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Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Light-Walk

You are walking in the Light, Dear One.

Your journey may feel dark because there, indeed, is darkness in your world. Just because you can see/experience the darkness does not mean that darkness has taken hold nor does it mean that darkness rules. It merely means that you can perceive it.

Let this perception register and then release it. You are not tied to the darkness. It cannot overwhelm you. Your fear can - if you let it. Yet, that is a choice. Choose to notice the Light and more Light becomes visible to your awareness. Choose to see darkness and your fear will show you even more of that.

What is your choice? Choose now. Choose to see/experience Light and more is gifted to you. This is what you desire, yet old habits of fear call to you and pull at you to return to sensing darkness.

Fear is a mechanism that was created to help you keep yourself safe from harm. Yet, unchecked, fear creates a different kind of harm that steals your joy and your physical well being.

Choose joy. Choose the Light. Choose Peace. Choose the Light. Choose Courage. Choose the Light. Choose kindness. Choose the Light.

All the things you desire are in the Light, Dear One. Create a habit of choosing the Light and the qualities of the Light. As fear pulls at you, choose again. Thank the fear for notifying you of your surroundings and choose to walk in the Light.

Your Light-Walk is a precious thing. Value it greatly. Your Light-Walk blesses you and gives you everything you desire and more. Your Light-Walk is a moment to moment adventure. You live in the now and the Light is now. Your walk is now. Your path is illuminated by Light that shines through your willingness to notice the now and the Light.

The extra blessing here is that as you walk your Light-Walk, Light shines through you and illuminates the path for others. Their path may not be the same as yours, but as you walk your Light-Walk, this opens an opportunity for others to see the Light on their path. It creates an opportunity for choice for them that they may have been oblivious to without you walking your Light-Walk.

When you walk your Light-Walk, we see you as brightly shining beings of Light and Love. As you brightly shine, your energy uplifts the energy around you. Even the floors and walls where you live and work begin to glow and flow with Light. This resonance of Light lingers long after you have moved on. What a gift that you give! This Light-Resonance uplifts others in ways you cannot know.

If you could only see yourself as we see you . . . a bright light being on a path of light, lighting the way for others. Do you have a sense of this?

Next time you find yourself faced with the choice of fear or Light, notice how much brighter the room becomes when you choose Light.  Feel the energy flow even now, through your body and out into the room where you are reading this. Even when you walk out in nature, your Light-Walk blesses the earth, the wildlife, and the plants around you. You feel their energy as it blesses you. Now notice how your Light blesses them as well.

We walk with you in your Light-Walk adventures. Shine on, Dear One. Shine on!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Awakened Peace

Your sacred path leads you - not away from your challenges - but through them. You may feel as if you walk your path alone, yet this is untrue. Your guides, angels, Divine Source walks with you. We also walk with you.

We see the challenges you face. We support you as your journey unfolds. Moments of distress may befall you. This is not failure! It is merely part of the human experience. You return to your awareness more quickly now, do you not?

Yet, sometimes once the path has been diverted it feels difficult to return. There are chemicals in the blood that your body sends to assist you in dealing with stress. It takes time for these to process through . . . even when you have already mentally shifted, it takes the body a bit of time to catch up. It is in this catch up time that you feel as if you are failing. Just breathe through this. Your body and your emotional body along with your mind and your sub-conscious will follow your spiritual choice to be calm. It just takes them a bit longer than your sacred awareness.

Within your sacred awareness, shifts happen instantaneously. Allow the rest of your being to catch up. The stress and high alert signals sent to the body take time to dissipate or deconstruct. They are constructed to protect you, yet they can hinder your journey if you pay heed to them while they are dissipating. Just notice them and allow them their due process. Honor them for their role in keeping you safe. Just know that they are signals that are being dismissed.

It is as if a fire alarm goes off internally when smoke has been detected. Only after the danger has passed can the firemen leave and the alarm be shut down and the workers return to their posts. So, too, your internal alarm system stays active for a bit until the authorities tell you the coast is clear.

Problem is, no one is on duty to call all clear but you. No one else can tell you it's all okay, but you. And when all spun up, the all clear cannot be issued as it doesn't feel all clear.

What can you do?

We have shared with you before the thumb and ring finger tapping together and saying "all clear." This notifies all aspects of your body that, indeed, it is all clear and normal function may resume.

You may have been stuck in high alert for so long, that "All Clear" may not assist you fully. If this is the case, sweep your arms in a swaying fashion around you and speak the words, "Be At Peace". This sends a larger message to the entire being and can assist the shut down of the high alert process more quickly.

As you sway and "Be At Peace" all of your supporting spiritual beings come in close and sweep your energy fields along with your movement. They balance your chemical fields as well. Your stress level will drop quickly.

Do you know what normal feels like? Have you been on high alert so long that "Be At Peace" seem strange? You might wish to do the "Be At Peace" often for a bit. Notice yourself relax into an awakened normal. This awakened normal allows you to notice and be aware without the stress of high alert. This awakened normal allows you to function very effectively without activating the stress chemicals in the body. You will sleep better, eat better, think better and live better.

Be At Peace. We are with you on your journey into awakened peace.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Buoyancy Hope

Your ascension path leads you into Hope. Hope is the positive anticipation of fulfillment of dreams, longings, and desires. Hope is more than this.

Hope resonates at a powerful frequency that grants you strength and energy. Have you ever felt really down and something changed and you had new found hope? This Hope has a buoyancy effect! Your spirits are uplifted, your awareness is activated, and your energy moves in forward motion.

Notice where your energy is right now. If you are feeling down or stuck, your hope factor is low. Unfortunately, humans place their hopes in the wrong places. Other people, circumstances, finances, luck . . . none of these offer the Buoyancy Hope we are referring to.

How does one acquire the Buoyancy Hope?

Notice where your hope currently sits. Hoping someone else will change? Hoping for some lucky event? Once you notice this, disengage from it by letting it go. By letting it go, we mean reclaim your energy from that. Call it back to yourself. "I see I am placing my hope on that other person's changing behavior. I hereby recall my hope back to my own energy field." You will probably feel lighter the moment you disengage/release!

Once that energy is released, place that hope energy into your energy field about a hands width away from your HeartSpace. Perhaps view this hope as a candle or a lantern or a ball of light.

Now ASK Divine Source to guide you into sacred hopefulness. You will see/sense a thread of light forming between your hope and Divine Source. It may begin at your HeartSpace hope or it may begin from Divine Source. Just notice and sit with this until the hope-link has connected.

Once connected, Divine Source downloads the Buoyancy Hope into your symbolized HeartSpace hope! This Buoyancy Hope knows it is being heard. It knows Divine Source already is acting in its behalf. This Buoyancy Hope knows the flow from Divine uplifts its user. This Buoyancy Hope filters out all distractions and suffering.

Then a thread of light connects this Buoyancy Hope with the Heart-of-Hearts (the HeartSpace within the body). A profound shift happens at this point. The uplifting happens! This uplifting brings great joy, insight, and peace as well as power to move forward. Your resiliency will be restored as well.

We exist within this Buoyancy Hope and marvel at its beauty and grace. We hope you connect with this energy and are richly blessed by it!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Assisting the Unfolding

Energy is shifting. Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you experience it?

This shift of energy is happening for you and by you. You are a part of this great shift. Your intentions from this last year and from previous years has impacted the future that is unfolding.

You do not realize that each day that you decide to life fully sends a beacon of energy into the future to allow the energy of "fully" to unfold for you. Each day you decide to live fearfully sends a beacon out into the future to allow the energy of "holding back" to unfold for you.

Which would you prefer?

There is an art to "planning" for your own future. The art is to hope, dream, set your intent so that manifesting can unfold. The key to this art is to hold on to the hope, dream and intent, without holding on to the outcome. Tricky stuff!

It is normal to want to hold on to the outcome and expect how things should line up for you. Yet, this is counter productive and causes the energy of "holding on and holding back" to unfold - which stops us in our tracks! We cannot assist the future unfolding when you tie our hands with your own expectations.

Yes, we want you to dream and hope - we want you to dream big and hope greatly! Yet, allow us to shift and adjust the dream and hope to even bigger and better things than you can imagine!!

This allows your own expanded awareness to perceive even greater opportunities that a limited mind and heart would miss.

It is easy to feel as if holding on to an expectation or expected outcome would be helpful to you. Yet, even though this is easy, it is not helpful. Have the openness of heart and the openness of mind and the openness of your perceptions to allow more than your expectations can even imagine.

Set your goals and set them free. Set your intent and be with that. Set your dreams and hope for even more! In so doing, you set your own being free to explore, develop and deliver while you allow us to assist in greater measure.

Dream and hope - allow and be blessed. This feeds the unfolding already happening!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Shifting Perspectives

What is your heart looking forward to happening? What is your mind looking forward to achieving? What is your soul looking forward to becoming?

Nothing come to mind?

Wonderful! You are in a place of transition! The key for this transition period is to refrain from discouragement, boredom, or irritation. It is so easy to judge that things are not going your way or that you are flawed in some way as to not be able to have this forward looking perspective. Not true!

Truth is, the forward looking perspective asks you to review (look back) and take stock (notice here and now) so that the new can be presented to you or awaken in your awareness.

Allow yourself the time to awaken to the new perspectives, hope, dreams and goals with frequent look backs and noticing here and now. We remind you to not get stuck in the look backs, but look back for things that brought you great joy - pursue more of that!! Rather than feeling blocked in the here and now, notice in the here and now what brings you great joy - pursue more of that.

Should you find yourself falling into discouragement, boredom, or irritation, take a few easy steps to shift out of that and back into the noticing.

First step to overcoming the discouragement, boredom, or irritation is to breathe. Take at least three deep breaths and let them out slowly. This resets your awareness and allows it to expand.

Next, bring your attention to any object within view and really notice it. Was it a gift? Move into a memory of deep gratitude. Was it a purchase or a find? Move into a memory of delight and excitement. Is it a pet? Move into a state of love and tenderness. Gratitude, delight/excitement, along with love and tenderness automatically shifts one's perspective.

Try it now!

See how that feels?

You needed that!

You are welcome!

We hold YOU in a state of gratitude, delight/excitement, love and tenderness. Thank you for being you. It is such a blessing to us! 

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Bridging the Gap

You will bridge the gap today. There are many gaps of which we speak. Which one will you choose to bridge?

There is a gap between what you know and what is necessary to know. There is a gap between you and a friend. There is a gap between you and a family member. There is a gap between you and Divine Source. There is a gap between where you are and where you desire to be. There is a gap between you and your inner knowing. There is a gap between you and your destiny.

Each of these gaps require a different sort of bridge, yet all the bridges are made up of the same thing . . . compassion. Compassion used differently in different circumstances yields different results.

The compassion used for yourself to bridge the gap between where you are now and your destiny is filled with positive anticipation (hope) and curiosity. Without the bridge of compassion and truly caring, your hope and curiosity lie dormant.

The bridge to reconnect with Divine Source/Spirit is also constructed of compassion. This compassion is a two way street/bridge. Divine Source/Spirit builds the construct of the bridge and you build the steps with your willingness and trust.

The bridge to gaining knowledge supports itself with your open-hearted quest for knowing and for insights.

The gap between you and a friend of family member is built from compassion laced with self-care and wisdom.

You see the pattern here.

Compassion alone cannot bridge the gaps. Wisdom, self-care, an open-hearted quest for knowing and insights, willingness and trust, along with hope and curiosity fill in the gaps of the bridge that fills in the gaps.

Notice where you are and what gaps you wish to bridge.

Become aware of the open-hearted compassion for yourself and the situation.

Feed your being with the appropriate gap-filler - Wisdom, self-care, an open-hearted quest for knowing and insights, willingness and trust, or hope and curiosity.

Focus this energy and focus upon the result you desire. This constructs the bridge that carries you across the gap into the desired result. You may instantly feel the bridge created. If another person is involved, this grants them the opportunity to anchor the bridge in their world. This may take a bit of time, so honor that process and know that the bridge is already there and active.

Which gap will you bridge? We encourage you to begin with the bridge to Divine Source. Then construct an inner bridge to your own inner knowing. This makes building the other bridges easier as these give you the support you need in order to access curiosity, hope, and wisdom necessary to construct those bridges.

Your efforts will be rewarded. We support you with our one energetic construct of compassion. Our bridge to you is strong, sound, and open. This grants you courage on your journey.

Those gaps are waiting. You are ready and able. We are here with you. May your bridges bless you richly.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Energy Particles

This is good. This is growth. This is self-empowerment.

There are more changes on the horizon. You tend to allow the prospect of these changes frighten you. And yet, if you consider how you have overcome so much already, those new experiences can be viewed as just that. New experiences.

The challenge with this is again perception. Anything not yet experienced feels threatening, does it not? Yet, with each new experience, not only are you gaining agilities and abilities for coping, enduring and thriving through them . . . we are giving you help and support.

This help is more than just words to make you feel good. In actuality, we are funneling energy to you that you can utilize to heal, grow, and face change.

This is new energy that has not yet been implanted into the physical world as yet. It is new to you, rather. This energy is from the eternal ethereal realms and has existed always. It is being gifted to you now, because you are ready for it.

This new energy grants you strength along with peace. You may have already had a glimpse or a taste of this energy in a fleeting moment of clarity. Yet, a greater measure of this energy is coming your way.

How do you receive it?

You will receive it without any action on your part. However, we know that you will want to experience the receiving. So, in order to experience this, move as often as you can into a state of peace-filled expanded awareness. This energy will arrive like tiny particles of multi-colored light. The room will become filled with these particles.

This is not a one-time thing. This will continue to occur over the next 9 to 18 months. Whether you perceive these particles or not, you will receive them. The purpose of these particles is to strengthen you energetically in order to face changes without experiencing fear. If you are feeling fearful, stop . . . move into peace-filled expanded awareness and notice the room around you. It will seem to brighten with the flow or you will feel energized in a new and different way. It will feel like your soul is being dipped into a fountain of fizzy water.

You will enjoy this greatly!

It brings us great delight to bring this energy to you. Enjoy!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Faith-Truth

We long to share with you the value of your worth. You have great value, Dear One!

Yet, you seek your value reflected back to you in the actions of those who are wounded and broken. They cannot reflect back to you anything but their own brokenness.

As water flows down a stream, we ask that you allow their responses to you to flow away from you effortlessly. It is a tendency of humanity to hold on to other's responses as evidence or proof of one's value or lack thereof! This holding on causes your great pain, Dear One.

From our perspective we see a bright light that is you. We see this light beaming peace, joy, hope, and kindness (to name a few) in every direction.

We also see saddened and wounded ones absorbing this light as a means of their own survival. They do not realize that accessing Divine Source strengthens them far better than absorbing your light. They do not realize that their criticism of you or their negativity about their own life draws light from you. They merely seek to make themselves feel more alive.

How does one protect their own light? By refilling it often. The light within is a measure of Divine Light from Source mixed with the light of your own being. The more Divine Light from Source that you infuse within yourself, the more of that light gets absorbed and less of the light of your own being.

Let us say this a different way. You are of the Light. There is a Divine Aspect to you. Yet, you also have your humanity and your own personality. If all you were was Divine Light, other's opinions, actions, or responses would have no effect upon you. It is the humanity that you are that responds and feels the drain of energy.

By knowing that there is a Divine Aspect within you (this if faith, Dear One) you stay connected to that limitless Light.

The key here is staying connected in your awareness. Other's attitudes and actions pull your attention from your faith-truth and pull you into your humanity. It is with purposefulness and intent that one reconnects to their faith and allows Divine Light to fill the energy drain.

Often that awareness happens after the drain has occurred. One knows the brokenness and sorrow of another has drained them. This is okay! The key is to recognize this as soon as it happens and replenish one’s self with Divine Light as quickly as possible. Releasing what was said or done - or not said or left undone just as the stream of water flows away from you as we spoke of earlier.

Soon you will notice sooner. Then you can access the flow of negativity away from you while the drain is happening. You will draw to you refreshing energy of Divine Light in the moment, as well.

Your faith will make you whole.

And, whether you know it or not, your faith helps the wounded and broken one by feeding them Divine Light. The Light-Truth energy will be there for them to grasp should they so choose to notice it. You may or may not ever see this, yet what a blessing to create an opportunity for change for another human being. This is your faith at its finest.

Shine on, Dear One! Shine with Divine Light as you release the negative flow away from you effortlessly. In this, you will see your faith-truth of your own great value.

 We honor you in this.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – A Joyful Nudge

Energy exists around you. Can you sense it?

With an open heart, you expanded awareness can sense the energy. Some miss this sensing because it is subtle and they think it should feel more like a shock or a push.

Truth is, the energy we wish for you to sense is very light. It may even feel like nothing, yet maybe there was something there. It may feel like a breeze across your hands or it may feel like what you thought might have been a whisper of a breeze across your hands.

If you think you sensed it, you did!

The more you tune yourself into this subtle energy the easier it is to sense. Self doubt will be your biggest deterrent. Once you begin to sense these energies, it will be far easier for us (along with your angels, guides and Divine Source) to send you a nudge of guidance.

To sense this guidance, be still for a moment and ask for it. "Show me my next step," you might say. Or, "which step will bless my path." Or, what would be good for me to know about this . . . or that?"

Then, be still and notice what comes up into your awareness. The nudge may appear to be a recalling of something left behind. The nudge may be a quick flash of something you own. The nudge may be a startling new insight.

Be still with whatever appears. Often the moment you perceive it, you will intuitively know your next step or the direction to take or the answer to your question. This intuitive insight is called discernment.

You are learning to master the tool of discernment. Ciphering out what the clue/guidance/nudge means to you. You may ask others their opinion, yet our guidance is specific to your life to this point. You have experienced things no one else has. You recognize what others may not perceive. Trust your inner wisdom as you learn to recognize it and follow it.

You may not have much experience with this or feel as if you cannot yet trust your inner wisdom. Yet, your inner wisdom is subconscious derived and Divinely inspired. The only way to develop trust is to take action on the nudge. It may not give you the result you expected, but it will give you the result best for you now.

You will notice that stillness at each stage is vital. One need not traipse up a mountain and sit for hours. A simple moment of being-ness is all that is necessary. You will find the ask, nudge, insight process delightful. It is fun to receive guidance in this way. It is fun for us to give you a nudge. What a joy!

Let the joy abound!

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Success Path

The physical realm and the spiritual realm work together in your behalf. Though they are separate, they are not two separate places exclusive from one another.

Certainly, one cannot walk into heaven in their physical form for a day. Yet, one can glimpse the heavenly realms with expanded awareness. And, one can sense Divine Love and Presence even in the physical realm.

Divine Love and Presence transcends the boundaries of the physical realm because Divine Source has instilled within each one a sense of eternity, an awareness of Love, and an inner knowing of Peace.

Those moments that take one out of the state of Peace causes one to loose sight/sense of Divine Love and Presence and causes a short circuit in the ability to sense/know this Love and Presence.

Slipping out of a state of Peace or Peace-filled-ness (Peacefulness) happens easily when one allow themselves to be distracted by worry, fear, mistrust, dismay and other burdensome feelings. Those feelings will come and they will go as one moves through one moment to another. Those feelings drive ones actions in many ways.

Yet, one can release those feelings as one walks through the experiences each day. Certainly, difficult things happen. It is a part of the experience of living. Your soul would have it no other way!! The soul/spirit, the eternal aspect of one's being, longs for growth and opportunity to succeed. The mind and emotions prefer to play it safe and be comfortable.

Know this . . . each time you (soul/spirit - eternal self) succeeds in overcoming a dark time, a challenging situation, or a hardship, other souls/spirits watch, learn and grow along with you. Your progress helps other souls/spirits to progress on their spiritual journey.

What is success? Even just not reacting, but rather choosing to walk in Love and Light in the difficulty -what ever it may be - is success. Turning to prayer instead of turning to anger is success. Speaking Truth rather than people-pleasing is success. An act of kindness is success (even to one's self.) A song within one's heart is success. You understand this. You know this. You are doing this!

This success within your journey blesses the world! Other soul/spirits receive a burst of energy that assists them in their journey.

You are a success, because you are still here! Each day you create hundreds of little successes that are changing your world. . . even if you do not have a sense of it yet. Your success at walking your path as best you can blesses many.

We honor you for this path of success. This success-path connects the heavenly realms with the physical plane. You are creating heaven on earth.