mind.

It’s much harder to release other hardships. Nothing prompts us to discard or disrobe sorrows and pain. They linger. They haunt us. They weigh us down.

What if we could disrobe those remembered hardships? What if we could disengage from the old efforts and difficulties? What if we use the warmth of the sun as a reminder that our days can be bright if we choose the brightness?

We can. We can start by noticing that we carry sorrows and hardships. That conversation that pained us deeply. That friendship that feel apart. Those sorrows that heaped one upon another through the years.

Yes, they will always be a part of us. Memories of the past remain, yet we can release the sorrows and the weight of the losses and hardships.

How can we do that?

We can imagine each hardship and sorrow as a layer of clothing. Each time we suffer, another layer of heaviness heaps upon us. It’s like one weaves into the next becoming heavier and heavier.

If you can notice this, you can release this.

Look to see/feel if you are burdened with the cloak of distress. It might feel tight or heavy around the shoulders. It might feel tight and restricting around your middle like a corset from olden times. It might feel thick and bulky like heavy boots on your feet. It might feel like a heavy sword at your waist or a metal shield attached to your chest. It might feel like all of these.

Notice the light living within you that is bright and free and clear. It’s there! You sense it! Allow that light to glow brighter. Don’t know how? Ask Divine Source to fill you with Divine Light! It is your birthright to receive this Light! It feels deLIGHTful to receive this Light!

As this Light continues to grow, notice it flowing outward through your body. Notice that the cloak burdensome anguish and all it’s entrapments are beginning to float away from the body. All of them. As more and more Light pours in, the cloak (etc.) continues to lift.

Thank this cloak for protecting you. You no longer need this protection of sorrow! Divine Light now protects you. You are not the same person you were when you were wounded. You are now living in The Light. You are free.

Say, “I hereby release the burdens and sorrows of the past.”

Say, “I hereby fully give this up to Divine Source and Divine Love.

Breathe . . . Say, “I walk with the Living Light Of Love.”

Breathe. Just Breathe freely. It is time to bloom in The Light!

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