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5 Things a Psychic Cannot Do

Sometimes our fear about a psychic’s abilities keeps us from utilizing their talents. We fear they may somehow know secrets or wield power over us in some way. To set you mind at ease, here are some things a psychic just cannot do.

1. We cannot read your mind or “see” your secrets.

It’s true that we can get on the same wavelength and “know” words and concepts that hold significance for a client. Recently a client came in and I heard the Star Spangled Banner playing in my ear. When I asked about it, he said he was from Canada. We both laughed. Our guides were helping us connect immediately.

What happens here is this: As a psychic, I tune in to Divine Source and become open. In this openness, my angels and guides connect with my client’s angels and guides. Together they send words, pictures, sounds tastes and other impressions that connect us and bring information through that is helpful and often profound.

That fear of someone knowing your thoughts or reading your mind makes people tense up which throws up blocks for the reading. Yes, in a great reading a psychic can tune into what Spirit (Divine Source) would have you know in spite of any blocks caused by tension and, as a result, offer keen insights for you. (Reading through blocks makes the session really hard work for the reader! You may as well relax and enjoy! That state of being helps the process.)

If you have secrets, we won’t usually pick them up unless you are ready to deal with them. If a psychic picks up on something you’ve got hidden away, it’s because your soul is ready to clear out that stuff. You are ready? Relax. Trust the process. A great reader isn’t here to judge or shame, but rather bless and clear.

2. A psychic cannot tell the future.


A psychic can tell you “a” future but not “the” future. What!?! The future is fluid. If a psychic sees an outcome, that’s with the understanding that things are on course – without change. Should you change your mind, change your heart, change your actions . . . the future changes, too. The good news is, if you don’t like the result or outcome the psychic suggests, you have the opportunity to make some changes. This is the perfect opportunity to ask the psychic for insights on HOW you could change yourself and what actions might lead to a different result.

3. A psychic cannot tell you what to do.

Certainly, in a reading you’ve asked for a psychic’s guidance. Their insights might provide helpful options, tools and clarity. Truth is, the future – your future, your life – is your own. No one can tell you what to do. (Well, they can try. Who likes to be told what to do? Not me!)

Sometimes messages come to a psychic with a great deal of urgency. That urgency may generate a pressure that the psychic responds to by issuing directives - telling you what to do.

Any classes that I teach regarding psychic development, I encourage the use of terms like, “you might want to consider . . .” “It would be helpful for you to . . .” “If it were me I might do this . . .” or “One thing that might be helpful would be . . .” These comments keep the psychic humble and aware of each person’s own personal power of choice. Saying, “you need to do this or that” or “you should do this other thing” removes personal power. Telling someone else what they should do diminishes one’s ability to listen to their own heart. That’s the real source of power – the heart. Not the feelings that get injured, but the heart-of-hearts that knows the truth. When you know in your heart to do a thing, it gets done. When we act because someone said to do so, our actions are not empowered and probably won’t work anyway.

Whatever actions a psychic might encourage you to do – check in with your own heart-of-hearts. Does it ring true for you? It may be uncomfortable because it’s a bit different than your normal actions, but you will feel the truth of it if it’s right for you. Just because it feels different doesn’t make it right or wrong for you. Sit with it. Let your heart ponder on it. If it begins to resonate with you then consider it. Trust your heart-of hearts. Often you will “know” instantly that the guidance is right for you.

4. A psychic cannot fix you, your relationship, your work situation, or your life.

A psychic can and does offer insights for clarity. Armed with those insights, you can take action that can shift your world. Armed with information like: What my partner needs from me right now; what lesson this job is bringing to me to learn; what life lesson is being activated at this time - these allow insights for clarity. With clarity comes clear action. With clear action comes change and with change comes a relief from being stuck or overwhelmed.

Often people utilize a psychic reading because they get all bunched up about what’s going on and they can’t see the forest for the trees. A psychic can show you. At work, your lesson seems to be to learn all you can and be ready to move on. Or, your relationship hasn’t had sufficient fun (or communication/or time) to sustain itself. One thing you could do to improve the fun/communication/time together would be . . .

The insights may be simple yet powerful and just what you really needed to hear to help clear your thinking and put you back on track. Again, YOU do the fixing. Your change in attitude, awareness and actions bring about change in your world. Utilize the powerful insights offered to discover a new way for yourself. That’s where the real “fix-it” comes from.

5. A psychic cannot have power over you.

A psychic may be creepy accurate in the insights and spooky profound in their guidance, but they cannot have power over you.

You are buying a service and that draws the line in the sand. If a psychic tells you that you have to come back for more readings . . . RUN!! This person may utilize your fears to pad their bank account. At the same time, not all that needs to be addressed may get addressed in one session. YOU decide if you would like additional sessions for additional subjects.

You have the power in your own life. Yes, sometimes we feel powerless when we get overwhelmed and stuck. A really good psychic helps you get unstuck by showing you the situation clearly and offering insight and options. Just because you may feel a bit creeped out because of their keen insights when you haven’t told them your life story doesn’t mean they have power over you. A clear reading does not take your power. A clear reading empowers you in your own life.

Bottom Line:

Through their connection to Divine Source, a psychic offers amazing insights to assist you in finding clarity, shifting your thinking, and moving forward. Relax and trust the process. Trust your heart-of-hearts to resonate truth for you. Ponder, consider and take the guidance offered as it fits for you.

May your journey be blessed!

The Garden of Your Heart

Whatever the physical season, the garden of your heart ever blooms with radiance and the sweet fragrance of gratitude.

Though your physical form requires rest within each 24 hour cycle, your spirit resides in an awakened state allowing constant connection with Divine Source.

Though you may emotionally require a time out here and there, your spiritual strength abides within you.

In order to tap into these resources, you merely move your awareness into a state of conscious alertness and curiosity. Instead of taking life at face value (there is value in doing this, yet for the expediency of tapping into these available resources we ask you to do things differently) bring your awareness into focus upon something clearly in your visual range. Do you see a lamp? Notice it. Do you see a window? Notice it. (You can notice what is outside the window, also, but for now, notice the window itself.) Do you see a computer screen? Notice it. Not just the words you are reading, but the screen itself. Whatever you see, notice it.

This noticing activates within your awareness the radiance, gratitude, spiritual connection, and spiritual strength that always exists. They slip unnoticed into the background, yet they abide.

What would you do with/for yourself if you fully had access to these aspects? What would you - could you do for others? When you obtain access to these spiritual aspects available to you right now.

You could speak kindness. You could know your truth. You could bring gentleness into your world. You could rephrase your thoughts to yourself into uplifting inspiration. You could discover peace and joy.

Do you feel your energy shift as you just read those words? We did! This, Dear One, is Grace.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Hope

You hold on to disappointments as if they were precious to you. Disappointments and the hurt that ensues obstructs your spiritual growth.

Letting go of what you hoped or what you expected (of others, or yourself, or from Divine Source) can be a challenge. This challenge asks you to release what is not . . . Not letting go of hope, but letting go of what is not here.

Hope survives a disappointment. Hope buoys the heart while it searches for truth and for the next step.

Denial asks you to pretend that your heart's desires are not important. Hope supports and sustains the heart-of-hearts when a disappointment removes a cherished desire.

What is the essence of the hope within the original heart's desire? Know that the true essence of the original heart's desire may be fulfilled, yet fulfilled in an unexpected way.

Perhaps you had your heart set on a raise or a promotion. That raise or promotion may have fallen through, yet your underlying hope of financial ease may find another way to fulfill itself. Perhaps a different career or a release of financial burdens or some other unexpected assistance.

Perhaps you had your heart set on a relationship that fell apart. The underlying hope of love and being loved in a balanced and blessed way remains. You now know what doesn't work and had a taste of what you really desire. Look in a new way for that heart's desire's fulfillment.

Look with the eyes and the heart of hope. Knowing the clarity and peace that comes with balanced love (neither giving too much nor taking too much). Loving one's self in that way offers doors of opportunity to attain the same love in a relationship.

Hope abides here in this moment. Looking too far down the road steals this moment from you. In this moment, hope sustains you. Allow this sustenance to flow to you by releasing disappointment and the crystallized energy derived from the hurt and sorrow.

Allow yourself to reside within the light of your own being. Allow Divine Light to nourish this hope within the light of your own being. Your prayers are heard.

We hold great hope for you and with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – The Spark of Change

There is a war waging within you.

Part of you knows that you have sacred value and a distinct purpose to fulfill on your journey in the physical realm. Another part of you feels utterly dysfunctional. You compare yourself to others and fall miserably short. One moment you taste the truth of who you are and the next you chide yourself for unhealthy pride. One moment you have a sense of your destiny and the next you feel worthless.

Which of these is true?

That's not really the question to ask. These are actually asking you questions!

As moments of not-good-enough show up, they ask you to consider your measuring stick. If you notice your growth compared to where you were, you measure up just fine! Certainly one can always grow more and learn more, however, noticing the growth already attained brings you support and confidence for the rest of the journey. (If you measure yourself against any other standard, you might wish to take a new look at the value - or lack of value - that method offers you.)

As you receive glimpses, or moments of awareness, of your true self and your purpose, this asks, what are you doing to fulfill the purposefulness? Even if you don't have a clear idea of your destiny at this moment, you have a glimpse of doing more and being more than your current status. As you receive a glimpse of this, notice your surroundings. A clue to your next step may be revealing itself to you. Your actions within this awareness state brings about change for yourself and for your world.

Notice. Act with kindness and purposefulness. You are a spark of change.

We delight in noticing when you notice this. It is as if the world becomes ablaze with the light of clear intent.

The Brilliance of Change

We’ve had some lovely fall days recently. Not our usually spectacular Indian Summer that we usually have, but lovely none the less. My favorite part of fall is the changing of the colors of the trees. Certainly, I’m sad to see the annual flowers fade and turn brown and I’ll miss the deep green foliage of summer. Yet, those golds, reds, and yellows of fall really touch my heart. There is a vibrancy about them. A brilliance that invigorates the soul.

Those colors speak of change and release. They speak of the courage of being seen and allowing life to flow onward.

It feels as if hanging on is in my nature. Seeing the trees change and let go reminds me to do the same. Letting go of what no longer serves doesn’t have to look like miserable sacrifice. Letting go has the right to be brilliant and stunning!

It’s so lovely to see different trees releasing their leaves in different colors. Seeing a tree blazing with red leaves next to a brilliant yellow tree next to a tree with both green and orange leaves just takes the breath away.

We all don’t have to release or let go in the same way. Some trees drop their leaves quickly while others are the last to remain clothed in fall fashion. This reminds us that there is no wrong way to release and heal. (Releasing is healing on lots of levels!)

What are you ready to release? What no longer serves you? A perspective of mistrust? A condition of frustration? A cloak of shame? A basket of judgment? A crate of duty and obligation that no longer serves?

How might you release that? Prayer and fasting? Dancing and celebration? Journaling and meditation? Deep breaths and a new affirmation? Turning around and clapping your hands 3 times?

Whatever method you choose to use, your intent fuels the fire. Will it be a blazing bonfire or a quiet candle? The choice is yours because the journey is yours. You get to do it your way. Or not at all! Perhaps you require more time with this attitude/situation/experience for now. Just realize that this, too, is your choice.

I’m choosing to let go of some old fears. They have kept me safe for a long time, but my soul no longer needs fear in order to be safe. I have a measure of wisdom and I have wonderful friends who help me see the truth of who I am. I can gratefully release fear for the safety it granted me. It may slip back here and there. That’s okay. I can release

it every time it shows up. I’m just not granting it full time residence in my heart any more.

Just as the trees loose their leaves and then go dormant for the winter, we, too may require a time of turning in to get stronger, so that, when the sun shines brightly in the springtime, we can emerge stronger than before. It’s good to remember that winter doesn’t last forever and our time of turning inward has an expiration date. Maybe an hour or two; or a day or two; or a month or two. Know that the time of emerging can be blocked by another level of fear or mistrust. Keep checking in to make sure the restoration path is clear. This turning inward is opposed to shutting down. We are maintaining our awakened awareness in a quiet moment or two while healing happens.

Release in brilliance. Restore in trust.

Emerge in Power. Walk in Love.

Serve in Gratitude

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Your Soul Hears Your Heart-of-Hearts

Your Heart-of -Hearts speaks to you. It speaks to you all day long. Can you hear it? Can you perceive it?

It speaks the language of longing and of fulfillment. It speaks to you in feelings of hope and joy. It communes with you with outpouring of kindness and compassion.

When the Heart-of-Hearts speaks to you, you may find yourself experiencing discontent. This discontent is a signal that your Heart-of-Hearts has a message for you. Stop and listen. Listen not with your mind, but rather listen with your soul. Your soul can hear this sweet voice and the soul knows what to do. The mental musings of your expectations merely confuse the issue - notice this mental musings and let them flow past and look for a response from the soul. You can and will hear the message presented!

If you feel discomfort or dismay, notice beyond this dismay. Notice into the eternal aspect of your soul. It knows the Truth of who you are and what you came here to do. It knows the way. . . the way to safety, the way to joy, the way to fulfillment.

The soul sees the bigger picture and it sees your place in that picture. It sends you glimpses - so as not to frighten you by the magnitude of your value. A glimpse here and there allows you guide posts and mile markers to guide your way. The path to the next step (and beyond) shines more brightly than other options - when one looks.

Looking requires insight not merely visual sight. Looking and noticing are figures of speech to indicate a sincere scan with one's awareness. Look, notice, see your life as it is right now, and receive insights for the next steps.

Have courage. Courage to notice and see. Courage to take the next step.

We walk with you.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Habituated Patterns

Habituated patterns embed themselves into your life. This is neither right nor wrong. It just is. However, some of those habituated patterns steal aspects of your life from you.

Certainly, it is a great habit to brush your teeth after every meal. Yet, you do not define yourself as a tooth-brusher or one who brushes their teeth daily as a sole description of your life.

Whereas, other habits or habituated patterns tend to define you. Sometimes to the exclusion of not trying something new.

You may prefer to watch television every evening. Do you define yourself as a couch potato? Even just jokingly in your mind? And yet, you may tend to allow that labeled habit to define your choices every day rather than allow yourself opportunity to experience other things.

Do you prefer to drink a particular beverage? Is that who you are? Does this require you to judge those that drink something else as less than or even the enemy? Does this preclude you from trying another beverage upon occasion? You may still hold to your preferences, yet you allow yourself to move beyond a constricting definition of who or what you are. You may observe others with open curiosity rather than disdain.

What about other habituated patterns? Is it actually imperative to drive in a hurry or has that just become a habit. Is it actually imperative to get grumpy when washing clothes or has that, too, just become a habit.

Transform your habituated patterns into worthy activities. Allow your patterns to support your journey rather than to limit you or define you in this journey.

Your true identity exists beyond the habituated patterns. Allow yourself to be guided by The Light. In this, you will find the truth of your existence. You will find and contain peace in every action and the joy you so strongly desire shall be found in trusting this Light to guide you - as It will.

Create yourself anew each day with new choices supported by guidance from The Light. You are emerging.

We delight in this transformation you are already doing!

Changing Recipes

Phil and I got an Instant Pot for Christmas last year. I’ve been learning to use this new piece of equipment. I comes with recipes, so I’ve been trying some new things. Some are pretty tasty.

I’ve been trying some of my old favorites and they work famously in the new gizmo. Some not so much. I’ve had two failures recently. I have a spare rib in bbq sauce that does famously in the crock pot. I decided to use pork loin instead of pork ribs - I don’t know if it was the different meat or what, but the sauce wasn’t very good. Meat was nice and tender, but the sauce was too sharp with vinegar. I decided to try my beef stroganoff recipe. Nope. Not a winner.

But, I keep trying!

I like the idea that I can put something into the Instant Pot and it’s done in about an hour—rather than waiting for at least three hours with a crock pot or slaving over a stove mixing and stirring other meals. This allows me to do a bunch of other stuff most days without thinking about the main meal of the day until the later.

Planning and meal prep has been a major portion of my day—every day for most of my life. Having a new toy . . . I mean, a new tool, makes it a bit more fun and interesting. With the latest failures, the word “interesting” takes on new meaning.

I like the flavor of the old and familiar. I like the speed of new and different. Will the worlds collide? Will I be able to blend the two? Maybe not. Maybe I’ll learn new recipes the new way and do the old and familiar recipes the old way.

I’ve done it before . . . When Phil discovered his gluten intolerance, everything shifted. I had to learn a whole new way of cooking. Now we are both gluten free. The shift was a lot easier with the pattern already in place.

So time to adapt again. Time to find some new patterns/recipes. The hardest part is the trying and failing. Yet, without failing, I don’t know what works (or what doesn’t). Failing holds great value! Failure teaches us things that success cannot reveal.

My chili was too thick for the Instant Pot. So was my stroganoff. I’m learning. Bless Phil’s heart—he will eat even the failures—unless they are burned. His willingness spurs me on to try again. What will it be today? Good thing the weather is turning cooler and we can have some hearty soups. My squash soup in the Instant Pot was spectacular! Success! I’ll do more of that and mark stroganoff off my Instant Pot list.

It’s hard to let go of what doesn’t work. Part of me thinks that if I just tried harder . . .

Don’t we keep trying things that don’t work? We think it will work this time. It won’t. Let it go. Time to utilize new tools and techniques for a happier result. It’s hard to try something new. It’s hard to let go of what used to work. Failure is our friend—when we listen.

What’s our friend Failure teaching us right now? What are we learning? What new tools, techniques or patterns will help us have a better result? Take a new look. Take a new step.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Today

Today is here now. Are you here within it? Is your awareness lagging behind in the past or scampering ahead of you into the future?

These techniques offer great insight for the here and now, yet when indulged to excess, they rob one of the life unfolding in this moment.

Noticing what was may offer insights as to your own growth. If you notice that you are horrified at your past behavior, this signals you that you have grown! If you notice that you feel diminished by the past - lost your power momentarily to a person or situation in order to preserve yourself. This signals you that you have survived!

Bless and release these signals as they are merely smoke signals on the horizon to assist you as you decide the course of your life.

Are you sending your awareness into the future? When perceptions are trained, this skill can offer wonderful impressions and insights for your next step. The untrained perceptions merely utilize fear to search for upcoming trauma that may or may not unfold. If you find yourself scanning into the future, please take note! Ask yourself if you seek insight or directive or if you seek to protect yourself from unforseen harm that might unfold. Your intent flavors your perceptions in this realm. Only when you feel safe and fearless would we encourage you to future-scan. In a moment of calm strength, you may have glimpses of opportunities. Even so, these are possibilities within the timeline of life. The future flows and shifts with each new decision made and with each conscious step taken, so what you might perceive, might shift and change. So use this information with a grain of salt.

We would prefer that you stabilize the here and now. Bringing your awareness to what matters to you and acting upon those things with a whole heart. This grants you freedom and power. Knowing one's heart (intent/purpose) and acting from a heart-felt place of purposefullness yields great abundance for one's life.

Abundance of joy, financial abundance, abundance of healing energy for greater health, abundance of expansion and expression, and an abundance of connectedness with All That Is along with all that exists within creation.

This yields a centeredness that balances one's life and yields abundant living. This centeredness allows one to move through all aspects of life within a state of ease. Struggles fade away. Be at ease within this moment and see where that takes you.

We wait for you there.

Messages From The Ancient Ones – Shift Your Filter

The human capacity for filtering information is profound. Scientific studies yield opposing viewpoints depending upon the ones interpreting the evidence.

Two people can view the same situation and have completely different opinions about what that situation means. One person may view the situation as a struggle or a difficulty where another person views it as a challenge or opportunity.

This is because you see things with your physical eyes and you view things with your awareness at the same time. If you are only aware of tragedy and challenge, that will be all that you will see in your environment. If you have experienced tragedy, challenge, joy and elation, you are more apt to perceive things with all of these filters engaged - this gives you a broader perspective.

Add to this perspective a spiritual awareness and your filters expand to add in more light into your vision. This vision we speak of includes not only what you see in the here and now, but what you hope to accomplish - your vision.

What do you envision for yourself? For your world? Does your vision include a spiritual perspective?

To obtain a spiritual perspective, read spiritual things, talk to spiritually engaged people, talk to Divine Source, listen to your inner awakenings and pay attention to Divine Source as the connection deepens and you become more aware of Presence.

Perhaps you perceive this as hard work. You may have a filter blocking you from noticing the ease in which spiritual awareness happens! Notice your filter. Has it always been hard to achieve the things you desire? Bring your awareness and your perspective to notice the letter "a" on this page. It blends into the other letters and just becomes part of the words that communicate information to you. However, take a moment and notice the letter "a" as it appears within this sentence.

There it is! You see it! It was easy to see! You merely adjusted your filtering system to perceive it. You allowed yourself the opportunity to look and behold! You saw the letter "a" throughout the sentence.

Same is true with spiritual awareness. Shift your filter by saying something like: I'm now open to seeing Divine Source in my life.

Now open your awareness and look. Behold! There! You now allow yourself to perceive Divine Source in your life.

This is easy and this is fun. You may find yourself surprised at how often you sense, see, feel or experience Divine Source in your life.

We will speak more later about utilizing Divine Source to guide, direct and manifest within your life.

For now, behold and enjoy!!