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Come Join Us

Looking for a fun day of laughter with like-minded friends? Looking for tools to help your soul flourish? Take a look at the Healing Light Expo.

We blend holistic concepts, metaphysical methods, and spirituality into a loving and welcoming environment. Many people like to think of the Expo as an energetic playground for the soul with tons of fun things to see and experience. This is a family friendly event with a crafts / activity table for children, a silent auction with lots of great items, and seminars for spiritual growth.

The seminars give you food for thought and open you to new experiences while providing information on a variety of subjects. Like, learning how to create a harmonious state within your body to help relaxation and personal realization. (Who doesn’t want to relax and be happy?!) This year we feature a seminar “Emergent” geared for spiritually emerging teenagers.

Our seminars assist you in understanding your psychic / intuitive / empathic nature and how to live positively without shutting down. These seminars offer information while teaching you tools to ramp up your own intuition and psychic abilities.

We offer a wide range of vendors including Art, Jewelry, Crystals, Native American Style Flutes, Singing Bowls and Pendulums just to name a few.

To shed some light on your inward path we suggest psychic readings, tarot readings, aura readings, astrology, and life coaches.

You’ll find various healing modalities including Energy Healing, Qigong, Sound Healing, Bio Mat Healing, Essential Oils, Reiki, Chiropractic Care and Massage.

Have any old emotional baggage you’d like to clear out? Learn about Emotion Code, RIM coaching, Energy Discs, Healing with Crystals, and the Hawaiian healing technique of Bone Washing. There are many paths to healing - come learn about them all and see what resonates with you.

Check out all the vendors and learn more at HealingLightExpo.com. Visit us on Facebook to keep posted on speakers and highlighted vendors. Feel free to share the way-cool video reminders!

You’ll find The Healing Light Expo at the Kennewick Red Lion, 1101 Columbia Center Blvd. on April 8th from 10 – 5pm and 9th from 10 – 4pm. The entrance is in the back with plenty of free parking. Tickets available at the door for $6.00. $1.00 off with a non-perishable item for the food bank or animal shelter. Kids 12 and under are free. We hope you will join us!

Vendor Information

Vendors! We look forward to another amazing event. Lots happening here on our end with our legion of volunteers going in lots of directions to make sure everything falls into place with ease for your arrival.

May we all remember that we hold sacred ground for our attendees. Rather than competitors in this Expo, we uplift one another to bring joy and enlightenment into our entire region.

Consult your vendor packet for hotel info. See you soon!

We may be contact you for your information for the Expo website and may request a digital photo. Even after the Expo, people go to the Expo website year around for your contact information in order to reach you!

We also include promo pieces that we post on the Facebook page and the website. Please share these promo videos and ask your customers/clients to share them as well.

The New Norm

By Janice Lynch

Years ago, I invited my parents to lunch at a B & B in Pendleton. I was friends with the owner and she knew of my intuitive abilities. When she met my parents, she asked them what they thought of my abilities. My mother said, “Well, she has always been a bit of a mutant.”

This was before the X-Men movie.

My mother never made me feel odd except for the occasional blank look - like when I said I knew a place when we had never been there before. Or the time I saw colors when my foot feel asleep. Or the time I took that ESP test . . . Okay, so there were a lot of blank looks growing up.

In actuality, these experiences are perfectly normal. You probably have experienced some strange things yourself – or you would like to.

The good news is, that makes you neither a mutant, nor an anomaly. This is the new normal. Many attend The Divine Fellowship, 513 Barth Ave, Richland, WA. Which hosts the 16th Annual NW Healing Spirit Expo as an opportunity to share while giving you a safe place to explore your intuitive side.

Join us Saturday, April 9th (10-5) and 10th (10-4) at the Red Lion in Kennewick,1101 N. Columbia Center Blvd. Admission is $6 or $5 with a non-perishable food item (food bank) or a pet food item (pet shelter).

This year’s vendors include: Aura Pictures, Biofeedback, Readers, Healers, Massage Therapy, Jewelry, Pendulums, Clothing, Art, Candles, Crystals and a deli– to name just a few.

Talk to our vendors about your journey to self-awareness. Free lectures Saturday and Sunday offer additional assistance. The Divine Fellowship will have a fun “intuitive process” during services in the Expo lecture rooms from 10:00 (ish) on Sunday.

If that wasn’t fun enough, the alternative rock band U4RIA plays from 6:45 – 9pm. ($2 cover) Visit us on Facebook